Wide Midori-Style Traveler's Notebook Setup

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hi there I wanted to make video and show you the setup of my travelers notebook if you're not familiar with a traveler's notebook it's very often referred to as Midori travelers notebook Midori was the brand or is the brand that has the original style and there are a lot of artisans who make other travelers notebooks and this one is made by perfect papier on etsy I'm going to get to that in a minute if you're not familiar with this kind of planner or journal I have one just to show you kind of the basic set up and this this one is from the foxy fix on empty you commonly refer to as a foxy dory and the basic concept is that it is a piece of leather typically leather some people do make them in fabric and other other kinds of things and it has some elastics in it and what that allows is that you can put inserts you can take a notebook and just kind of slide it in here and the elastic will hold it in place and you can fill it with journals or planners or whatever you need and then there's usually an elastic either in the back or along the spine to have the closure that's the basic concept of a Midori travelers notebook or a traveler's notebook and over there um mine as I said before is from perfect papier on etsy and I am loving this this cover it is just absolutely gorgeous the leather is super soft and flexible without being too floppy it holds its shape I'm going to and open this for you and hold its shape even when the the closure is not on it which is so key for me a lot of them as soon as you get the thicker leather they flop open right away because they're a little bit stiffer the other thing though is that this is floppy and offset it lays flat as soon as you open it and I just love that I love leather that kind of just does what you're asking it to do and you don't have to make it happen the color is gorgeous as you can see it's just so bright and cheery and I am just absolutely loving this it's kind of a soft suede inside and it is absolutely beautiful I will put the link to the shop down below I don't normally have a charm it's kind of a common thing or halfway common things for people to have a charm on the front and my charm I used to actually have it down here and dangling from my bookmark but I decided to move it up here this is actually just a little term that came with an item from the brand natural dye called I think it's called natural life and they make a lot of like fashion in home goods those type of things but I just really love them some live happy and super cute so let's just to the guts of this baby so here is my dashboard this paper is a piece of scrapbook it actually has kind of a guess a Polaroid design a vintage Polaroid and then there's different designs and saying some phrases on it and when I saw this I just absolutely fell in love with it and I've been holding on to it for a while because I didn't want to just use it for any little scrapbook thing I knew I wanted to put it in something special and this it just came to being that it was my dashboard Oh somebody's here hold on sorry about that um it was not a fun little package I was hoping it would be a package but it wasn't anyway I so I fell in love with this dashboard um this paper and I made it into a dashboard and now normally I would put some sort of quote or something here but I decided that I didn't want anything permanent because I get antsy and what I decided was just to do a little hand lettering um I'll call her feet and just write a nice little quote and pop it on there and that way when I you know feel like having something else I can put a new one on there so and on the other side of my dashboard um this also gets switched up fairly regularly I think people use dash dashboards for different things but I actually tend to look at the back of my dashboard I find a little bit more than the front so this has a little more like it's not that much more information but a little bit I just put here I put the month at a glance and the way I did this was with a stamp from Amy tangerine um but so Amy tangerine to put out this stamp its month at a glance I'm not sure what it's actually called might be month a glance but it has all the dates and all the days on here so and you can actually pull this out and rearrange it for your month and I absolutely love it it's so super fun because it's small and you can just see the whole month right there and there's actually the name of the months that you can put in up here but I decided to just write it in myself these little guys this one does not want to stay on but these little guys are I got a free download I believe you can find it on Pinterest and what I did they are free Erin Condren sticker sheets there's a couple of them if you go on like Pinterest and stuff you can find it but what I did instead of printing it on print on sticker paper I actually just printed it on regular paper and that way I can cut it out and put it in here if I ever want to put it somewhere because they do use these I actually don't typically use them in an Erin Condren I actually have some stored over here in my my pocket I think this is open Alinea so in here I actually just slice them down to be become four to a row and I just slice them that way because if I was to make these each individual they might get kind of lost in you know they would be all loose in there but this way I can kind of look through and see if there's one that I like and then you know snip it off and if I put it in mine if I want to put it in my planner or in my journal or something I can just use the whole side stick tape or glue and then it's kind of like the same as a sticker so then I keep in here and in here I also have some of some of my stickers and then some from the reset curl I love the colors of these they go perfectly with my kind of my planner my style of my style paper the next section I have is my planner so this I made from some cardstock and the printables are from my shop which is on FDA's local cottage I have digital downloads on there so you can go and grab these if you'd like but what I did was for the cover I'll start the cover so this is just craft paper and then I did a little bit of a rounded corner this is called crochet lace that's what they call it and it's from it was actually in the top target dollar spot but I very often see it at like Joe and sometimes they even have them at Michaels and I just took a quick I took it to my sewing machine you can see here and I just went straight down I didn't want to put any glue or any double side stick tape because I didn't know what it would do to the fabric and then this is just a project life card pocket scrapbooking card from not sure what brand that is but yeah I thought that that would look really cute like this and inside I have so this insert I have set up here is actually a 2-month insert the reason that is is that I set up my month month on two pages here and one thing I really want to kind of point out is that not everything I use undated inserts and I'm designed undated inserts and one of my big things is that there shouldn't be as many you don't have to live by rules I guess is the best way to say it um since my inserts are undated I actually don't have it for the month of July necessarily I could if I wanted to but I was making this insert for the end of June beginning of July or just however long it went and so since it's five weeks I can fit a little bit more than a month on there and for me that works it might not be your style but for me that works and then what I have Missy just did it do what I have here as well is just the layout of I believe this is the layout of the following month right so originally when I design as I kind of envisioned like a traditional calendar we have the month prior in a month after which is interesting because I really rarely look back as a month prior so this is actually the month after this so it's this one ends on the 25th and this starts on my 26 so this is a little bit of July and then August and after this page I just used a little post-it tab and then I put a piece of cardstock on here that matched the front and what I normally do is I have a paper clip to connect the month and then whatever week is on so that way it's an easy flip I don't have to go kind of flipping through this insert what I did is that I created I did a month and then five week on two pages and then another month so this would be from the end of July and August and then another five and then another month and then nothing after that the reason I kept another month here is for two reasons one I like to be able to plan out ahead for my month anyway and just kind of lay it out and the other reason is that when you're setting this up it's sometimes easier to do when you're binding it you can have this one facing forward and this one facing that way which is going to give you the same exact image on the reverse side I hope that makes sense the program that I use to kind of design these inserts so they can print out front back and just all in the right order is called PDF binder I'll try to find a link for it and put it down below but it's called PDF binder it's a free program and it is it has been a lifesaver it's what I use for a lot of my custom orders and just one you know just for myself when I'm trying to set something up so yeah so this is just kind of what my month looks like I don't like a lot of stuff on my month I like it to look a little clean it drives me not if I have something and then I have to cross it off so I typically use some washing I very often put just washing in a corner and that typically means that something's going on that day and that I should reference my week on two pages to see what it is I don't mind as much of things get crossed off in my week but it just I don't know for some reason it just always drove me crazy especially if a lot of things start to get crossed off and it looks like a giant mess and I get a little antsy and want to change it the other good thing about undated that I've done before is let's say this gets totally messed up and is driving you nuts and you don't like it print out another one of these it's undated and just quickly glue it in I'm going to use itself like a piece of paper but just glue it in just like that we're double sides stick it in and you will never know the difference um I've done it before and it just definitely works is when one quick tip that I have for you so like here I just cut down one of those little Erin Condren things and put it in there my little little bird paper clip that I like to use and so this will last me this isn't my actual schedule and I don't really put day-to-day tasks in here this is kind of the bigger stuff that's going on my appointment things like that for my day to day I use more of a bullet journal kind and I use a term bullet journal loosely because really it is just a list of my to-do list for lack of a better word so even though I have kind of this key if you will and I have an index I just kind of I I put it I put the date at the top whatever day it is and then I list off what might be going on that day what I need to get done it's kind of a running to-do list more than anything else I have decided to just write a couple little things my daughter was home sick um last Friday but so this is my you know my my to-do list and then when I can check it off or I can move it over things like that I am trying the bullet you know the bullet journaling I do have these listed I think it might be a little too structured for me but I do like to play with different coms Isles of journaling and planning and one thing that I'm doing is I'm keeping my lists and references in the same book as my to do's and this is the so you could see on page 60 this is you know the indexing that bullet journal is do but page 60 is references and lists and I decided to make a title page because I want it I like to make things cute but I know that this is going to be lists of things that I love to do or I need to get done things like that but so I would just put this little project it's a project life card and a Tim Holtz sticker or typeset this is from this is also from the same project live set and I just used a Fiskars mini hex punch and just punched out some of the some of the cards because they're so super pretty and then I have just some lists back here um so like this is my books and things like that um my next one something that I really do about to do is journal and I do I've dabbled in project life I've done a little bit of traditional scrapbooking I've kind of done a pair down scrapbooking I haven't found one thing that works for me but for now this is just going to be a a journal that I get to have with me like an art journal and I'm kind of keeping it a no-rules situation so you know if I put in pictures I put in pictures if I decide to just do a little bit of leg or feel do that so and I like that it's in here too because it's all in one place these journals by the way are from Muji which is a yeah it kind of it's a fabulous store and there's one here in New York City and they have amazing stationery at very low prices and this fits perfectly in here it's only two dollars the paper is super creamy and yeah and there was since I've numbered these I realized that there's you know over 75 pages in one book so that's that's fun one thing I don't think I mentioned is this pocket what I did with this is this pocket was just a simple pocket it was cut here so I'm gonna take this out so it was just a pocket and I didn't know how I was going to get it in here but I knew I wanted it to be in here somehow so I just used some packing tape I had this transparency and I just need some packing tape and put on packing tape here flipped it over packing tape here and then cut off the top and bottom and it is has been working beautifully and then it it just goes around kind of like a dashboard and I love it I just stuck a little sticker on it and it works really well these stickers are post-its I should say sticky notes whatever you want to call them are part of a set um I have it is the arrows and feather sticky notes this is what it looks like as a kit and I think I got these from even either Urban Outfitters or anthropology anthropology has amazing stationery by the way I would never think that but I was having a little bit of a hard time with these sticking on they weren't they weren't staying on so I just use a little bit of washi on that last piece and yeah so now they've been staying on great since then oops back here I have a folder that is also from perfect papier and and it actually has two pockets in each side so there's a pocket here and I'm talking here and I just have some random things I need to put away I have some business cards and these are my go-to watches right now I'm really I love thin basic washi that I can just write on this isn't a credit card holder and this one these are kind of the other ones that I'm going to write now I have this inside a inside the folder because the stuff can work well together it's not you know it's not a big deal and it doesn't this is actually this credit card holder is from another insert that I found it Muji but it's it is really hard and stiff and it's too big I'm actually not sure what this is designed to go in but it was too hard and stiff for me and it was just kind of bulky so I actually just kind of ripped two of these out and again I'm sure you could do the same thing with the shipping tape the clears the clear shipping tape I actually fuse these together with the you fuse tool 5 and it gets by RAM memory keepers and if you don't have one of these it's super fun and easy to do things with plastic and steel plastic the plastic but a lot of project lifers and scrapbook people use that and so I have these in here just because I don't want them to fall out anywhere else and then I have some of my um my pony Brown stickers which I like to use they're super cute some of them are really confusing but they're fun so they're adorable um and then my back dashboard which has my page flags some more of these I have a clip that I like to keep here in case I need to hold it open for a photo or if I need to use it somewhere this is just a regular binder clip as well and then it's I covered it with washi um just to make it a fun color and then tucked under here I actually have a hard plastic sheet that I also found it Muji and I cut down to be this size and I use it as a pen support so you know if there was so right now this would be a little bit bumpy but if you put this in here and then you go to write on it and it's nice and flat so that's something that I keep talking tucked in the back and this image I really love I actually saw it in here too but I drove by the water and it has just it makes me feel peaceful makes me feel like home so I saw this this is actually from an anthropology bag there shopping bag that they send you home with and mine instead of trying to you know we gift it or we use it for something I decided or you know just throw it out I decided to try to use it so this is just a piece of that and then I made it to my dashboard and what did you do let's see what else I think the major thing that I wanted to kind of get across as I was doing this is that there's no there doesn't need to be as many rules necessarily I know a lot of times we feel like we want something to look a certain way and but you know making it your own is definitely part of the fun of being a planner and especially someone who uses a midori style planner and just making it you and you know so what if your your inserts are not doing july/august right in a row you need to do what works for you and and that's really something that I think that I try to embrace and I think that is really it if you have any questions please let me know below and I will definitely try to find the links for everything especially this gorgeous cover and I will hopefully make another video soon thanks so much for watching bye


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I found your shop on Etsy and have now found your channel… beautiful set-up <3. New Subscriber :-)!

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