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Hi guys! Welcome to a new trip report. It’s going to be a little different today. We are flying “British Airways” again. We flew on this airline a few times before and like their product; that’s why we won’t be doing an extensive review this time. We’re flying business class, by the way, and this time we’re going to talk about our unique experiences on the different flights we took over the years. Hope you enjoy watching! Wow! That was the first class check-in and security check. Super easy. Not crowded at all. It only took us about 10 minutes. London Heathrow is usually extremely overcrowded. Often there are very long lines here. But not today. Why? We used the first class check-in since we have a gold status with the “Oneworld” alliance and “British Airways,” which is the highest tier and allows you to use the first class check-in and the lounge, even if you only have an economy class ticket. We’re heading to the lounge now. Dominik: Please follow me to the lounge! We’re going to ride that horse there! I was really looking forward in having their signature “BA Burger,” but they only serve it after 12 pm. Right now it’s 11:10 am. Damn it! Our favorite spot in the lounge is the balcony, or terrace. You have a great view over the tarmac from here. There is so much traffic out there; it’s perfect for planespotting while enjoying a nice drink or a delicious meal…if you have the time. Stefan: What did you order? Fish? Dominik: Yeah! Oh I couldn’t eat that right now! Since they don’t have the burger, I’m having something similar. Kind of like a burger… with an egg. All right! We’re done with the lounge. The food was delicious. Now we have to hurry because boarding already started; but this time it isn’t necessary for us to be the first on board and we don’t have to because this is going to be a more relaxed trip report. This time we’re actually sitting in the middle. Never done that before. Dominik: And I can cuddle with everyone on both sides. Dominik actually has the only seat in the back cabin with a lot of privacy. You can leave the seat without having to climb over your neighbor. Dominik :”What’s that? Sleep well in the sky!” I am the only one with a storage space here. And… …none here… …and none there neither. It’s a kind of… …well, the “Cinderella” seat. The seat faces the premium economy cabin. And I’m flying backwards. With a view of Stefan. Stefan: I don’t have any water. No idea! Maybe I look thirsty They better bring the champagne over then. An interesting thing with “British Airways” is that they have different seat configurations, on the 777 and 787 they normally have a first class cabin, but not on this plane. There’s only business class, premium economy, and economy class It’s also a 787-8, the smaller version of the “Dreamliner”. A little backstory for you, we booked “British Airways” again because they had a great deal not so long ago. This trip was €1000 roundtrip from London to Seoul. Both legs have a flight time of about 10 hours. In business class we can earn a lot of “Avios”, i.e. “British Airways” miles, which we can use to book another premium flight. It’s a relatively cheap way to earn miles and have a nice flight as well. Other options would have been Hong Kong or to Japan. All for the same price. Pretty cheap. You can find more info on our website at globaltraveler.tv. Just click on the “i” up here. We regularly post deals like this and others, and of course our travel hacks. Champagne or water. What’s one to choose? Decisions, decisions! Stefan: Both! Dominik: Both! Just give me the entire tray! Yay! We’re in luck! Boarding has completed and the seat next to us is empty. So we’re by ourselves here in the middle seats. I like that. Pretty nice! “British Airways” constantly works to improve themselves. Recently they changed the caterer from their previous one, which wasn’t that good, to “Do&Co”, a really good caterer. Unfortunately not for this flight. Mostly for flights to the USA, like New York but really delicious food. “Turkish Airlines” uses them as well. You can see that in our video. I’ll link it up there for you. Much much better compared to “Lufthansa”. And this is the newly created menu with an extensive selection. Sounds great! I hope it tastes as good as it sounds. By the way, you can view the menu beforehand, on the “British Airways”website. You just insert your flight number and the booking code and you can check out the menu. So you can make a choice in advance. The captain is in a very good mood today. He’s been talking for 5 minutes. He’s giving us a detailed explanation of the route and the aircraft. He also informed us about the “do not disturb”-button. More on that later. And this is the beverage menu. Cool! There are two types of champagne to choose from. A rosé and a regular one. Brut You know we both like champagne a lot. Right? Dominik: Yup As you already know we fly a lot. On these trips we have experienced a few strange and funny things. Not so long ago we flew “China Southern” in an A330 on a domestic flight within China. Just as we were taking off, you won’t believe this, it was also in business class, one Chinese lady got up and went to the lavatory. During take off! Of course everyone was shouting at her; but she went anyway. That was pretty extreme. So the flight attendant told her, she had to stay in there until we reached cruising altitude. Good call! And what else…? Somehow people in first and business class think they can fart as they please. The nerve! Not so much in economy class. You smell a fart maybe only once the entire trip. Like when somebody’s sleeping, but in first or business… We flew Eurowings once, and I only posted it on Instagram there was a Great Dane on board… the entire flight from New York to Dusseldorf. A Great Dane… …in business class. I always thought that wasn’t allowed and animals had to be down in the hold. But no. In the USA it is allowed. They’re called “emotional support animals”. On one flight with “TAP Portugal” we missed a slot in Oslo and had to wait on the tarmac for two hours. Someone in the back had to throw up and the entire aircraft stank! Of course these things happen, but that was a weird circumstance. The flight attendant in the back consistently rang so another FA from the front cabin would come aft. I have to post a story. And… coins for donations. Stefan: Oh it’s getting dark in here It’s a daytime flight, but they are dimming the cabin. Today we’re not doing a regular flight report anyway This is the starter by the way. We’re having soup and duck as an appetizer. And even two pieces of bread. Dominik: Yes me too! Stefan: It looks nice! They even have chopsticks It’s a Korean inspired meal. They serve it with this paste of Korean seasoning and pickled cabbage (Kim Chi). It’s pickled over several weeks; typical Korean. They also serve it with Korean barbecue or with “Bi Bim Pap”. But they don’t serve that on this flight. The sauce is spicy. Be careful! The sun is rising. You can see it in the background. We slept pretty well and long and really enjoyed the flight. Dominik fell asleep a little earlier than myself. I saw 3 movies! It doesn’t happen often that I watch that many movies on a flight. It’s only a trip report, so I didn’t need to speak as much. Plus it got dark pretty early. Now I have to quickly fill out the arrival card and then we’re landing in Seoul. And? What do you think? Well, I have to say that the food is very different from flights catered by “Do&Co.” The difference is noticeable; however, it’s also changed in general. I’m sure you saw it on the Instagram story now you can, even if it didn’t work, choose your seat, your breakfast, do you want to be woken up or not, and if you do, how far in advance, 1:30 hrs, 40 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever. But that didn’t work so well yet. They just launched that service, but the staff just come around and switch on the light to wake you up. However, in my opinion they’re positive changes. We both got an additional amenity kits because we asked for them. They’re gifts at meet & greets or just regular meetings somewhere. We don’t want to keep them for ourselves. Back to the subject. I think they’re constantly evolving… …there you heard it. I’ll make it short. That’s it. They evolved and every time we fly “British Airways”… oh come on! Yes, yes I know… Ok I have to hurry up. They have evolved and there’s something constantly happening at “British Airways.” Unlike other airlines. I think I’ll wrap it up. Thanks for watching boys and girls! See you next time! Bye bye! This is the downside in frequent travel: We departed around noon in London. In European local time we landed in Seoul in the middle of the night. Right now it’s 11pm. Regular bed time. And I’m extremely tired. Here it is 8:30am though. Usually we would have to stay active all day in Seoul. But I can’t do that. Could you? How do you handle jet lag? We’ll probably lay down for a couple hours at the hotel. If we can enter the room already. That’s another story. If we can enter the room, we’re definitely going to lay down for a while and be ready for the afternoon. Or do you stay awake all day. How do you handle it? Write your opinions on jet lag in the comment section below. At least in this case. Arriving at night would be a different story. Then I would probably go to bed right away. To start the new day refreshed. But that’s not possible in this case. Doesn’t matter. All right! We landed safely in Seoul. Unfastening the seatbelt and of course everyone jumps out of their seats as usual. They can’t leave the aircraft fast enough. Oh well… First we have to get into town. They’re very nice here. In Seoul they heat the jet bridges. Not in Europe. [inaudible] By now we’re pretty familiar with “Seoul Incheon International Airport”. This is our third time here and we’re coming back in a few months for a couple of days. We don’t need to transfer. It’s a pretty cool airport. Very well planned and great lounges. On the way back we’ll check out the “British Airways,” respectively “Oneworld” lounge I wonder how that is going to be. Generally in South Korea “Uber” isn’t cheap but I’d rather take that and have this luxury. No to sound pretentious, but it’s super easy. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, in our video of Seoul in summer, when I had to go inside a grocery store to cool off, should now click the “i” above. We also took “Uber” back then. Wow, the weather is great here in Seoul. I think we’re going to have a great time. It is very cold though. Down to -10C/14F During the day 15C/59F max. It’s colder than in Germany. But that doesn’t matter. You just need the right clothing. I put a winter jacket on. And then you can walk around Seoul without a problem and check out the night markets and try the great food. Maybe we’ll do another vlog about the city. We already did one before but it was so hot back then. Now this is the opposite of that. Very cold. Let’s see. We arrived. Oh what’s that? It’s a big penis! What the hell was that? Thanks for watching! It was a little different than usual We talked about a few funny situations we’ve had on planes. There’s so much more, but I couldn’t remember them all. Maybe in the next video. Dominik can’t stop laughing. See you next time! Bye! And also from me, thanks for watching, until next time! Bye guys! And girls! Shit!


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Ich finde die abgekürzte Version vom Flight Report prima. Da geht es um die wesentlichsten Dinge, die "Standard-Sachen" hat man in den vielen Reports von Euch ja oft schon gesehen. Trotzdem lasst ihr die lustigen Momente nicht weg und das ist die Hauptsache! 🙂 Hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht, danke Euch!

Linkinspike · September 11, 2019 at 9:42 pm

Habe vor im Februar mit BA nach Singapore zu fliegen. Ahja, Frage: Kann ich BA Meilen auch zu Miles and More transferieren? Bitte macht so weiter.

Constanze Steegmiller · September 11, 2019 at 9:55 pm

ich fand die Sitze fürchterlich, aber ich musste ja auch nicht fliegen. Mit Jetlag kenne ich mich gut aus. Bin jedes Jahr von Florida nach Düsseldorf geflogen und das in der Holzklasse und mit zwei Kindern. Der Flug ging fast immer gegen 16:00 Uhr los und kam um ca. 7:00 Uhr in Düsseldorf an, schlafen konnte ich nie. Klar, für mich war es mitten in der Nacht und die Augen waren mächtig schwer. Zu Hause angekommen hätte ich mich gern hingelegt, aber dann hätte ich bestimmt 8 Stunden geschlafen und dann wäre schon wieder Abend. Eine Stunde schlafen habe ich auch versucht aber danach ging es mir immer sehr schlecht, also zwingen auf zu bleiben und lieber früh ins Bett. Ich muss es wohl nicht sagen, aber es war immer eine Qual aber nach ca. einer Woche war alles wieder ok. Bei dem Flug zurück in die USA, also Richtung Westen, hatte ich nie Probleme. Stefan Du hast gefragt, hier ist mein Report ;-))

Bj33fight · September 11, 2019 at 10:49 pm

Das Video ist aber schon etwas älter oder? 🤨 Tagestemperaturen von 5grad gibt‘s in Seoul eigentlich nur zwischen Dezember und Februar..

Elias Stein · September 11, 2019 at 11:30 pm


YouBetterRunNow Better · September 12, 2019 at 12:19 am

Warum fliegen die beiden eig so viel? Fliegen die beruflich oder nur für die YouTube Videos?

YouBetterRunNow Better · September 12, 2019 at 12:19 am

Warum fliegen die beiden eig so viel? Fliegen die beruflich oder nur für die YouTube Videos?

sunnydan · September 12, 2019 at 12:33 am

Beim Flug nach Vancouver mittags in Frankfurt abgeflogen und auch mittags angekommen. Nacht davor hab ich ganz normal geschlafen, den Flug dann wach geblieben und dann abends gegen 22 Uhr Ortszeit Vancouver ins Bett. Somit praktisch kein Jetlag gehabt.

Alexander Schneider Siemssen · September 12, 2019 at 2:30 am

Lieber Stefan und Dominik mit dem Mega Penis habt ihr den Vogel abgeschossen muss immer noch lachen 😀

ITER · September 12, 2019 at 2:54 am

Der Sitz sieht mir nach Käfighaltung aus, die Business ist nichts für mich,

Moritz · September 12, 2019 at 3:37 am

Do&Co ist für mich immer noch einer der besten Caterer die es so gibt. Schönes Video! 🙂

Joerg Leipzig · September 12, 2019 at 4:25 am

Wenn wir morgens ankommen dann wird schon versucht bis abends wach zu bleiben 😁 Euch beiden eine schöne Zeit Grüße aus L.E. 😁

Henn · September 12, 2019 at 4:32 am

Bitte mehr Videos mit lustigen Momenten oder Outtakes.

spinalcrackerbox · September 12, 2019 at 6:45 am

Pupsen weniger in economy? Na ja … Ich sass mal bei der LH fra-phl neben jemand in economy, der wohl Verdauungsprobleme hatte… Ich kam dann in der Unterkunft an und habe ihn dort wiedergetroffen 🙂

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