Wildlife Tourism – Can it Save the Planet?

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Hi my name is Nav, and I am here uh, with a cup of coffee. Down here. Um, and I wanted to talk today about wildlife There’s a lot of shows coming out um, if you’ve seen them Our Planet, Blue Planet, Planet Earth Planet, Planet, Planet All of these shows are wildlife shows I LOVE these shows and growing up I’ve always wondered you know, once the show’s done these are real places and I wanted to get more involved I didn’t want to just turn off the TV and have it be over. So my favorite thing to do when I’m not working is just to go and watch wildlife photograph wildlife and I think it’s something that more people could get into so the, the easiest – I gotta take another drink of coffee. so I think the easiest way to get more involved is actually to buy a pair of binoculars this doesn’t have to be some crazy investment so the first pair of binoculars that my wife and I got were these and they’re just like $40 off of Amazon actually very recently we decided that we wanted to invest a little bit more so we got these uh, which was like $150 but for yeah the price range of $100 – $150 you can get a a real solid pair of binoculars and if you’re anything like me I always thought that people who buy binoculars are these old people
who buy binoculars are these old people who are really into birding and there’s part of that that’s true, but I think the problem with most wildlife is animals in the wild don’t let us get close enough to really get a good look at them the animals that you’re used to seeing if you just take a little bit of a closer look they can be really fascinating squirrels, and your local birds… right here, you can’t see it but um, we have a balcony here and every weekend my wife and I will make breakfast and sit on the balcony with our pair of binoculars, and we’ll just watch the hummingbirds, and the crows and the doves It’s honestly way more fun than I ever thought it would be you might find that you really love the stuff that’s close to you you might want to see something a little more exotic there’s some really really cool places that you can travel to and that don’t cost thousands upon thousands of dollars some of these amazing wildlife experiences uh, you might need a little bit of money for a plane ticket and lodging but they really don’t have to be super expensive and you can see orangutans oranguTANS, oranguTANGS? in Indonesia, you can see uh, manatees up close you can see monkeys up close there is so many things to see If I had to sum of everything in like 3 points I would say number one get a pair of binoculars number two go out and look at cool stuff birds, squirrels anything you can find and three start doing research into other animals that you would like to see I’m sure you’ve heard, uh that now is a very interesting point for our planet there’s a lot of deforestation and just every imaginable terrible thing going on for wildlife I think if we can show the world that wildlife is something to be appreciated I think we could get protection put in place but we have to show that we’re actually interested and can get up off the couch and start going to some of these places and, and paying for certain tours, etc. to to show that we do care and honestly it is so much fun to see an orangutan in the wild outside of the zoo, where there’s no bars and they are swinging from trees or you can swim the manatee and see it from below the water like some of these things are so amazing like once in a lifetime experiences and it’s SO much fun, and I just want to share that I think that people appreciate wildlife when they see these nature documentaries I don’t think people realize so much, how easy it is to go out and appreciate it on your own so that’s what I want to spread I guess that’s it for now thank you for watching

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