Visit Different EGO Outposts | * All E.G.O. Outpost Locations * | Fortnite Chapter 2

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What’s going on Guys?! I’m Drew and This is the Dreworks! Welcome back to the Channel! Today, I’ll show you where you find all
of the five different E.G.O Outposts what you have to visit if you want to complete
one of The Lockdown missions on the week five. But before we start, make sure to leave a
Like and Subscribe! Alright Buddies, Let’s Go! Our first location is the E.G.O Hangar which
is a large building with this some kind of military green color rooftops. If we check this location on the map, we’ll
see the hangar is standing on the southwest part of the island, very close to Holly Hedges! Fantastic! We found our first Outpost, 4 more left, so
let’s see where we find the next one! After the fast travel, we’ve arrived to
our next location which is the E.G.O Comm Tower, as you see this outpost is standing
on the south part of the map next to the snowy mountains. If we check the map quickly, we can see, this
tower is standing between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows. Great! We have visited the E.G.O Hangar and the E.G.O
Comm Tower already but there are 3 more outposts what are waiting for us! And Here we are! We’ve found the next basement which name
is the E.G.O Barracks! This landmark is one of my favorite landing
spot because there is 1 chest in each of the 3 buildings and the fences are very good…
if they are not the best metal resources of the game! So, it can be easily a good choose for landing
in an arena match! You can found this landmark closely in the
middle of the map, not too far from Lazy Lake. Brilliant! We’ve finished our job here, so let’s
go to the next location! The fourth E.G.O. Outpost what I’ll show you in this video
is the E.G.O Staging Post which is lying on the east side of the map! To be honest, I think, I have never landed
on this landmark before, however it seems like absolutely clear you will find a lots
of materials in this area. Maybe you have already noticed, all of the
E.G.O Outposts’ buildings are using the same yellow and green color pattern. This little fact can help you to find these
landmarks more easily. However, if we are already talking about how
to find these landmarks, let’s take a quick look at the map again. You’ll find the E.G.O. Staging Post on the east part of the island
between Steamy Stacks and Dirty Docks! Alright, close the map and for finding the
last outpost we have to fly through on the whole island, so let’s speed up the camera
a little bit! And Here we are! We’ve arrived to our last E.G.O Outpost
what we have to visit to complete this challenge. The last landmark is the E.G.O Science Station
which is standing on the beach on the northwest part of the island. This building is using the same color combination
just like the other 4 E.G.O Outposts. Let’s open the map for the last time, where
we can see, this location is lying west of Pleasant Park on the shore of the bay! Fantastic! It was our fifth and the last outpost what
we have to visit to complete this challenge! I hope, you found this video helpful, and
if you want to see more guide videos, just like this, make sure to leave a Like on this
video, and Subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching Buddies! I was Drew and Catch you on the Next Video!