Visiting the locations for Gamification in Lagos, Nigeria

Published by Darron Toy on

Today is the third day and we are going out. Seeing all the different locations and of course this is why we really need a good breakfast. Big breakfast. Let’s get started and see what kind of
locations they have chosen. (Discussions going on) So far, as chaotic as you can see. We are just entering a more of a peaceful place, right now. The topic says it all: Traffic and chaos. So, this is Freedom park. A private run park that is based on some concession from the government but run by private organizations. And you already performed here. Yes yeah. I had about three shows here. When you’re here you forget the fact that this has actually been a prison before. Yet
you won’t believe it that all prisoners were kept here. They changed the name actually to entertainment village and every day is open. Every night we come here to either hang out, enjoy themselves, …

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