VW Passat Fuse Box Location and how to check fuses on VW Passat

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Hello everybody welcome to my channel
it’s Lurgs here and today the Volkswagen Passat fuse box locations and this is
on the 2012 model. But before we get started there’s something I need to do! ‘Hey careful man there’s a beverage here huh’ Always have a lovely cup of tea if
you’re gonna be working on the motor. Right so there’s two fuse boxes there’s
an internal fuse box and there’s an engine fuse box so the internal one is
inside here on the driver’s side so it’s actually behind this panel here. Now
don’t use anything sharp to try and prize this out because you will damage
the fascia I’ve just got the kind of back of a metal spoon here just a bit of
a spatula just stick it in and wiggle. And it should just pop out. There is 3
clips holding it in so just kind of pull it away and then pull it towards you and
that is the internal fuses. Now on the back of the panel that you’ve just removed there is a fuse remover tool you can use a pair of long nose pliers but
if this is here you may as well use this. Now there is a link above now about how
you can test fuses with a multimeter without having to remove them all but if
you just want to go old-school then just squeeze it on one of the fuses and pull
it out and then just hold it up to the light and this one is perfect. I would
recommend if you’re going to be checking the fuses don’t take them all out and put
them all back in, do them one at a time because you’ll never remember where they
came from unless of course you take a photograph first.
So that is the internal fuses here so let’s just put this panel back on so
just slide it into the in towards the chassis so push it away from you and
then once it’s kind of pushed into the chassis then it should just line up with
those 3 clips, so just be gentle with it at first make sure it all lines up, once
you can feel that the clips are in then just give it a bit of a Mike Tyson bash
obviously not too hard, right there we go. Right so now what we need to do is check
the engine fuses so to do that we need to open the bonnet or the hood so
there’s a lever here just by your drivers foot pull that towards you then
go around to the front of the motor and to release the bonnet or the hood the
lever is just above the badge there just lift it up and the bonnet hood is on
hydraulics so it will just stay up and the engine fuses are over here on the right
just next to the battery and they’re in here so to get a look at these just
slide these clips towards you and then just lift it up from the front I’m
trying to do it from the back don’t know why I was doing! Lift it from the
front here and there are the engine fuses again you can go old-school just
hold those up to the light and I will just do that on the one at the bottom
here one of the 5-amp ones, as I said earlier there’s a link on how to check it with a multimeter which is a lot easier anyway that one looks ok. Then to put the cover back on just offer it into place push it down and
then just slide both those clips away from you and that just locks it into
position and then after you’ve done that we just need to close the bonnet or the
hood so just pull it down gently never go rough stuff pull it down nice and
gently until the clip hits, once the clip hits then just push down on it with your with the weight of your body, here we go. Lovely jubbly. If you would like more How To’s and Helpful Tips and Life Hacks please subscribe by pressing this button down here. I really do appreciate you visiting
my channel Guys and Girls, if you’d like to select any other videos around here
that would be really cool. Thanks for watching.


Lurgs · July 19, 2018 at 9:04 pm

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Andy Gibson · February 10, 2019 at 3:02 pm

That's all very well! We now know, if we didn't before, where the fuse panels are located and how to open them. But how do you find which fuse protects which accessory, for example the screen washers? Nothing in Owners Manual and nothing on inside of fuse panel cover.

ecceben · February 20, 2019 at 4:10 am

thanks for the video. i had no clue there was a box in the engine compartment. the display screen on my nav unit suddenly went very, very dim yesterday, but the radio still works. i'm hoping a fuse swap is going to fix the problem

SKG1985 · July 1, 2019 at 2:26 am

My high beams are not working and I have no idea which fuse to check. But this gave me the epiphany… check them all! Thanks!

Victorious · July 23, 2019 at 1:10 am

How do you know what fuse is for what? In my other cars the fuse cover had a fuse diagram but not my VW Passat.

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