Visiting Pena Palace | Day Trip to Sintra from Lisbon, Portugal

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Alright guys today is a day trip day. We have left Lisbon behind. We got on at the station in Rossio to come
all the way out to Sintra and this place is known for its castles and its palaces. So yeah, we’ve been here once before but we
spent a little too much time eating and hiking. Not enough time visiting the palaces so we
are back for round 2. In terms of cost it was 5 Euros per person
for a roundtrip ticket. Yeah. And it was about 30 minutes. Yeah. Not very far. Just 30 or 40 minutes. Not far at all. And we’ve arrived and we’re ready to explore. We’re here. Let’s begin. But you guys know the drill. First things first, we needed to grab a quick
bite. We spotted a cafe serving up pastries, paninis,
and all sorts of baked goods, and that was all the convincing we needed. Oh that was a nice picture back there. We’re having food before we do any activities. We’ve come to this nice little cafe. It is really cozy. It is called Cafe Saudade. We’ve placed orders for paninis and we’re
also getting dessert. We’re getting a little regional cheesecake
so yeah it should be delicious and that should give us the energy to go explore the main
attractions here. Alright Sam introduce us to your meal of the
day. Well lunch is panini and we’ve had these a
few times now since we’ve been in Lisbon. Well, I should say in Portugal and they’re
such good value. They’re inexpensive and they’re big and they’re
filling and usually delicious so let’s try that. So you went for the classic and the cheese? Ham and cheese. Oh yeah. That is awesome. So my panini has also arrived. This one is called the San Antonio and it
came with sardines, goat cheese, lettuce, tomato and a balsamic vinaigrette. I’ve already had a bite out of this one. It was so good. It has got a lot of ingredients I’ve gotta
say. Mmmhmm. I can’t wait to try it. Haha. Really really nice. So Sam is going to sample the desserts. First off we are starting with the queijada. We got two little local treats. So this is the queijada. Well we ordered the second one when we saw
how small the first one is. Yeah, that is true. We needed one more. That is a true story. It does appear dense though. Yeah. What do you think? Oh wow. That is so different that I would have imagined. Yeah. It doesn’t taste like cheese. Like cheesecake. It tastes like super very cinnamon-y. Yeah. Oh wow. Overpoweringly with the cinnamon but it is
very tasty. And then over here we’ve got the this one
is called the travesseiro. It is coated in icing sugar. Yeah. And it is like a flaky pastry and it it stuffed
with an almond paste. Mmmm. Oh wow. With our appetites satiated, we continued
our stroll through town, and then decided we should probably hop on a bus, and save
our legs for visiting the attraction that brought us all the way out here: the Pena
Palace. Alright guys so let’s talk about transportation
because once you’re in Sintra you still need to reach the palaces and those are deceptively
far away. Yeah they are. You can see them up on the hill but last time
we were here Sam and I tried hiking and we only made it to one and we had to call it
a day. So this time around public transport was our
choice. Was it 434 the bus number? Yes, it is bus number 434. These are the tickets and we paid five Euros
and fifty cents per person for a roundtrip ticket. So that brought us up the mountain and we’re
going to take the bus down as well. So you do have the option of hiking, there
is a bus. Tuk-tuks. A local bus. There is tuk-tuks and there is yeah one of
those city sightseeing buses. Yeah. So there is a plethora of options to get up
here. Mmmhmm. But we took the public bus and we’re glad
we did. It was the cheapest. Once we reached the gates of the Pena Palace
we purchased our tickets, and began the climb to this colourful, whimsical, and somewhat
kitschy construction set atop a hill in the Sintra Mountains. Though Pena Palace’s history dates back
to the Middle Ages, what you see today dates from the 19th century, with construction of
the current castle completed in 1854. You may think that this place looks like a
mish-mash of different styles, and that’s because Pena Palace is a Romanticist castle,
that was influenced by Gothic, Manueline, Moorish and Renaissance architecture. The commission for this castle was given to
a German amateur architect, and the King’s only request was that “this palace should
reflect an opera” – whatever that means. Alright guys. We are now inside the palace. We’ve toured the outside and enjoyed the colors. Now we’re going to see what the interior is
all about. The tour of the interior of the palace followed
a carpeted-route that guided us through a chapel, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms,
and a kitchen – all decorated with historical furniture to reflect how it would have looked
when the Portuguese royal family lived here before their escape to Brazil during the revolution. Then we stopped for one more glimpse of the
surrounding hills, and it was time to head back down. Well well we just finished touring Pena Palace. Yeah. Let’s talk about that. Yeah, we sure did. So it is deceptively large. So when you see it from a distance like when
you first arrive in Sintra. Oh that is a pretty small attraction. Yeah. But then as you start taking the bus or you’re
hiking up there and you actually reach the palace you realize it is big. And it takes quite a while to explore all
of it on the exterior and then there is also you get to tour the inside of it as well. Yeah. It is quite it is very colorful. You have the bright yellows and reds and the
colorful tiles. Colorful tiles. So many different styles. Yeah. Yeah. It is almost it is a bit eclectic really. It really is. And you also get amazing views as well. Mmmhmm. And so it is the kind of attraction where
maybe before you actually arrive here if you’re coming from Lisbon you think all yeah I’ve
got all of the time in the world to visit here also go to the Moorish Castle and also
do some other things in the city. Yeah. But unless you arrive early in the day it
is pretty rushed. Because that takes a couple of hours. You could easily spend anywhere from one and
half to three hours here so. Yeah exactly and initially we were planning
on visiting the Moorish Palace as well. And we’ve realized there is no way that is
happening. We’re tired but we’ll put a link right up
here because that was two years ago we did visit it. Yeah, and so you can watch that video if you
want. Alright and now let’s talk about the price. Alright how much did we pay for it? The price was 11.50 Euros for adults. My parents got a senior discount at 9 per
person. And so yeah for the four of us it came to
41 Euros. Um it was good value because like it is quite
an impressive attraction. And yes, that’s all we did in Sintra that
day: ate lunch, rode a bus, and visited one palace. We’re not kidding about maybe coming here
for 2-3 days, because there’s way more to cover than you can on a day trip!


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andgainingspeed · April 29, 2018 at 5:14 pm

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Leo F · April 29, 2018 at 5:16 pm

Portugal will always have a special place in my ❤.
My first visit to Europe was in Lisboa and the food was AMAZING

Catherine Parent · April 29, 2018 at 5:20 pm

Last year in Sintra we toured the Moors Castle and the Quinta da Regaleira, but we didn't have time to visit the Pena Palace. This video makes me want to go back and see even more 🙂 Sintra has so much to offer!

Lori Dan · April 29, 2018 at 5:27 pm

Love your videos. Down to earth, yet professional. Great info. Thanks!

Travels of Heather and Curtis · April 29, 2018 at 5:31 pm

Sintra is sooooo cool. We still have to go back. We went one rainy afternoon and ended up going to the Myths and legends museum. It was cool and very informative, but that and a little wandering was all we got to do. Lol next time! Thanks as always for sharing!!

Bruno Gambini · April 29, 2018 at 5:41 pm

Great video of Sintra!

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Did you see the Word in the background? "Saudade" is a word that has no literal translation in any other language. Fado is also based a lot on the meaning of the word.

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I really like the inserted photos as the video is playing. Not sure how you did it but keep them coming 🙂

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part of the hit Johnny Depp movie "the Ninth Gate " was filmed in Sintra.

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I stayed at a hostel at the Rossio train station, the station where you take the train to Sintra.

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Wow!! Great Video!

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Are you coming to the Algarve? We are in Lagos for the month of May, would love to meet you guys for a coffee or beer, been following your channel for a fair while. We have been travelling for 18 months now ourselves!

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aqsw57 · May 6, 2018 at 10:17 pm

went to sintra in november, visited Pena Palace, the Mourish Castle and the Quinta da Regaleira. Three beautiful places, my favourite one was quinta da regaleira

Violetta Nadtochyy · May 9, 2018 at 11:34 pm

My bf and I visited the palace back in October 2017 and I just wanted to mention that if anyone heads over there, don't skip the garden that's right near the palace. It is magical!!! We spent half the time at the palace and half the time at the garden, and I must say I enjoyed the garden a whole lot more. On top of that, no one seemed to care about the garden, so we had it pretty much all to ourselves 🙂

António Vieira · May 14, 2018 at 5:33 pm

And you lost the "travesseiros" from "Piriquita" cafe at old Sintra. It's a crime! And the best "queijadas de Sintra" at a little store in the middle way between the train station and the old Sintra, right side of the road, a single building. And here is a tip for the next time: take the tram from Sintra to Praia das Maçãs. It's a simply beautiful trip to an exquisite beach, and you can go to some other beaches around, just a few miles walking, like Praia Grande, a meca for surfers, or Azenhas do Mar, a beautiful village settle in cliffs over the sea. Or take a bus from Sintra to Ericeira, one of the biggest spot for world surfers and a great village. And please, try the seafood there. And more: from Sintra try to go to Mafra. A huge and beautiful convent and the "Tapada de Mafra" gardens, park and forest that makes you happy. All this from Sintra. Next time.

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Schadesloth · June 5, 2018 at 7:38 pm

It's very true what you say about Sintra having too many sights for just the one day. When I visited a few years ago, I spent the morning and early afternoon at Quinta da Regaleira (highly recommended, like a Disneyland for adults!) and then got the same bus you used to the Moorish castle. The plan was to continue to Pena Palace but I was too palaced-out by that stage and it was getting late in the day. I guess I will have to revisit Sintra another time to check out Pena Palace because it looked extraordinary. Thanks for your great travel blogs!

Ratko Mladenic · July 4, 2018 at 8:40 am

Audrey and Sam, I just love your reviews.
Sintra is just beautiful and easy reachable from Lisbon. At Rossio station you can buy a 15€ ticket that covers train to Sintra (and back) and even local busses. We decided to take a ride (bus no. 403), from Sintra, to Cascais (covered in 15€ ticket). Line passes through Cabo da Roca (most western point of Europe) so you hop off and when you are done with tour just hop on the next one (pay attention to the direction of the line Sintra/Cascais – we almost made a mistake). Train From Cascais to Lisbon (Cais do Sodre) is covered in that 15€ ticket (great value).

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Next time don't forget Quinta da Regaleira (specially the Initiation Well) and Monserrate Palace. Cabo da Roca (Continental Europe's most western point is a "must go" too).

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Sintra is still in Lisboa

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