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Hello Friends! today i am going to review a restaurant
" Zouq Sabbar " so i believe it's one of the best restaurant in Riyadh they offered Indian & Pakistani food try this restaurant i hope you love food's taste some of my friends are also with me they will also give you food review how's the restaurant & food Owais is with me assalam o alikum we reached restaurant also Arsalan is with me we will try it's food and provide you food's review and also we are very excited Tajamul already tried and he like food too much and we are going to try and i received a invitation come here and try our food restaurant owner is with me come please he is restaurant owner assalam o alaikum how are you ?
you are good ? he is Hafeez Bahi he is the owner he will explain you
how long & what's plan for restaurant assalam o alaikum Zouq Sabbar we open at 24th August 2017 i explore Riyadh restaurants only some of restaurants offered good Pakistani food so i planned to open delicious Pakistani restaurant so alhamdulillah we succeed to open it i want to offer better taste then the regular food alhamdulillah we are doing good so far we are offering unique & special food items bar b q chicken tikka reshmi kabab fish tikka dhaka fish 29 – 30 dishes for bar b q variety of karahi chicken karahi mutton karahi koyla karahi koyla karahi is very special dish we introduced koyla karahi in this Riyadh market our customer's do visit us every week they visit us every thursday & friday koyla karahi bar b q they love these items let's continue you are preparing poori ? preparing poori for chicken roll these cook for chicken roll ? we prepare roll on it we called it's poori paratha mayo garlic roll ohhh " Mayo Garlic Roll " he is preparing mayo garlic roll he is our chef Arif he is roll specialist what you are putting ? chicken chicken boti onion & mayo garlic it's a mayo garlic sauce it's mayo garlic roll ? chicken mayo garlic roll it's like chicken roll paratha it's good mayo garlic is yummy paratha is well cooked they use less oil on it can you focus on it see it's not very oily it's a plus mostly paratha's are cooked so oily so it's well cooked it's less spicy it's good for any age who ever don't prefer spicy food it's a good option for them how's the food taste so far ? alhamdulillah it's yummy pure pakistani taste ohhhh
pure Pakistani taste what you order ? koyla karahi chicken tikka lovely so how's ? food is yummy it's taste is like homemade 🙂 wow
love to hear such amazing words how's bread ? bread is nice fresh ? yeah specially there butter naan is very good are you regular customer ? yes so you love this restaurant yeah that's nice every week we visit wow
amazing what's this ? chicken handi assalam o alaikum how's everyone ? doing good ? i come here to review food i want your food review food is yummy he is our expert in food review please ask him it's delicious which one's you like the most ? everything is delicious nice everything is good what you order ? chicken karahi mutton karahi tikka malai boti malai kabab it's good how's the food ? good really yummy or camera shy ? no
really delicious your turn it's my first experience but alhamdulillah is yummy my family already tried this restaurant so they recommend it we want to try this mostly alot of restaurant already available in riyadh yeah in Riyadh plenty of options available so we get a chance to comparison from them so we tried this and we found it's good one so now the rest of the family members also wants to try it lovely so now it's our weekend restaurant overall rating ? suppose out of 10 ? it's taste is really nice 7.5 / 8 ohhh
Mashallah they should think to expand this restaurant i hope they will improve everything then it's a good option for everyone many thanks for your review many thanks
good luck it's quite comprehensive review coming to you how are you SIR? now your turn ? let's check this yeah it's amazing many thanks SIR all the best i already try this food and it's really delicious everything i tried what's that tikka bihari boti bihari boti was bit spicy but i found it's spices are ok it was delicious so i eat all so overall it's good biryani is also good biryani is yummy tikka is also good i found malai boti is best biryani is yummy and also i like tikka but bihari was bit spicy but everyone has it's own choice but it was also yummy desi pakistani food taste you can find here there are many other Pakistani & Indian restarants available but you can't find Karachi & Lahore's taste they offered Lahori taste you can find Pakistani food taste in other Riyadh restaurant they offered regular food i tried variety of food bar b q items different chicken items overall food is very delicious already i am a big fan bihari kabab chicken boti chicken tikka bbq steak was yummy specially they introduced a new item in bread they offered us poori paratha plain bread and naan they were really fresh & soft this is the best option basic different option is here you can find Pakistani taste in Riyadh i tried in different restaurants can't find actual Pakistani taste it's there speciality must try i found a new item in sweet dish Thooti Thooti kheer you can find this kheer in whole Riyadh also this kind of service you can't find in Riyadh in karachi it's Matka Kheer i am going to open it they garnish some almonds on it let's try this i love this sweet dish it's taste is like homemade kheer it's very delicious thooti kheer it's taste is very balanced overall it's very yummy i hope you already visited our event which was in Ramadan Zouq Al Ramadan that was very successful again next year we are planning for it i hope you will enjoy alot we are also opening a Zouq Sabbar's Branch in Islamabad it's almost ready inshallah i hope it's opened before October 2019 it's on Sohan Interchange expressway service road inshallah stay with us do support us thanks for appreciating our food many thank for sharing your reviews on facebook & on google on facebook our rating is almost 4.9 wow
mashallah and on google it's about 4.5 i want to inform our customer that our main road is closed so far due to construction so on facebook & on google route map guide location guide we already uploaded if you are facing any issue do comment on facebook posts route map try to follow route map dabbab road is near to us dabbab road then move to faisal bin turki road from faisal bin turki take right and you reached our restaurant if you are coming from malik saud road malik saud road move to malik fahad road go straight and cross the signal take first right from there so you can find our restaurant try these routes follow our facebook & google posts still facing issues call us thank you very much i will put the google map on it i will share the mobile & phone number so it's very easy for you do comment and discuss your problem do comment & we will help you many thanks everyone!


KK Foodies · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm

ماشاءاللہ جی بہت زبردست ہے، ہم بھی گئے تھے پاکستانی کھانے کے لئے لیکن اُس دن وہ بند تھا۔ بہت انٹرسٹنگ ویڈیو ہے

Sahar Daud · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm

Woowwww….food looks scrumptious 👍👍

bj games · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm

Nice vlogs bro

Hejazi Awan Hejazi Awan · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm


Hafeez ur Rahman · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm

Hi, its really our honor to have you at our restaurant and posting such a fantastic video at your channel.

malik rizwan · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm

Best Bar.B.Q in the kingdom of saudi Arabia….

Fatimah Vlogs · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm

This is gooooooooooooooooooooood

Creative Digital Studio TV · July 30, 2019 at 9:18 pm


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