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hello guys welcome to the channel today's video is going to be a little bit different and then the norm first of all I am Trevor and I'm Anna and we are the delightful travelers we new around here welcome and if you're turning it's nice to see your faces again today we got something on the plate that happens to be one of the most asked questions that we get asked at least people want to know how we're able to travel as often as we do so we're gonna try to take you guys through it as best as we can and the only way we know how and hopefully it will help you travel a little more so first things first just to explain some stuff and give you some background we do actually work for ourselves you do not have full-time jobs we are self-employed we have our own business we're actually have a web design company as well as this whole social media thing so we kind of have two full-time but independent jobs which allow us to work wherever we want to as long as we have the internet right and maybe at some point we'll talk more about how we got to the point to get full-time jobs because that's a loaded question I know most of you would say like how did you get out how did you take the leap basically when we had full-time jobs we were working on it like our side hustle or whatever you want to call it and then eventually we left our full-time jobs took a lot of work to get to that point but we are we do have the freedom to kind of work in travel so that might be step on and a little bit more background we don't travel full-time we do have we live in Canada on the east coast of Mississippi called Halifax we do have a condo that we owned there and we spend about two months there and then two months traveling after like that needs to be our regular schedule yeah um today and for the past week we've been in the meta-gene and which is in Columbia it's starting to become one of the top places for digital nomads so it kind of caught our attention that way that's a very very affordable so it caught our attention in that way as well we were in Carnegie my last year really loved it so we wanted to come back and see a different part of the country yeah and the term digital nomads basically means people that work for themselves and they can travel while they work and they look for cities like this and that's what we're gonna try to take you through as we go show you some costs of things that you know like groceries in the city or what a restaurant cost or maybe ubereats and we'll get into that as we go but first we're going to talk about flights and how we get around and some of the services we use most times when we choose our locations most times we do it because of cost because we find it a really good deal to get from where remember we have we work for herself so we're able to go it whoa there's an amazing deal do you want to go to Columbia in this case so to get down here right now I'm it we're in South America we're not sure if we're gonna go all around South America or not but we actually flew to Puerto Rico first you were seeing those videos by now we'll link them if not but we flew to Puerto Rico because of the flight yeah I just been searching we want a new we want to go somewhere warm and others just doing searches every day to see what we found we came across a really fabulous flight to Puerto Rico from Halifax yeah it's very very important I think it was under 150 US per person something right so on this side like the North American prices that's an amazing price especially for us Canadians to get down there and then when we did some more research we took a look at Puerto Rico and just because it's such a big major island flights out of there are very affordable as well so we chose Colombia because what we did is we connect it up to Fort Lauderdale yeah Fort Lauderdale and then we came down here for roughly the same calls I think a little bit more but we did a little tip for you when you look like me you've probably waited a bit too long to book I think it's about 250 US per person if you were flying rate from Fort Lauderdale it would have been a lot cheaper but we had to go for quarter we go to Fort Lauderdale yeah and then back so that is one tip we use Skyscanner a lot we'll put maybe the link in the description to find cheap flights in lots of times that takes us to our destination helps us choose and that's why we're here so just a little bit more about how Skyscanner works you can actually put in your location or the location you're going to be searched the entire month and search everywhere and you can even put in direct flight you only want it to fly direct yeah and it will give you all the prices per month as all different places and it will give you a huge list of you know where you can fly to in the best prices it's not sponsored by the way no we just love the sky scanner some other like copper and the really great app that'll also tell you if you should book or not you know some the current price and kayak is another sword similar to Skyscanner you try to find the best prices okay next up we're going to talk about combinations so basically your flights and travel are always one of the biggest costs on how to travel more accommodations probably the second biggest so contrary to popular belief people we do not vacation and a lot of people think we are on a permanent vacation and then it's not what we do actually rarely take a day off yeah this just kind of set but it's kind of true but we get to work and travel in these amazing places so well I'll compare it to is if you go to a resource you know down and let's say in the Caribbean somewhere and you know you'll have an amazing times amazing experience but you know you usually gone for a week depending on the resort you're gonna go to if it's a four or five star hotel it's gonna cost a lot of money um there are all-inclusive options a lot of people do that especially Canadians everybody you know it takes a week off and it takes an all-inclusive vacation to Cuba or Dominican yeah Mexico and it probably cost me 1500 Canadian dollars per person something like that yeah so if you add that up and pretend there's two of you which moking most times there are you know that's $3,000 you get work well for $3,000 in a city like benzion you can live really well I mean so the place we're staying out right now we'll try to put a few clips over the screen here we are in one bedroom beautiful high-rise overlooking the city we have a rooftop pool there is a gym and we're here for about 10 days and we're paying roughly like 60 US dollars a night so you can quickly do the math and go okay now if you were staying for a month you could get a lot cheaper than that and if you this actually I would say is probably on the medium to expensive rates it this was yeah definitely medium to offensively saw a lot cheaper just didn't have the same amenities for us this but this had everything we wanted the next modern apartment has they see a pool like you said although we haven't really got to gym it so you get a lot we're right next to grocery stores we've done all that's in a great location in El Poblado that video would already be on the channel the link that as well see you can check it out but yes it's a lot of the destinations we go to if you go back and look through our channel feed like you know Bali like in Bali we were paying what $30 net yeah 25 30 in that again you could get weight you can stay you can spend 10 dollars a night if you're willing yeah yeah we we don't do hostels anymore and but we try to you know still find well priced accommodations but some of the other cities and you guys might have heard us talk about this before we're kind of scouting on cities of you know the older we get we want to maybe travel a little slower but cities like it like Croatia a split croatia very affordable honey zagreb yeah as the city we would definitely live in live and I say go for a month at a time and rent the place and probably get it for well under $1000 but port Poland Portugal Mexico you can do in all these cities have the same things you're used to in your in Western world or whatever I don't want to call it where you get all the same amenities so that's the second one we want to bring up his accommodations here Medici and we are not paying very much and your money you can go I'll you know get a lot more with your money and you can go a lot longer all right so we just talked about apartment costs the nice thing about staying in an apartment rather than a hotel is that you get eight kitchen which means you can cook for yourself and that saves a lot of money um it is rather cheap we will talk about eating oh it's not too expensive to eat out here so what we typically do is buy stuff for breakfast maybe lunch we might cook one or two meals um but it is as I said really affordable to get delivery or eating out yeah so we I don't know about you guys man I know most people eat three meals a day we don't we eat roughly two probably we kind of sort of follow the intermittent fasting thing where basically we eat around twelve o'clock noon and usually we have like one big meal after that so we saved a lot of money even if we do you know for the one big meal in this city will get into their affordable we save a lot of money just because we have our own kitchen now at the grocery store you'll be surprised it has you know here in Colombia believe it or not it has all the same amenities that you would find in the United States or Canada I know some people would probably this you know perception of that I don't think you can't get certain things here or it's Colombia and things like that it's all here we found that to be the case in any country we go to so I'll try to put a few things up on the screen here it's I don't know all the costs offhand but like the prices of milk you know this is very affordable when you compare it back to what we get back home things like water is less expensive your meat is definitely less expensive in general beer here I feel like I should know the price of cerveza that's a lot cheaper so I have a grocery store you're probably paying you know 50 probably between 75 cents and maybe a dollar or something like that for a can so it's all very affordable in the grocery stores have everything you need and there seems to be a lot of grocery stores and malls in this yeah so it's it's really easy inconvenient we can just go out Whitney block or your storm bring it back and and me you mentioned beer wine you're not funny as we hope it's not expensive but it's certainly not not yeah really really cheap like you find in Europe it's probably what like ten dollars from okay yeah a little less than what we pay in Canada but a little more than you would think you should pay down here yeah so now we'll talk about restaurants and delivery a little bit so first of all if few videos ago we were even some Colombian food and we visited multiple restaurants there you can check out the prices in that video you'll see them on the screen but the good thing about this city is the prices range and because of this area called poblano which is very it's touristic but it's beautiful area so you would you if you're coming to metagame you're going to end up there no matter what so the price is there the restaurants there are like we would find I guess in some of the hip or trendy areas you know back in the United States or Canada or anywhere else in the world so you'll pay a little more you might pay closer closer to more and vices or Western practices but it's still not as much yeah so for instance the other day we went to what would be considered an expensive restaurant here the Italian restaurant I think you had a beer and we had maybe three glasses of wine between the two of us the entire evening and we each had a mane and it came to about 35 US dollars the only u.s. dollars in whoo-hoo this is so expensive but really if we at home we probably for all that alcohol especially oh it would have cost sixty sixty or seventy Canadian dollars so that would almost be close to double the price so even those more expensive restaurants are very affordable now you can go down any street corner or there's lots of smaller shops anywhere and you can get like local food for not like dollars not very much all and you can eaten you'll get filled up so you have the options and that's usually what we look for is a different kind of things some nights we eat for a lot less because we are eating local food and some nights we may choose to go to an Italian restaurant just because we've been eatin local food full time delivery ubereats and then what's the one here Brad right yeah so basically that you if you don't know what any of those are there's not everybody has those services basically there's a lot of motorbikes in the city and they bring your delivery it's so affordable so the other night we got we ordered another pizza I happened to be like her and join Pizza lately I guess but we ordered another pizza and it came within 20 minutes and we paid something like eight Canadian dollars for it so and it was a very big pizza that was really good from yeah so the delivery options is just fantastic I'm very jealous of all the delivery in the city so you have multiple options where you can do you can eat local you can get delivery and you can eat at more of a fancy place and still for a lot last thing we would get back yeah so I would say for like a generous budget you could easily eat on 50 dollars a day Oh easily easily and if you're on a really strict budget like you know you don't want to spend more than $20 a day you can do it definitely can do it especially if you're cooking at home so again I'm trying to compare all prices to all-inclusive zhh and things like that you can easily eat for 10 to 20 dollars a day with groceries yeah so you save a lot of money another important thing when we're traveling is Wi-Fi so because we work for ourselves and we have this whole social media channel and health add videos are very large we need fast internet and that's like one of the number one things people especially Google nomads look for when they're traveling is to find fast around here meta-gene they happen to have lazing fast internet in fact not the internet here our apartment is Congress so fast all the other places that we've been so far also has the best internet so if we go to a coffee shop or I mean in some of the gyms that are wired for Wi-Fi so we haven't even had to turn on our phones yet usually we can just hook on Wi-Fi in a way we go so I'd say Columbia so far because the card hangout was really good as well but here management has some of the best Wi-Fi we've come across and I get why there's a lot of people here working for themselves so after that of course you're gonna talk about SIM cards now because the Wi-Fi so fast here we we didn't get a SIM card this time so normally we do go and get a local SIM card slot on their phone and buy some data but we didn't have to now I don't know if they have a little bit of research which we thought and move my bill we first got your not knowing how good the Wi-Fi would be um it cost them to vary but with the main networks it seems to be about five dollars for a SIM card and then not huge data plans for about two geeks I think it can cost about $20 yeah something like that so you know for under $30 you could be set up for the month but maybe with not as much data as you'd like next on the list is language barriers so we just wanted to bring that up because I'm sure we just get asked this question so often people the first thing they say if we're in Greece or if we're in Croatia like oh do people speak English like how do you get by how do you get by well the thing is most people in a lot of countries do speak English but we gotta like when they don't because then it forces us to interact in ways and hand gesture and maybe try to learn a few words and between the usually the other person's broken English and are broken in this case Spanish it makes for some fun in interactions and I certainly don't expect people to speak English when they do it it is great um here in the Aegean surprisingly there's not a lot of English there's not I think that will probably change over time he's definitely becoming more on the radar so yeah and I want to just say I don't say that surprised like we're about they don't speak English it's more here's what usually happens when you travel younger people seem to be able to speak English in some way see a lot of countries English is exactly alerted and I don't think they they have here and they haven't really needed to which is again it's totally fine but in this case you're gonna be in situations maybe here and there or you're gonna have to get by with some Spanish so I guess you get to learn a few words and okay you're gonna you're actually gonna enjoy it at the end I always figured oh we've never been in a situation where we were totally lost and couldn't figure out a way to communicate what we had once we were in China once and I bought contact solution that was for like the acid kind and I put it in my eyes and that was bad day okay okay Trevor was just talking about how people often ask what language barriers another thing people often ask safety meta-gene you probably automatically think of drug cartels that's that's a thing of the past guys that it's so safe here people are really friendly it's great to walk around it's easy it's yeah I can't say anything bad so here I mean that said like any city just don't you know do things that you would do in your own name so yeah we get this a lot from especially Mexico people are like is it is it safe it's completely safe in Mexico unless you're out at night or something people buy drugs yeah like don't go home buy drugs two or three o'clock in the morning and yeah so you know the way we happen to travel is we're not late night party or su-sure you guys probably figured that out we're usually in pretty early and then you know doing some work so we're out in the day but we still we just use common sense everyone is nice we like to think people are always going to be very nice and they are we've never been in the situation you're going into an unfamiliar neighborhood just maybe do a little bit of research before you go there to make sure yeah so in general in Menifee and Columbia and and and Carter hanga you can you can walk the streets by yourself you can do anything you want it's completely safe and if you need help you can ask someone they're gonna help you people are gonna tell you try to tell you in Spanish where to go and it's funny when we walk around we have this big camel we're filming out with a big ol microphone and people are waving and wanting to be in the videos people here in Colombia are extremely friendly it's very safe so keeping on the topic of how you can travel more so one thing we do we have this social media presence I guess I guess we're traveling fluencies or whatever you want to call it I did all the terms to sound so silly sometimes but I like to call this I get more just content creators so we make a lot of videos we have a lot of blog posts we have a lot of photos on our Instagram account so what we did is when we when we quit the full-time jobs and we wanted to travel more one way to help with costs would be to if we could get our following and just get enough of them people following us and interested in what we do while we travel the world we can make me work with different brands and sometimes hotels and that will help with the cost because there's like a partnership or a sponsorship so that's one way we keep the costs down now we don't always like right now we're renting place we by no means do we ever stay everywhere for free or get paid but often we do get chances to work with with some hotels specifically and it's it's a lot of fun and it's worth it because it does help us with with the costs that things that it's basically a full-time job being a social-media influencer yeah better but um yeah it's a lot a lot a lot of work don't you see you can post some photos here and there and they're gonna be awkward three hotels and I'm sure people are gonna follow you it's a it's a lot of work the flux went in tears but a lot of fun I'm sure some of you guys watching you know and remember when I started watching travel bloggers asleep fun for movies and Ben Browns back in the day you might be mildly interested in like how this is all done it is entirely possible but there's no shortcuts like the amount of work you put in you're gonna get it out on the other side and it takes a while I mean we've been doing this for to do it a few years I guess now and it wasn't you know up until maybe last year like we're starting to get a lot more things but it does take work you know the game said it is pretty much full-time job takes a while to post Instagram photos it takes a very long time to create these YouTube videos you got most people be shocked tell them it takes some mad respect to all the youtubers out there the collaborations we do with hotels people be like oh you get to stay for free you don't actually get to stay for free there's a lot of work that goes into that yeah yeah it's not like we're just laying down and joining the hotel all the time there's it's a lot of planning out but it is worth it so if something you're thinking about doing I think you pursue it if it's one of your dreams like go follow it and give it a shot what have you got to lose just remember there's no shortcuts so don't don't buy likes don't pay for or comments on your YouTube video and you have a hundred views and you have 50 comments that just doesn't make sense people will see through that stuff so just just be you give it a shot if you want and it could help and if you can get something out of it on the other end like we are and we're having fun that's the most important thing we have a problem doing this it is totally yeah you gotta love you guys so hopefully this is answered any and all questions that you have about the expenses of traveling how much it costs to be here in meta-gene and that probably applies to other cities as well but if we didn't answer your specific question please leave a comment below we'd love to answer for you yes and I feel like this video is going to be long so if you got this far yeah thanks for today thanks for staying with us and you might as well hit why don't you just hit subscribe already if you're not subscribed and then that way you following that you might as well hate that notification bell because then will actually tell you when we have video right and you know Anna said leave us a comment if you hit the thumbs up button that helps as well again you watch this far so we'll just do all the things for us we would appreciate it but now we're gonna talk about where we're going next but first in our last video it was so much fun we were eating all that delicious Colombian food so make sure you go check that out and in our next video we aren't going to a new communicant revisit a new country we are going to Lima Peru cannot wait so we were we've wanted to get down proof for so long so it's gonna be a lot of fun I don't think we're doing the Machu Picchu so yeah sorry but we're gonna hang out in the city and explore it we can't wait for that but that boat that's what it guys wraps up the video I'd say alright guys from medicean wishing your delightful travel see you soon [Applause]


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Georgia Ott · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Our favorite meal in Lima was at La Rosa Nautica. Beautiful location and fresh seafood. Hope you guys enjoy your time in Lima!

Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Hey guys – nice you worked an on line web design company to give you the freedom to quit your jobs and travel more. 2 months on and 2 months travel sounds ideal to us 🙂

Maureen Irizarry · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Thank you both .. I’m going to save this video to use for future reference. Lol.
What do you both think of using Expedia to book vacations??
Looking forward to Peru 🇵🇪

Beer Man · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Great information! Thank you so much! Yeah I don’t know any languages other than a little Spanish and a little French, but mainly English! I would be pulling out my phone interpreter lol! Cheers guys!

Mohd Shahazan Che Hassan · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Greeting frm M'sia ~ happy to see u guys able to continue ur passion traveling the globe. Let me know if u coming back to KL ya.. ; )

Taki Brewer · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

great info guys, thank you so much for sharing!

Travels With Dale · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Love these guys. Such great advice. Thanks.

Alfred Guinto · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

You guys should @ least 90K subs by now!
You just miss traveling in the Philippines!
You realize is the main capital of Utube

Meloney Parker · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Thank you for the insight. I figured you were independently wealthy like me, so this was really enlightening!😁

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Yeah!! I’m so glad you made this video 😊

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Great advice my daughter noticed how Anna is very attentive to what you say her eyes says it all Trevor lucky guy 💑 my respect great couple ,good luck in Peru 👍

John Smith · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Wow, Only after watching for 4 minutes.. I have to take a break. You millennial's… so tech savy. Too much for my mind to handle at 62. Yes, I want to travel and do this too… when I get old enough. … In my mind. I will try and finish later or drag it fast forward. Ok, I am back.. This was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. That "hand slap" to the camera is your.. can't think of the right word.. not forte… no…. it is "your trademark"… I searched and searched.. But you will be know for it if you keep it up. I know you guys do a lot of work. I've tried to edit video with different programs and it was difficult at best. With the both of you.. it help's if you have someone who care's for you and your passion. Don't ever lose that. The Looks will be a dead giveaway if things would change between you 2. Thanks for the escape. 🙂

Luke Damant · May 14, 2019 at 11:25 am

Only a little bit into the video but such great insight already! I dream to grow my youtube channel and eventually travel full time! I'm currently in Sri Lanka doing some solo travel and it is stunning here! Barely any tourists due to the recent tragedies but nonetheless absolutely amazing!

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