World Tourism Day 2018

Published by Darron Toy on

We're gathered here today to talk about
the future of tourism and digital transformation. We've pulled together
some of the young innovators in this space that are doing things like working
with crypto or digital currency, working in virtual reality and augmented reality,
thinking about new tourism distribution platforms online and we're really
excited to begin this conversation and talk about the future of tourism and
digital transformation. My research focuses more on virtual reality. If you think about virtual reality as an advancement from video, for example, I'm trying to empirically measure how much more effective it is. Well, I feel that AI is
so really, like, interesting thing that's going on in the tourism industry space
right now, because it adds on to what is available, like physically, and it
adds something else extra for the consumer to experience. So, that's special. All the advancements that are happening now that I can see you can
turn into opportunities. Whether you think about Airbnb experiences and them
as more competition, or them as actually enabling tourism to grow and create
better experiences and better destinations. Mass tourism is affecting a
lot of environments and a lot of culture, a lot of social structures and
everything. So, I think the introduction of VR and AR technology can really give
people the experience they want without damaging the environment or having an
effect on people's way of life. Travelbybit is a digital currency
payment processor. We enable any business to take payments in cryptocurrency but
we focus on the travel sector. So, anyone now from anywhere in the world can make payments to anyone through our payment platform.

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