Very nice journey to tinghir’s toubkal mountaines with my friend!! || ” VLOG 2 “||

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Hello everybody , now we are in tinghir city and we are going to the tinghir TOUBKAL mountainrs , really very enormous adventurous , let’s follow us and enjoy wayyyyy , wayyy , wayy , haha haha haha haha , haha , haha , haha ,hhhh what’s happen , an eyes strikes us hhahhahahha Of course, this would be a diseaster accident here , a death accident , but fortunately we could be able to save ourselves in the suit time Day and night , no one cares for this place’s residents , they always living the woes, for each color and type ,they are people who Tasted the bitterness of time,they Endured the bitterness of time Now, ismail , he Going on in the maze of this road , This rugged hard way Of course , ismail Venturing with his motorcycle , in this territory , Actualy , as you see here , he arrested his motorcyles in the road’s side ; maybe he would like to tell us something about this place As you see here , the road Still continuing to benchtop ; it really an amazing advanterous You should be a man adventurer As you see , there lot of mountaines and houses

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