What is on the TV on Norwegian Cruise Line

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Hey everyone today, we’re gonna be showing you what is on your TV on Norwegian cruise lines we are on the Norwegian joy right now and we’re gonna head on down to our stateroom and show you exactly What is on the television if you’re new here, my name is Ken and this is Northern Viking Explorer We bring you videos on travel exploring and discovery So make sure you click that subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on any upcoming videos So let’s go check out our TV right now So in our stateroom, we have a Samsung flat-screen TV, and there’s a whole bunch of different options here We’ll go through the channels here in a moment, but you can get your messages on your TV there’s different languages that you can switch between You’ve got movies here. These are a pay-per-view movies so you can order those my vacation planner There’s attractions onboard and you can see the onboard services the onboard shopping There’s bars and lounges parental controls entertainment But from there, if you push up and down you’re gonna see the other channels and you’ve got a safety Channel here There is the navigation channel We’re coming back from Alaska right now and you can see we’re just off the coast of British Columbia on our way to Seattle From there if we push up you will get a view from the bridge This is a ton of fun to watch especially when you’re in Alaska. You can see tons of beautiful scenery on there Next up you’ve got your cruise next and shore excursion channel talks about your next cruise booking your next cruise and booking shore excursions the feel free Channel Amazing dishes on here and look at that. It looks so good the port information channel Now we’re going to be in Seattle in a couple of days. So there’s tons of information about Seattle right now, but you can learn about other ports that you’re gonna be visiting the activities channel They’re showing shows from throughout the week. This is the welcome aboard show with our cruise director Suzy We’ve got the onboard offerings channels. So they’re talking about different things on the ship right now It’s about art and the art auction but all sorts of stuff for that. They’re offering on the show and the port shopping channel Where you’ll learn all about shopping in the different ports that you’re gonna be visiting From there. You’ve got the joy today. We’re there again it’s Suzy our cruise director and they’re talking about different products watches and things that you can purchase on the ship and From there you get into movies now. We’re into the action movies You’ve got drama movies There’s quite a few movies throughout the week some really good movies comedy movies family movies BBC World News MSNBC CNBC Fox News Sports 24 watch them golf while you’re at sea Prime journeys And that’s about it for channels. The other cool thing that they do is in the top left hand corner It’ll notify you if you do have a message So I hope this video did help you out. If it did make sure to give it a thumbs up Also, remember to subscribe to Northern Viking Explorer because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that I would love to share with you Thanks for watching and happy cruising

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Northern Viking Explorer · January 10, 2020 at 4:33 pm

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