[with Subtitle]2019 MakeX Challenge Courageous Traveler Animation

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welcome to the 2019 make X Robotics Competition make X challenge courageous traveler courageous traveler is held between the red and the blue alliances each alliance consists of two teams and they must cooperate to finish missions the dimension of the courageous traveller arena is three metres by four meters which is divided by the red and blue camps robots of both sides can only move in their own camp and their sizes shall conform to technical requirements there are four starting areas in the arena robots start the competition from the starting area the whole competition lasts for 270 seconds which consists of an automatic stage a manual stage a modification stage and a final stage at the beginning of the 30 second automatic stage the robots can score by the following motions 1 the red and blue alliances sent two robots to relocate their yellow bottles to the safe zone two robots collect balls to knock down the opposing teams bottles at the end of the automatic stage the 90 second manual stage begins contestants operate robots to collect balls and attack using the controller meanwhile the robots can ascend to the height able to gain a height advantage the 60 second modification stage begins after the manual stage contestants can take the robots out from the starting area and complete the modification outside the arena after the modification the length and width of the robots shall conform to the technical requirements while the height has no limit at the end of the modification stage the 90 second final stage begins the robots can score through the following motions 1 the robots continue to complete collecting balls and attacking to the robots insert the flag into the designated position 3 the robots of both side returned to the designated area before the end of the competition if one alliance team knocks down all the opposing teams bottles in the course of the contest it will be regarded as a ko the competition is over immediately also note that it is also regarded as knocked down if the bottle is away from a designated area at the end of the competition robots of both sides shall stop immediately and the Alliance team with higher points win welcome to join make ex challenge courageous traveler you

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