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hi this is a quick demonstration of the new restaurateur WordPress theme we developed this theme specifically with restaurants in mind it's not to say you couldn't use it for any other purpose you certainly could but there's a couple of features that we've included in this theme which are designed specifically with restaurants in mind so here we are on WP restaurateur calm this is a stock standard sort of default installation of the theme the homepage of this of this demo site shows you what you can do in the way of a static homepage with a nice big gorgeous slider you can have as many images in here as you want there are four different behaviors you can give to the slider in terms of transitions you can set the the slide time to as long or as short as you'd like you can have some static content and this template has a custom widget section down the bottom too so you can you can manage what appears there separate to any other template on the site the thing that it distinguishes this theme from many other themes is the menu functionality the theme comes bundled with a free plugin which we've developed specifically for this theme it is optional you don't have to install it but if you do you get a really neat menu functionality where you can display gorgeous photos and information about your menu by category you can create as many or as few categories as you like you can set those up however you like and there's some really nice transition so by default the menu template shows all the items on your menu but if someone wants to check out the appetizers they can do that if they want to check out the desserts or any other category they can do that too and it's got some really nice transitions the theme also allows you to do a lot of color customization so you can customize the color of your title you can customize the color of your navigation bar you can customize the base theme color which is what appears here on the social social media icons and and on the various highlights throughout the theme you know like these price tags that kind of thing you can change that to anything you like you can change the the textured background or remove it all together if you like you can also change the background color so the theme is pretty flexible do have a look good look around the blog demonstrates some of the inline styling so check that out too if you have any questions please hit us up in the comments or drop by WP themes coder in Zed thanks


Julien Al. · July 23, 2019 at 1:21 pm

Good theme, but no way to have 2 different menus in 2 separate pages?

Mauricio Manrique · July 23, 2019 at 1:21 pm

Hi There, I check the demo, it is really cool, I have a quick question, I did not see reservation option, is it not included?

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