We Went On A Friendly Hunting Trip and It Was a Disaster in BigFoot

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want to keep up with the latest beautiful OB videos make sure to subscribe and bring that Bell that doesn't work okay here this beautiful camper trip with me to enjoy the eventful life of being outdoors so why the heck do we have all this equipment like flare guns and drones and gun guns there's rumors to me there's a Bigfoot out here oh just led the pack or suicide not that I believe in that at all you don't you don't believe in it my mom made me that I know I don't know how I got a my my trailer thing you sure so we're hunting Bigfoot today's what you're telling me no we're fish ah but just as a precaution you know cuz they're pretty real this be honest here I did bring some rifles in uh yeah in Bigfoot there's rifles flare guns and everything else just oh look at the fringe then that's my personal a steak stash you know what okay let's do this you know it's just armored up grab anything that you can get oh there okay yeah because of cameras is that cool yeah get a couple of cameras we need a I'm gonna go and get your meat stash here yeah right right are you playing think I've just tuning it are you trying to attract Bigfoot what what's that what's what I think I even saw your reflection in the window or a Bigfoot I'm serious I I don't know I might have been your shadow on the window okay it's fine all right I need to load the rifle oh it's tracking bullets here okay I don't have trackables have real bullets flare gun it's markets okay I got 15 real bullets to Ted tracking bullets I'm gonna take a tent that keeps get cold out in the yell wilderness dad is fine we got a flare gun I have a flare gun loading the go yeah sure he said lots of cameras or something yeah you want to set them out with the trap I don't like we want to stay here at the camp side okay so which way you want to move ah this way beautiful day huh beautiful day for a hunting trip I mean it's halfway beautiful the rain could go away but you know okay bad well you know the rain kind of lets you really get it to that it so well that what I heard a goose I'm sorry my bad did you say that was a goose that was an owl you ding-dong okay okay okay not that Bigfoot's real come out I believe enact fine it's fine you bring any traps at stake I did so let's sit you want to keep it on the trail up here no keep on the trail I don't okay pretty trap down okay it's very nice I bet they're pretty I don't have me I don't take any meat you didn't take any meat I took a cat yeah that's fine kept it to me down there how do i how do I put these got to put it on air that doesn't work okay yes see where it says put me there oh yeah you got the meat on air but is it wasted can we not reset the trap I don't know all right you know what push that another I only grabbed one trap okay um let's just go back let's just it's just right up the hill oh okay all right let me grab some meat get out of the way you don't know you're doing okay I'll grab this trap grab that trap you know I'm watching meat dude I got a whole bunch okay carrying meat of them a Bigfoot out there though all right let's have a slab of myself at steak sauce getting really dark out here too it's getting pretty late or not yeah well concerned about that okay all right let's put it yeah you're gonna put the trap on my go through it you I'll put the trap you put the meat okay okay here comes the trap okay put the trap okay okay traps air don't step on it no you actually have to like click on the thing where it says put meat I'm trying are you serious I'm trying do it faster I'm putting camera down here what if I just put me to round it no we put the meat not go it on uh you know I'll do it cheese you got a step back again look put me here that's a very juicy look a trap okay I got the camera I'm not sure if its power or on I think we're supposed to use like that we have a monitor or something maybe it's oh maybe some monitor at camp it's the monitor kit that's how that works so do we want to go back to camper okay let's go back again let's go check all the doors six the campfire songs and happily nice not yeah you know we should really set one of those traps outside the front door GSP case yeah what was that what I'll be my rifle what you hear was it I thought I saw something run by okay you know it was a three it was a tree I'm going home back near okay I'll set some traps out here maybe I thought you said this monitor thing worked I don't come on hey what do we turn it on tried a lot I he doesn't turn on liar oh well let's go check the trap maybe maybe it already sprung watch a truck watch your foot dog except down huh I'm looking okay alright see if it's by the trap or something maybe we caught it like a deer or something uh why would the deer go in the meat trap okay let's just angle it from a far away just as though you seen a if I can figure out how to work the camera okay I'm here a lot of ruffling but I think it's my own feet I just heard him he's right there what do you mean he just ran he's close I saw him like what I promise you what do you mean he's close he was right where I'm looking he ran their shadows should we run yep okay I I didn't see them that's right which way did he go left yeah you were left you know I thought we were supposed to go exploring some worse but there I just had my gosh she's made every proof of it did you just do you sure you saw it well I mean I'm like 99% positive there was him I'm like 99% positive it was it okay look like a nine foot tall cat run in are too late okay what else would it be oh yeah yeah he hit the trap oh okay I heard something beep but then I heard the trap people so look at the camera alright so he hit the trap he's a trap okay is he in right now he better be in it he's not in it where what do you mean I dunno okay you not go go go go come on look the trap his trip judy touched it where's Petey stones he ran is what he did he broke free for the trap do you see any footprints or does he leave prints um are these footprints beautiful perks I think look big and dentures in the ground ah they are are these I got a stick okay keep going okay alright so he ran yeah he ran do you think we just made him really mad we took his health down a little bit we did that okay how do you rip through a bear trap by being a 9 foot tall cat yeah told you I saw a cat out there ah dang if I was with him it we could have tracked him with the tracking bull it's yeah that's not good uh did he make it he's an artist ok let's go this way baby I'm gonna run this way I'm gonna ride my way running buddy tracked him oh my why who's that well we mean what was what I thought of her shuffling to the right that was me you ding-dong ok keep looking keep looking there's no hunting oh sure you put out guns well we're gonna break that law ok thank you dog what kind of dog bark you sure about that I'm like 90% positive on that hey this direction I think so howdy this right now wait what yeah the dog out here dude he's barking I know you sure it's not a bird no it was a dark say the only one live halfway oh can I harvest it for me I can't close your eyes children I probably should have jumped down I should have used my tracker rizona okay I'm down here in the little creek thing okay I'm here oh geez I got bit by a wolf oh did you get a med pack I'm pretty healthy no wait what you don't think you stabbing that wolf and all that you don't that attracted wait a minute what look at the wait what he's at the camp how do you know I'll be the map look at the map it's red I think we have that camera over there the camera was too tracked him over at the camp no I think that's a dog that's a dog I could go with a track a bullet connect that dog is not way over there there is a red dot you do not see a red dot by the house no way yeah I see one on top of me is about a howl of smell yeah there's one at the house I don't wonder if it's a did we place a camera down over here I don't know let's go find out we're gonna go I don't see him keep runnin keep runnin keep runnin keep runnin oh okay he's here somewhere okay wait yeah get the trap we didn't have it I won the pool I don't link knowledge he did the one at the camp but his health is still pretty healthy I hear another dog do not forget out okay running I think it's me oh okay we'll go home we'll pack it all up the whole red guard at the camp I don't see that red dot I fear that the wolf yeah well I think it's I think one of our cameras caught him up here okay okay okay we're home a bonus I'd have done Oh where should I put more traps out here notice the case yeah okay okay okay I got look trap left it will put it right in front of the door that way if he comes I can't put it there here look how all this all this I'll make a trail of meat okay come on I did this why cuz I would fall for it so I'm assuming he would fall for it too you're both idiots okay let's go sigh excuse me lock the doors and stay out the windows okay okay yeah okay it's for my tracker bullet clip okay okay check he bullets are equipped okay do you think you can get inside of here uh this is building a fortress dude that's the lumen I'm on the side here why do we have any more traps around here search that more cameras also so cameras outside yeah that's all dude yeah there's a retro soda can still spot them for further okay okay ah camera what what that would seem safe okay that one there solar panel – okay I know I'm scared – buddy why don't we go in this camping trip to get some fresh air the city loves you so much nobody he's like 90 foot tall but he can grab me there it may be okay closing it yep I'm going back for more cameras in okay the cameras here I'll get them with the tracker holy man uh we're together panicked no I played that pretty carbon collectivise you're screaming inside the camper wait did he separate the trip no I can kiss you I put a tracker on him he's rude he's over here we can track him oh yeah if we had trackers now let's just go finish him off yes come Trey sit down big fool I know you're over here uh he's booked in pretty fast but I wonder how about the trackers last I don't know but we got him boys he was not had one of he's got a cave over here or something oh but again like a Bigfoot house mmm-hmm is something up here like a den or something what the what but a house like a cave or something look he stopped in the middle of the road do you think that's his house and he should be right up here yeah yep you ready – I got my track and loaded he should be like right on top of us here uh hold on the obvious is getting pretty real is he in the trees you know go to treat right uh no that was lightning hey OH he should be right here right uh yeah there is where yeah don't fire until I know who where he's at to that when we get double shot so he was like he was already brought it he was already running Oh was he yeah he was booking it okay where'd he go down here by the water he put across the bridge I check here for that bar booth you see the red that still uh yeah yeah I'm tracking him yeah he's up here I might have hit him with a new one I don't know though there's some pretty heavy rain yeah another thing to behold Bigfoot is for sure could have checked the forecast before we went out here buddy yeah it's not my job that's nowhere to go should be right in front of us it's like literally right in front of us dude I see that event I caught a glimpse of them yeah swim this way dude you don't want a lobster to the real bullet cell okay I'm in pursuit hop pursuit a Bigfoot 10-4 i'm gonna try to cut it off I see growth through water okay I see I'm gonna throw it to the clouds I still do not have visual I think I hit him come on Oh yeah there's a house I think I found his house he bought the house are you sure he built a house or he's not still running no he's definitely still run it but in the house okay this is his house duty boot gift yeah dad he built a log cabin out here you say he could build houses you said he was smart art is different than houses swamp house going in dude oh yeah he's coming back I don't see him I'm looking right in destruction I don't see him is he eating closer 5:00 it's getting closer closer okay working on it okay trap setting the the thing okay baby okay I don't have any more meat I always got my meat wait what uh dude should we pop it up out this window any moment now there he is right there he's right there see him yeah don't take the shot yet don't take charge okay I mean on you're gonna count it count it okay three here what I think I hit the same yeah I don't know I kick I think I hit the invisible wall that is the window oh okay he probably read and watch out for the trap okay so have you seen your tracker again or the tracker has just gone off where was it at is he coming close again or I can't see it anymore but he was on the far left of the map all the way in the West do you like my meat trail come on oh yeah I feel like that's kind of inefficient but I'm gonna go and set up another trap it's gonna be between the table and the camper here um we can you not do that why because it's not oh you're gonna attract the Bigfoot you know what okay I bet you set up at in outside I'm gonna open this way down so we don't cut ourselves in the wolf the wolf he's still playing with it the thing robos are we going for him I don't know dear let's go for my guess he'll fall damage yes sir is a bit okay I would take a little bit about yeah oh I died don't laugh at me I've died I think it did you pick me up ready everybody we got killed by a cliff instead a Bigfoot well our there's Bigfoot boy yeah ah this game should be called cliff but maybe but I hope you guys join me be sure to try to come on the game is channel a myself beautiful Oh be careful I can't and grab it and remember don't don't fall cliff so far yeah yeah yeah


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Inasal9 _Robloxgame · May 15, 2019 at 4:47 pm

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