Worlds Biggest Giant Slides!!! | Kids Family Fun Trip to the Farm with Animals!!!

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Brian's gonna ride this giant thing down whoa go ahead right welcome to ryan toysreview all right mommy why are you ready front of this slide okay right you ready race again then one two three [Applause] go Ryan [Applause] pssss last time you ready okay wait mommy's here Ryan fantasy who wins so Ryan and daddy is going to do the giant obstacle course oh it's evil and I got it all right got it hi good yeah I'm gonna go now Ryan just one wobbly why are you so brave Ryan good job yeah I didn't girl Ryan how was it I'm so proud of you you did it even though it was hard you didn't give up good job come on it's coming over here I'm so fragile Oh as if line anywhere over here [Applause] Cameron liked it so much he's gonna go again good job did it now Ryan and daddy gonna ride these tricycle a banana one that's a good one hi good job you did begin there that's funny that's so funny hi Ryan it's so funny hi no Ryan and daddys ooh the double one that's so funny [Laughter] how fun Hey okay Ryan are you ready to cross this bridge whoa Oh scary Wow look down there oh he's like to have food for me Oh getting close Thank You Ryan are they psyche they are Ryan's massaging him think you need a haircut buddy I know they're heading back this way they know how to climb there's a big one over here – you lonely we Ryan's first horse ride how was the horse ride Ryan's first time yeah and so I count over there picnicking here bye-bye horse by me we're at the toy store and look there's eggs here indoors treasure chest there there's a toy you can blast if you're knocks over than you be people Oh Ryan there's also a little dog here let's see what it does with a rubber duck on the top oh yeah knocked it over Wow all those good job Ryan nice turn there's different colors stand here and then we're making candles like this so there's like that you can make your own candle Nemo's in there there's a sheep in there okay okay see this emo is totally so many different I'm gonna be joking so first you gonna make Atlanta you can pick any stand you want okay so I wanna pick any green first big green like this and put it over here yeah just do only then because the ocean do you wanna make it blue what you're going to picnic okay more news thank you there it is right there looks like a cake occupation daddy's turn I'll get this one this looks like a water right next we're gonna decorate these candle with all these classrooms what else goes on the ground and the lion look at this kid it's Junior so they think this is still jelly here yeah [Laughter] it's a very crowded zoo area don't you see Ryan name – it's a good idea I like it okay no my turn I'd be helping – I'm so behind do you think it looks good Ryan zoom with an airport voices daddy daddy now we're eating ice cream before we go home how is it all made out here homemade ice cream squeeze from the cow oh wow today milky is it good it's freshly made here Kendal's it's finally done they have to cool it off so we have to wait for a couple of hours this is mine Wow and you see all these bubbles right yeah so this one it takes a long time too but eventually all go away all right they say it takes a month oh my maybe two three months to get get rid of all these bubbles eventually it goes up and then goes away what's your theme right what's the jelly right yeah you cannot put the jelly color you might break it higher than you my heart says Ryan yeah great Siberia all the animals looks really cool I like it I'm the zoo daddy lion poop thank you for joining us on our farm adventure you can get your own rhymes wrong boys and clothing more and girl so many toys including giant egg surprise wine potty squishy Ryan's molecules Giants play she's all about slime blaster plus an action figures where the vehicles along Rumble Panda got the gummy Gator look my closet Walmart please click on one of these videos where I enjoy it more fun you

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