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the transport systems cast fault is one of 11 lots of profit research and innovation centres in the UK we work with companies universities and government using technology to transform transport we call this intelligent mobility by driving in a vision we're making trunk for better for everyone we're working to identify future technology trends so we can make sure that we're a UK global leader in transport all for one and one for all it's an incredible feeling we shape the future transform everything from Thomas vehicles to green technology the refinement combine ok this is fantastic calling security and here are fantastic vinegars the consequence the work to students for a week which people here from all over Europe UK as well it's a community however I do feel empowered when I'm here because whatever we do every day is going to make a small change gradually and incrementally which can lead into a big transformational change in a few years later I've got the autonomy here to take some risks that perhaps wouldn't be able to do in industry and because of that we're able to fast-track innovation into market so if I would have to describe this community in just one word which is virtually impossible I'd probably go to the dullest not just in terms of our professional background ourselves or persons but some of the teams do bring some of your own food in for luncheon you see food from underneath like many different countries on the table I because there's lots of incredible things you see and technologies and they really can surprise you at times my favorite thing working at TFT would have to be the environment we work in it's very vibrant but I think that was maybe smile areas we used to have a couple of robots place there was a Betty and Bob later we grammars don't speak to you and ask you to open doors or little things like that equal you darling my role here a transport systems catapult is point the contact for geospatial information and for companies GIS engineer I'm done connector I'm software engineering area ESC Joshua cabanas and the data scientist and I make them greater I think it's amazing and as you know in 2005 three seconds and admire my work the most interesting project I've worked on since I arrived here was looking at absorb capacity in different areas of intelligent mobility in the UK so looking at a company's ability to learn and applying your information to create new innovation my favorite project here at ESC is the one where we develop innovation roadmaps for highways England looking at the 2040 it's not just trying to imagine the future and 25-year sign or trying to imagine what will be the most exciting developments that are happening done enjoy working at CSD I think we have great opportunities to make a real difference in the UK and answer to improve the experiences for the general public and anyone using intelligent mobility services we have a great support network we get to work with label experts across the country and the globe which is fantastic so it has to be the one I've been most involved with which is I work is a augmented reality mobile VR visual impairments simulation I worked on a variety of projects either as developing software or advising and at the end of the day of either to southern the right right oh I'm like whew

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