Winter Conifer Garden Walk

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what stands out to you in this corner
landscape is it these conifers this one right back here I’ve had for a few years
but just last summer I moved it up into full Sun and it’s finally getting its
pretty gold new growth back on when it’s in the shade it turned a darker green
but I just love looking out into the landscape and seeing these these are
called the golden thread Cypress at least that’s what the tag said and I’m
so happy I decided to put them up in this front landscape cuz it’s so nice to
look out and see this pretty gold and they seem to really like this area of
the garden another spot is under this new weeping ornamental tree I was
surprised during my walk today to see some of that
iris piece that I got on Amazon is actually popping up it waited till
winter to pop up so all right so me and oli are gonna take you for a little walk
and we’re gonna check out some of the really cool things going on in the
garden today specifically conifers and these are gonna be conifers that I
recommend like these the golden thread Cypress I can’t remember I got these
that might have been Lowe’s it could have been a local garden center but I
know I plant some plants of them 2019 and they actually put on a couple of
inches of new growth it’s crazy warm for January here in Northwest Ohio
I should do some leaf blowing actually and get these out of this area but I
want to come over and take a look at these right here so I planted these
golden globe Arbor vitaes last summer and they put on a couple
inches so I’m pretty excited however in the summer they’re mostly
Jane so they don’t really have the gold like the ones out the shrubs out front
to you I planted them here for the color
interests and they are slow growers so I was really hoping eventually they’ll
cover the black grille cover that’s here where’d you find most of the shade is
coming from this tree here we did prune it back because I was touching the house
believe it or not but and unfortunately these hellebores
got a lot of Sun last year so they didn’t put on much new growth however
I’m noticing with the winter they’ve actually put on some new look sprouts
and what’s down here some new growth she’s not yeah guys they didn’t pay that I got an injustice the wood piles getting down we’ve been
heating the house pretty good with it so yep have to haul another load in a
couple loads can you believe we went through all that there is about a fourth
of left of what I hauled over here in the golf cart it took me about a day and
Andy was back splitting it and I would haul it up in the golf cart and fill up
the wood cabinet here attached to the sunroom and stack it along the wall here
and it’s about 30 feet maybe more we did actually get some snow see but I do not
expect and I don’t remember the tips turning this bronzy color which is so
beautiful but it’d be neat if it was that bright char – chartreuse yellow is
that hazing it like a Goldy but I’m not complaining means this is beautiful and
what a beautiful variety it’s getting really big and it’s doing its job kind
of blocking the Mucky looking woods here’s where the deer attacked it in
fact I need to get back out here and spray that again it is an American well
it’s a different variety of the American arborvitae it was tagged that but it’s
totally growing different than the ones that I grow from little cuts in fact
this one got butchered down from a deer and look what happened he actually had
to – knew oh look you can see right there that was the original at the deer
gut and then over the year two years roughly two new sprouts came out the top
so that made it nice and full which is doing its job I was kind of hoping this
would do that um but it’s not just different variety
um you know when I take the back there is kind of a section in here that is
kind of sprouting up but I think something fulfilling in eventually here
I just got to protect it until that happens but actually two different arbor
babies back here actually I like this color in the winter it’s really nice and
it’s not as dark as my local American arborvitae which we can go back and take
a look at that actually they were pretty cheap and we were just gonna use them to
provide a wind block and a little bit of a privacy block kind of I don’t like
looking out in the winter and seeing this area usually floods and the swamp
trees behind I like to see the green in the winter time out from a sunroom there
and it’s also a great place the birds like to hang out in here and stuff so
like this tree oh my gosh there’s a many different birds that live inside that
one that wouldn’t was here when we moved in not quite that big it’s gotten bigger
of course but the original original original owners planted that beautiful
tree yeah see how wet it gets in here
there’s no we don’t have a tie Lane up here I don’t know if my husband will he
ever do that up here who knows yes I’m pretty proud of I planted this one he’s
getting really big like 20 feet dog he’s wispy up there in my insulin how
cool is that I put that one in maybe 12 years Rose was in 2005 roughly how long
we’ve just got a bunch of random stuff yeah
let me do a better job at eating over here nice this next spring look having
that grapevine climb god I hope that’s great fine yeah that’s great by have
been rewriting a post about poison ivy and I actually woke up in the middle of
the night Ichi look how beautiful this one is another when I planted it was
maybe a foot tall really well actually one of my favorites just because it’s a
unique shape this is the Eastern hemlock and it’s a pretty slow grower like I
said I have this one back here awhile and I just really like the color
interest and the shape of this tree it’s kind of unique and it also puts off
these little tiny baby pine cones really cute
perhaps a Sharon in there tucked in I was hoping one day those green behind
these rows of Sharon’s that I have those green why should I be taller than the
Rose of Sharon hopefully we’ll see that day this is a
mess I need to clean up in the spring we planted two cherry trees here and they
didn’t do very well I’m not sure what was wrong but they didn’t they didn’t
like it here the head full Sun who knows who knows so we’re gonna pull those
stakes out and put something else but I want to show you back here I’ve stuck in
a few of the American arborvitaes that I grow and look they do get to be like a
shabby golde golde color don’t they look like my new name it’s a shabby Goldy
color I stuck a few of these little trees in here about four years ago after
cleaning up the section believe it or not and after the deer attacked them so
you can see where the deer ate them down I kind of let the wild rose shrubs come
back up but if you notice if you look really close these wild roses have
actually been protecting the new growth on those conifers so hopefully I’ll just
let the roses not completely take over just long enough for those Arbor vitaes
tickets bushier and taller where the deer won’t
have any interest in them and then I’ll cut the wild rose shrubs back that would
be quite the chore but it really is pretty to have some nice green interests
along this mucky Black Swamp area in our property muddy rainy day next week what
helps to know back here let’s see see I’ve got water up in here along this
trail you can see the dome way back there and we’re hoping to run some
tiling in there there they are they’re getting really big I tell this story
like all the time but I’m pretty proud of it what do you think only really nice
well I’m glad the man-lift is working because I’m gonna have him trim back
these Patrese behind me is beautiful American
Arbor vitaes these were once little tree seedlings that I got at our wood county
soil water conservation district and I’m gonna share more about that because we
have another tree sale coming up and you have to get your orders and quick so
these were planted in 2009 and look at them they’re huge
one thing really weird I’ve had to happen over here that weren’t it wasn’t
from the deer I’m not sure what caused it but you see this one on the end I
lost another one that was on the end a few years back I lost one here same
thing American arborvitaes and that’s what it did it just kind of died back
and really died back look at it and I didn’t notice any fungus on it or bugs
or anything so I’m not sure what happened I need to get in there with a
chainsaw and cut that the rest the way back but I don’t know I’m almost
wondering if that’s a sign because if you look right straight back there okay
see my bone and when I made just such a nice little path it’s right there clear
cut to the dome I’m kind of liking that what do you think
it’s amazing where I would hear in Crocs and I’m not cold basically likes hanging out looking back
here at the conifer collection as well and there they are we made a complete
circle somewhat around the house I came out here to show you how excited am i I
am about adding these three little shrubs in the front and I love them just
so pretty I love the color and it really just pops with a drab Ohio hardiness
zone 5b 6 color this time of year gonna look really nice good some snow on him
eventually well there it is that was a funny little garden walk in January here
in my Northwest Ohio garden I’m glad my little critters were able to join us I
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yourself on the garden until we meet again


Bren Haas · January 11, 2020 at 10:59 pm

Do you like seeing green during the winter season? I’d love to hear from you so comment below!

If I can...You can · January 12, 2020 at 12:01 am

I like to see the different colors during the winter

If I can...You can · January 12, 2020 at 12:27 am

I haven't worked in the garden in a long time. I was tempted to work outside yesterday but cedar pollen is pretty bad this time of year. I enjoyed the video, Bren

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