What is a National Maritime Transport Policy?

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maritime transport is essential for sustainable trade and development it's a central part of the blue economy which has enormous potential to promote economic growth and improve people's lives while addressing many of the UN sustainable development goals but many countries are unprepared to take advantage of this potential what they lack and what they need is a coherent and coordinated national maritime transport policy or nm TP to guide their planning and decision making but what exactly is an nm TP national maritime transport policy is the articulation of more concrete guidelines and principles that will help a government or a nation to achieve its national maritime vision it might for example cover maritime safety measures pollution prevention and environmental protection port management and expansion state aid competition rules governing access to national markets and how the national maritime administration operates all those involved need to participate in drawing up the policy to ensure they understand it and they buy into it ideally the state should begin with the invitation of all stakeholders to contribute in that process IMO is the UN agency responsible for International shipping and is a fully committed to helping countries develop their national maritime transport policies many of the likely benefits are directly in line with IMO's own goals and objectives and will lead to better implementation of IMO conventions well transport policy focuses on what are the needs of the country in terms of infrastructure logistics supply and services to make their ports and shipping grow through its integrated technical cooperation program IMO organizes activities to assist countries prepare their national maritime transport policies and in conjunction with the world maritime university has developed a training package for government official and other senior personnel the main benefits are growth job creation access to market environment protection poverty reduction and strengthening the governance of maritime affairs a well structured and implemented national maritime transport policy can give a country the tools it needs to become an effective participant in the maritime sector you

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