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OVR Travel Hi everyone I’m the OVR Guy,
and I recently visited in Vienna Austria I stayed at the Arcotel Wimberger Wien hotel,
which is located in this area And I would like to share with you
some of my insights about this city The Lugner City is a friendly small shopping center
located right next to the hotel It hosts several chains stores
and offers a reasonable food court If you’re really into shopping,
then you should check the SCS, which is the biggest shopping mall in Austria This is a great place with all the familiar brands
and chain stores, including Primark It took me about 30 minutes by train
to get to the SCS and I’ll use this opportunity to praise
Vienna’s public transport system You probably heard of it,
but seeing it in action made me really appreciate it There are so many ways to travel across Vienna,
that you should ask yourself if there’s a true justification to do that by car You can find electric scooters spread over the city and discovering Vienna by riding on them
was one of the highlights of my trip My hotel was 3 minutes walk
from the central Mariahilfer Straße that offers many shops & restaurants One of those restaurants is “Peter Pane”
that was recommended to me by several people so I had great expectations towards my visit there. Although the place itself is attractive
and lucrative for families the food was average and the burger I ate
didn’t impress me at all This is the Innere Stadt,
Vienna’s 1st district & the center of the city The architecture here is mesmerizing with numerous historical & cultural attractions
almost everywhere you look and some of Vienna’s most famous
shops & restaurants the streets were crowded both during
the day and night but the atmosphere was amazingly
calm and quiet Among the attractions you can find in this area
are the astonishing St. Stephen’s Cathedral that I saw from the outside and the well-known Café Central
that I skipped because I don’t like to wait in line… But I managed to find other places instead… One that I really liked is Bermuda Bräu This restaurant-bar offers great food
for reasonable prices and I received a good service There were positive vibes all over the place We chose to sit on the second floor since we
didn’t want to be next to people who were smoking Another place I liked is Café Landtmann This cafe-restaurant serves excellent coffee
and tasty desserts that weren’t expensive at all It is located near the famous Café Central and can be a good alternative if you
don’t like to wait in line for the “real deal” I also attended Ulrich, a fashionable bar-cafe-restaurant that appears to be popular among locals & tourists. The place was OK but nothing was
really special about the food the service was a bit slow
and if you’re looking for value-for-money there are probably better alternatives Overall Vienna is an impressive city
that has a lot to offer while visiting there but if you ask me what it is the one place
that you should go to then I would say the Schönbrunn Palace The place looks dignified and those Austrians
sure know how to preserve their heritage… Anyway, I hope you liked this video
and it was helpful let me know you think by commenting
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