What’s Your Awesome? Nez Perce Tourism

Published by Darron Toy on

My awesome is being part of the Nez
Perce tribe. We have a tourism company and we highlight the history and culture
of the Nez Perce people. This is such a unique area and there’s a lot of people
who don’t understand what we even have in our backyard. When I look at my kids –
my daughters, if I don’t teach them our cultural values and our Nez Perce ways
they’ll be gone and that scared me. I found Washington Trust Bank because
they were very involved in the community. They believed in me, they definitely saw
the need for this in our region. Washington Trust Bank makes it easy for
me to reach my customers and my clients. I use their online banking, I use their
off dot net through my website. So they have tons of resources that are available to
me and they’ve done such a wonderful job helping me along my journey and I would
recommend Washington Trust Bank to anybody looking for a banking opportunity.
What’s your awesome? Whatever it is we’ll help you get there.

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