Why can't Women travel without mahram for hajj with a group when the organizations allow it Assimalh

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her second question was about in the Emirates they have groups or companies that allow women to go for Hajj in groups without a Muharram so well I did not get the point you take your religion from me or from someone else or you take it from the Quran and the Sunnah I am merely giving you the evidences from the Quran and Sunnah and you apply your Islam to it the Prophet says erase a lot of Salaam and he was addressing the Muslims it is not permissible for a woman that believes in Allah and the day of judgment to travel without a Muharram a man stood up and said o prophet of Allah my name was drone so I have to go to the expedition of so-and-so instead we're going for jihad for battle but my wife went for Hajj now you've said what you had said now I'm in a dilemma so the Prophet said that Islam go and accompany your wife the Prophet took him off the expedition and instructed him and ordered him to accompany his wife that is it the hadith and aside the Prophet did not ask him was she alone or with a trustworthy group of women the Prophet did not ask him was she young or old was she white or black is she beautiful or ugly he didn't ask him any of these questions which means that any woman is not allowed to travel without a Muharram weather for Hajj which is a pillar of Islam or to anything else so she is not entitled to travel without a Muharram for Hajj now if there are companies saying that we have fatwa from so-and-so I don't care about their fatwas I care about the Quran and the Sunnah and the Prophet is the one who gave us the fact work one would say oh but the scholar so and so says as long as she's in an airplane with trustworthy companion waiting what would I do when I meet the Prophet I some of the day of judgement and I said o prophet of allah i apologize but there were scholars big scholars they come on my 44 inch screen LCD what is this you are a Muslim you follow the Quran and the Sunnah and fat words of scholars would not help you on the day of judgement if you know the authentic hadith and it's crystal clear what else do you want who do you believe in the scholar the Prophet Allah so sternum so I hope this answers your question

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