Vortex Marketing Minute #3: Discovering Demographics & Locations In Google Analytics

Published by Darron Toy on

Welcome to the Vortex Marketing Minute. Hi, this is Tessa Merkel, digital marketer at Vortex Business Solutions. We’re a full-service web design, SEO and digital marketing firm. In today’s marketing minute, I’m going to talk with you about discovering demographics information and location data with Google Analytics. When trying to understand your customers, two basic questions are who are they and where are they located? Google Analytics allows you to segment the users of your site by typical demographic options such as age range and gender. You’re also able to see where your website users are located in the world with options to break the data down by country, city, continent, and subcontinent. This information can be used to measure performance of marketing campaigns or set you up for future successful campaigns. Tune in next time when we’ll discuss how to filter the data to meet your needs. This is Tessa Merkel for the Vortex Marketing Minute.