What is it Like to Own an Expedia Cruise Franchise?

Published by Darron Toy on

We looked at many different franchises
from Food franchises, Service franchises and we saw Expedia cruise ship centers
we love to travel our whole family our kids, Brenna and myself and we thought why
not? That really would be an awesome thing to go every day and and share people’s
passion and guide them into great cruise vacations It really did having a shining
light for us because we love travel I knew travel agents never thought of
being one owning one wanting one but the more we discovered the more we said hey that is us, we are travelers we’re passionate about it we love telling other people
and listening to stories about travel and so it felt like a natural fit The success rate of franchise operators is very high and the failure rate very low of course the support is awesome It’s just over the top We don’t have to figure these things out for
yourself it’s going to a quicker success than if we started some other
type of business by ourselves on our own we’ve been independent business owners for twenty
years and get to work together every day with my husband for the past 20 years and so I
understand we understand what it takes to build a business from the bottom up
your support team has your marketing your IT everything is right here versus an
independent business where you have to do all of that yourself this is amazing We have big dreams and we’re always big dreamers So we have options for two other centers in
Las Vegas area and we do plan to grow beyond that We have a great family our
kids and it’s very talented support team that are anxious to come aboard and partake in that business as well it’s just going to be a joy to see people smile and satisfied and it’s
going to be just fun

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