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hey y'all so happy Saturday um I literally just got dressed and actually bought this offer yesterday from Target so I am wearing this tea from Target with these cute jeans I got from Target as well and I'm wearing my heels for right now I just have on some flip-flops and my hair is just in a slick ponytail I added a couple clip pins into my ponytail with this cute gold y'all know whatever it's called y'all I had to do my nails myself because I didn't have time so my nails look hideous but at least they are painted right now I am actually about to drive to South Carolina so it's Chelsea's graduation party today and she drove all the way to Atlanta for my baptism so I just felt like I could not miss her graduation party so I'm going with my friend Alberto's was also friends with Chelsey so I'm really excited this is gonna be my first road trip in my car and the Mustang so we'll see how this goes on the road I'm praying that we don't lose service when it comes to the GPS I'm praying that the car is fine and we get there and back in one piece and it's a three-hour drive so it shouldn't be that bad and then I'm wearing my new Balenciaga bag with the outfit today and I have Ruby wool on the lips I feel like I need a brighter red to match the bag but I'm just gonna have to improvise for today so I am way out y'all tell me how thereby yeah so is this lady in my house right are y'all peep so it's this lady they're just pulling up to my house but I'm leaving my house I don't even and I didn't even know that my mom's having company right so she's parked in my driveway so I walk up I'm like hi how are you hi can I help you she's like hey pretty good but she's talking to me like she met me before so I'm like I'm like how can I help you what's going on cuz ya'll know I'm very protective when it comes to my mom so my mom's the only one home so she's like so she's like talk to me she's like I'm here to meet your mom about some songs on whatever so she's like how's the business going so I'm like oh maybe she has maybe before don't like is going pretty much like how's the YouTube channel I'm like okay yeah this lady has met me before so I'm like the YouTube channel is gone well so then she's like and are you still what the guy you were dating or did that end up not working out so I'm like I can't remember when I met her so I don't even know like which a guy she's talking about but I'm like no I'm single I'm just having fun so she's like okay I'll let my son know I know there was definitely chemistry between y'all and I'm not when did I meet plug when Dimitra sunny who are you so I'm like working out doing mother laughs and then she's like yeah I'll tell them to follow you on Instagram and I'm just like I don't even remember this lady I don't even remember this lady son I have no idea what's going on right now so that was weird but anyways we are on our way to go pick up Albert us we can go ahead and get going to South Carolina um this is a three-hour drive a yawn being so dramatic but I really don't travel like that like I don't take car rides I like just getting on the plane and going but nervous I think I'm not nervous getting there this is the thing I'm not nervous getting there I'm just nervous coming back like if the party starts at 6:30 it's probably not gonna intellect in something and if we leave at 10:00 we won't get to Atlanta until 10:00 11:00 12:00 1:00 1:00 o'clock in the morning and I mean I'm not drinking or anything so it's not like you know I have to worry about any of that but I'm just scared because this is my first time going I'm just one I can't even I'm blind that night let's start there so I'm gonna be coming back from South Carolina at night I need the club ride because where I was stationed on a South Carolina and he used to drive to Atlanta all the time to come visit me I mean it seemed like he was cool I want the gaming um in my look what are you thinking right cute I'm going to South Carolina right is it a straight shot like I'm just curious cuz I'm scared I could drive back by myself tonight like am I just jumping on the highway then I'm gonna be there or like okay that's really what I'm trying to ask all right so with literally just I'm jumping on a highway ended up by Murray why you even got a Thursday about grenade no it says that is three hours away is it like at this time is the dead serious three hours where I'm being trippin two-twenty but like I should be like on the world to go there at 3:00 you guys should we'll be on to so many new art I had no idea and hopefully we'll be going to this concert in September and she will be on to the shea butter baby girl airy okay but we are learning already minutes away 40 minutes away we almost there – Chelsea's grant party and yeah the right super-smooth guys there wasn't a lot of traffic in Atlanta there and then it's not a raining and thundering yawn cracked my windshield what was that okay Wow Oh but I'm very grateful for all of you've all contributed to my earth today for sure I'm just so grateful that you guys don't let me into your lies I think that's just the greatest gift to me get involved and have memories with all of you and it makes me very grateful I know they're going on to the next stage I could literally call any of you guys for advice whether it be professional or having a crazy manager if I need help with or you know even just paying bills or colleges with mortgage stuff where you know like Augustine I truly do you feel supported by all of you and I know for sure God's going to take care of me you definitely bless me with all of you and I just I think about that all the time I look through social media and I'm like and is they're grateful like I'm happy I'm so many great people in my life and I just love it so I'm very blessed to have all of you and I appreciate you all coming here and taking the time because there's so much going on I really really do love and appreciate you all please feel free to reach out to me whatever you think about me or even if you don't like you know just say I really love you guys I appreciate [Applause]

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Haza Flower · May 15, 2019 at 5:13 pm

Girl I I'm glad that you're enjoying yourself but girl.. I really want you to do a collab with one of UND T.v. member here on YouTube by the name Alan Love his instagram is AlanLove_UND I don't care if it's a truth or drink Chile just make it happen. 😁

Christianbeautyplug Beautyplug · May 15, 2019 at 5:13 pm

Yes with a upload sis

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