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hello everybody welcome to the hopefully awesome show I'm manse Maggie and we are hopefully awesome a positive place on the Internet where we talk about all the things that we love and no politics no drama in just awesome yeah I should have my Jason Mraz how long right no no I'm just like super chill you know that is both not surprising and ridiculous at the exact same time but you know what he should also own a toast farm think about it they go together avocado and toast is the current days PB&J well excuse me hey we're chill today we just got back from vacation there's a lot of fun we'll be talking about that here in a little bit but today the few topics we're going to be talking about with go it's a little bit of news not a whole lot we've got a couple trailers that came out we're just getting talking about some spider-man far from home news we watched three things so we'd be we will be doing a triple review not really a reaction I guess it's not really review I am so we'll be talking about yeah sure I guess I will be talking about yesterday the movie we'll be talking about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood the movie and then also we talking about Veronica Mars season 4 the movie I so definitely check and I will be doing well we did no spoilers and spoilers zombozo's we'll be sure and give you a big Tom stamp so if you don't want to look at any of this beginning stuff feel free to check out the tom stamps and skip ahead if you'd like but other than that i think we're gonna take a moment we're gonna get caught up with each other we're just gonna chill no you're what i can't think of why don't you think about it when we catch up it's not appalled appalled it's not it's not shocked a jhand appalled John come on leave it call me less tough you got it the first ones I'm table alright keep talking I want to taste my coffee okay so Matt's tasters coffee never gets old hey so this is the ketchup where we get caught up on all the things Hey our Picard trailer not taking them all access more like no bueno am i right know what I'm saying no I don't I'm just I'm too relaxed man yeah my Hawaiian shirt on you know I'm just like whatever whatever man whatever birdie man you want to party party but we're actually gonna be reloading that – trailer that we react to come on hey so this last week we went on vacation yeah let's talk about to the beach went to the beach went to Myrtle Beach dirty Myrtle oh my god I hate that maybe so much it was fun yeah it was fun we've been on since we've been married we've been on four trips to the Disney's same friend the cabin tribe in the Myrtle Beach I would say of our four trips this is definitely in the top four oh really but the bottom at the bottom of the top floor that's true favorite it was fun here's the thing last time I went tomorrow beach wasn't the only time when tomorrow beach is is like 10 years ago so I was in my twenties early 20s tween to 21 I know just whatever and man I have an old man now like the hotel we stayed at it was like right on the beach which was cool but you could hear like all the people like like they give you chairs to sit in like a dining room table they put the dining-room table in the wrong spot I'm sorry I've got this out oh gosh so you can hear people above us pulling on these chairs I grew up in apartments that's normally told me I'm like I lived in the house is it a good ghost but you know like it was fun I just forgot that July third week of July party Tom Beach City USA you know and I was ill-prepared for that what's just I wanted to sit on the beach and read Jurassic Park and there wasn't happening so we got these cool bracelets like eight different pools Hank the last day we spent all day on the beach yeah we for one we were hot I I completely forgot how much I hate it's and say it ok so here's one thing about the beach the sand situation sucks like I was wearing like dollar flip-flops okay from Walmart which Hey right there that's my own father and they were not any help in fact it made it walking worse but sand was like a hundred and fifty degrees burning my feet and then it also cut the the band going through my toes cut the top waiting like the last that was we have made plans you know get down there early we're gonna enjoy ourselves which we did yeah but I made the decision to take my flip-flops off because I was like I'm a country girl I can I can you need shoes like I'm going to shoo us they come a she was Joe maybe if I could somehow I was like scooch my feet like way on deep underneath the sand yeah maybe I could just save myself from like your circumstance yeah yeah yeah didn't work out I got incredibly mad sir we got to the pool that's great and I had to stomp at the fence where shade just the call for my feet and then I had somehow encouraged myself length lady in Jurassic Park but she sees me hole so he gets his gate of the pool yeah I don't remember those well use behind me because you had tennis shoes aren't protecting your lovely little feet best thing I ever did was buy $10 tennis shoes at Walmart and throw them away it was the bet I know it's a waste of ten dollars but you know what those shoes were terrible they had sand in them but feet felt great did not hurt one bit the rest of the time Wow amazing dollar shoes there are like 20 people at the beach shower I was like you know what screw it you know they say well you need to build more than one beach shower Claire knows but before we even man saw the hotel there is a DJ outside DJ Larry I don't know what it was and it just added fuel to my rage it's like my feet hurt it is awful though it was so loud yeah like this is like there was a v12 pool yeah and the audios as loud as like a concert at Fun Fest I played some Mario 3d Land on Monday yes to do 3ds I guess I forgot to upgrade at 10:30 yes yeah we got in the ocean which was a lot of fun it was good like honestly it was fun just to get away in fact we actually have a couple pictures we went to this one place Broadway Broadway at the beach which was like a fun little like a strip mall kind of thing but it was way entertaining like they had all kinds of tons of stuff we had at wall burgers yeah which is really cool we talked ourselves out of David mustard yeah David mustard we almost went today investors but there's there's one new there's one like hour away from us like I'd rather go I'd rather travel burgers yeah um that was fun just like I'll bet we're suckers for things the or like pop culture obviously I mean if you can see ones um so I don't know like wall Berry's the burger itself was good you really enjoyed the sweet potato tater tots sweet potato tots sweet potato tots those are really good the room and the guests in its Donnie Wahlberg suave Jenny McCarthy I think they're still married I got married they had their own reality show there for a little bit Jeannie and Donnie Donnie and Marie it was gins chicken sandwich it was really good i had i think that's Donnie's Pig yeah which was a BBQ burger yeah which was really good had avvocato cream or something on it which balance it out I'm not one for avocados except for when it comes to watch it why are you offended but you can actually our Instagram hopefully also has a lot of pictures and stuff from the trip which we're going to show a little bit that went on Twitter but more of it was on Instagram but yeah wall burgers was good I had the barbecue when I almost got a Thanksgiving feast burger which was wild it was turkey burger berry sauce stuffing gravy I think maybe he was I think the cranberry sauce cranberry sauce yeah but I decided not to I didn't know if I liked it enough I didn't want to waste the money on something that like could be terrible yeah so it was something a little more a little less trepidatious but then from there we walked around a little bit there's some candy shops that was you know salt water tap some I love sugar shops were everywhere yeah it was really amazing tons of like candy for sure yeah yeah in tons of candy from like different countries and stuff yeah um there was a stranger thing section which was very cool but then as we're walking by I noticed this little gym rats nope so I noticed this little gym as we're going across the you don't have to blow an hdmi cord that's not how that works I thought it worked the works for didn't know she did no that's different alright let's try this one more time look at that is the kwik-e-mart well yeah that's kwik-e-mart okay so kwik-e-mart yeah really strange excuse well roll the tape back let's see how so roll that beautiful bean dude but they actually have that factory an hour away from us the we took the back way and it's like I wonder where this comes out okay sorry but we went to this and they they have the kwik-e-mart yeah and so we took a picture in front of it you got a next photo there you can see the whole thing there's actually inside it's set up like a quickie money from The Simpsons their versions of Isis which was sure sharpies I mean it was wrong like it's lame it was awesome Flor Gladstone but and then while we're standing in there well while we're standing in there it's fine while we were standing there there's a thing to drop off 3d glasses which already knew the saw those like wait is there what is this is there more to this and you're getting ready to buy a sure P or whatever yeah and yeah and I was like well hang on I think there might be like a deal or something and so we walk out and we look next to the kwik-e-mart I'm sorry that's when we saw this theater The Simpsons in 40 so this whole thing is it's like it don't go next yet this whole thing is like a big thing you're like there's a movie screen and motion seeds and like yeah like all this stuff to put you in the 4d yeah and 3d glasses and all and it's it's the Simpsons like it's a 20 minute Simpsons experience yeah where you go in and then once you finish you exit through the kwik-e-mart and I thought the whole thing was just the kwik-e-mart yeah and I thought that was great and me explain that to him he's like no this is it I said no see those doors you come out drop off your glasses then shop in the kwik-e-mart it's like the gift shop I mean that's what you told me it's Hollywood you know where if you get off the rod they immediately make you exit through the gift shop yeah yeah but it was so we're setting there were like men let's check this out like what would this cost and they have this thing we're like over for 15 for $15 you could get the basic just go through the rod but that's about it yeah I think there ma been something else but I can't remember maybe a picture no I don't think so I think the $20 one was what come with four five dollars more dollars more you get to ride the ride have your picture taken with Marge Homer and Maggie get a cup a souvenir Cup that's okay but in the souvenir Cup you get a sharpie you get one of the sharpies which were phenomenal like as much as we drink ossie's which is sadly a lot pretty much any time we go to the theater um but they were so good so tasty it was like one of the best Aussies I've ever had in my life I've got the Itchy and Scratchy like Barry Baum I forget who I think that's the radioactive man yeah which was really good she could have gotten free refills yes I would have totally went back for Krusty the clown's cherry cough syrup oh yeah but the COFF part was X out and it was called something else but it was very if you're a very big Simpsons fan if this is like in your town or if you have a kitchen somewhere dude at least go through the kwik-e-mart yeah I mean the ride itself was a lot of fun like it was it was a fun it was like what two or three shorts yeah it was good but it was just cool seeing the Simpsons on a bigger screen it's not yeah like a theater saw screen but it was I mean it was good though but then the last make sure we have we actually the drink and the donut themselves alone would have been almost ten to know if we caught them and a fairly good mood because we're so busy yeah they give us they gave us both for the process 17 bucks apiece or something yeah yes somehow I don't know we got like a 20 cent discount the people they were super knows yeah you could tell they were either high seether high school seniors coming up or college students they were super nice I would say 22 and under yeah yeah maybe yeah yeah super super nice but here's our picture with the Simpson family well my computer decides to boy so audio listeners if you want to yeah jump over to those or I can just go to our twitter account slash hopefully awesome noe the pictures on there or you can go over to our Instagram if that's more your thing at hopefully awesome with Annie I'm and you can see the the picture there but this is us with Homer and Marge and Maggie and we were like we're sitting there and we pose normal at first and then I was like well what's the lamest possible thing we could be and the kid must have been he got a kick out of thought it was so funny so like I don't know these things but I've always noticed like these people that like like it's like a fun like its its tongue-in-cheek kraut like it's it's like a praying stance it goes along with the dab right and so in the picture if you're not any listener maggie's dabbing you know I believe it's supposed to be like blessed yeah okay I believe that's what that's supposed yeah be in reference to now again I'm old and don't understand like thanks so that seemed cool people do this I thought lets me let's you know rip it off and be super lame and bad we could have lost I guess so this is our picture like I said there's actually a lot more over on Instagram um but if you want to take us back out and pull up that one picture I got really mad also it did the same thing to be to and whatever I finally made it out to Matt I punched the ocean yeah the waves were rough and there was like a nice layer of just sea shells for like a good 5 feet that you had to walk across which sucked and it's so like the ocean just kept knocking me down like right there and so like I'm like trying to stand but I've got all these seashells and crap like like my leg got all kind of you never would cut the bottom of your foot I cut the bottom of my foot yeah and then you know after it does that then you have to walk across the hot sound another thing that happened this right here scoops ahoy ice cream that's then it's really like it's actually really good I love butterscotch very it's kind of basic for the eighties yeah but from strangers thanks Larry but we got to also taste test 1111 a couple of the actual flavors yeah there's other flavors you could sample you know and one of the girls working that not she had a scoop so if you could use your Dunkin Donuts at oh yeah because it was a basket and I was like well if I'm gonna spend $10 she really knows she's at the drive-thru she said oh yeah you could do that in an O so ah man I got a humungous waffle cone I thought yeah small waffle cone but she said who the waffle cones free if you get two scoops so I get this humongous thing I'm eating it with a spoon yeah it was good really good it's good it had like pecans and again one of the highlights we found a baskin-robbins nearest yeah and it was just like I mean nearest is within like 20 minutes or something um but again like just driving out there in the middle of nothing and it started raining a little bit so we got a little lost but like yeah and then you know we got frickin scoops of Hawaii from Netflix's stranger things season three I like we're just again we're suckers for this kind of stuff but then the next day we went to here 14 is good we have some fish and chips on the pier and they had caught a stingray are you gonna tell me the story you know I can't if you okay it's my customer usually these things don't bother me because I grew up on a farm and let's not get too I know but somebody but I mean caught is huge and all these people are staring they're like you're gonna eat it you're gonna eat it you're gonna cut it up and eat it and that that boys like yeah it's really good who's like 14 yeah yeah what she had adulthood yeah and I was thinking you know no me I probably throw the thing back in the water cuz it's just how we are yeah yes I am but it kind of got to me and I was like I want to go over here yeah okay pier 14 pier 14 it was just rough watching mom to wrap up that story yes and then scrub a little bit more here we go this is the one so anybody that's watched lost why don't you get back to the some Asad oh well no I mean just just the toy itself even a little bit control you can you know what you're right you could do it that way so what was that retweeted oh oh my gosh this got off the rails guys we were way too chill what's this a retweet a few remember my brother and me and I did because I do um so there's the picture right there so we took a picture says who did it better and it's actually found the actors and tag just cuz you know why not it's Desmond and Penny it's just funny because we Maggie watched lost for the first time this year we watched it together yeah and I like just everything was right there okay so did that well that was our last day so we walked around for quite a bit yeah we got that pineapple yeah we got longest pineapple with really good oh we played like Mario Kart and stuff if you look at the story highlights under trips just say no let me just say for all wall Luigi fans you can race as waluigi in the arcade the large car arcade cabinet is so fun control so good picture yes it was really really fun like I had a blast with that I would love one day to own that you know I don't know where we would put it I mean it'd only be like in the basement oh it's not like it's like $100,000 or something like something beyond possible you know especially given enough time why don't you just blow it off like it's gonna happen anytime soon I'm just saying over enough time it'll devalue and maybe we can get one when it goes on sale down at the tilt in Kingsport what it's been gone but now that Mario cars blast and and then I think the last thing I post is about a but you click on it if you want to yeah let's not get close but we watched the Sun Rise it might turn HD here we go but we watch the Sun Rise I did a little time yeah we woke up very early it's fun here comes your hand in the bottom-left here yeah at the beach Matt made a very cool yeah we muted audio because we don't want to get this claim foreigner isn't but if you've seen the movie up you might have heard the music before I am but now it was fun oh and all I know we started that's me guys awesome crap it on everything in town I need to make it I just need to just switch my Twitter handle but now it was fun honestly and while we were there we watched yesterday which we'll talk about actually we go ahead and talk about it right now all right so this is our first thing we're not going to go into there's like one spoiler and it'll last olive like two minutes won't talk about it um but yesterday if you haven't watched yesterday it's a movie basically this guy wakes up one morning and nobody knows who the Beatles are nobody remembers their music it's been wiped from existence earned and so he he tries himself to remember all the songs yeah well I'm just giving them okay trailer oh okay now you're from and so he he basically tries to he's a musician wanting to be a musician and so he starts trying to release the Beatles songs as his and then that leads to chaos ensues yeah but I mean not really there's one shot in the trailer where he aims courting Joe and it talks about two men who wrote the songs and like they bring them out and stuff it's really cool um but so surface-level again no spoilers what you think this movie I really like you're a Beatles fan honestly I mean if you're a fan of like it almost said like an indie film filter you know except obviously at higher budget there's just a really nice story like you were you were saying some I didn't mean to cut that's ok I'm just saying if you're a Beatles fan and here in the songs just saying differently like like different tone and stuff like like just him playing the guitar and so there was one it was like was it helped yeah it was like really hard like he did a really good job I can't think of it I'll say the movie didn't go where I was expecting it to go no like I mean not not that I had like a test or anything like just is what it is I think we were expecting the twist that's the thing and it didn't happen yeah and I think that's what took us back a little I'm in a good way so tonight again not giving anything away about this movie but just accept the movie as it is while you're watching it don't wait for the movie to become anything more because what you're seeing is the movie so I'll just leave it at that I think that's that's you know service-level enough to where you understand what I'm saying and if you think about it you really understand what I'm saying but I don't want to that I feel like the lack of a spoiler isn't a spoiler but I don't want to say anything about it but just know that it's not there's no M night Shyamalan moment like there's no twist there's no reveal there's nothing it's just it is what it is um but it's really good it was really good it definitely has a I don't know like a good Bob yeah it's just very chill yeah um and I mean it also kind of teaches you a little bit like you know maybe some of the things that you really thought you wanted aren't really and it's just always a good but it's good yeah and some of the things that you thought you did very simple message but the the story that they tell is really good very fantastic it's it's good and it's in an odd way similar to something else we watched this week like yeah that's kind of weird but we'll do spoilers I don't want to play the whole spoiler intro so I'm just going to say this spoiler will last all of two minutes look at the timestamps and well well I'll go ahead play all right I can't believe John Lennon wasn't dead the whole time so what happens in the movie the guy gets hit by a bus all over the world they throw out a line about it being like what they expected y2k to be yeah or something yeah it's more than just the Beatles which was weird I was not expecting everybody's like what's a coke what's a coke with a cigarette it's really it was weird it was really weird Oh Harry Potter doesn't yeah and and there's so there's like these two people yeah the whole in the movie that remembers yes and like you're watching them and you think that they're kind of gonna be the foil everything that they're gonna kind of yeah bring him down and reveal their body oh he's alive after he does like I said yeah like thank you yeah thank you for trying to remember all these songs and get them recorded and stuff and like it's something that you don't expect in they give him yeah and yeah and they're like a world without Beatles music is a world not worth having you know and it's like even if it can't be the Beatles at least the world can still enjoy this music current which is this it was really cool because again you're expecting this but they also give him an address and he follows it and I was like there's no way this is gonna be like Paul McCartney or so there's no way yeah can't be John no it's not Reese they wouldn't go that far right and then they open the door and my jaw drop dude like literally I covered my mouth I start crying I was like I can't believe it's friggin John and like I can't believe they had the guts to you know in the gun I mean they did make a very well yeah which it's he's in once upon time he's been lost yeah yeah mr. gold yeah yeah but he is just really good and then idioms I kind of wish I don't know I guess that would have ruined the thought like the lesson learned or whatever but I kinda wish it would have ended with him robbing Harry Potter man I could murder a cigarette right now news friends like what cigarette yeah looking up the Beatles like it kept on showing an actual basis didn't exist and they never do anything with that and it was even a song that he sang to like at the the thing that made him wanted to be a musician I was just I was just surprised they never did anything with them like I was surprising yeah but I mean great movie yeah definitely definitely miss Missy I think what did you want to say anything else just really good theater we watched it was super small there was something it's super comfy but it was like 20 seats yeah yeah it's like a cabin or something yeah all right so let's give out this all right so we're back if you skip the spoiler section welcome back yesterday and then after that we went to another another store it was what's a tanker is another Tanger Outlets or something but it was set up really cool it was like a like an outdoor mall it's really cool the nicest outlet yeah we went to two different ones yeah which both were cool yeah we have one near us and it's just like an like a standard it's like a shopping center yeah has a roof but it's not yeah it's really cool but while we were there we bought a few things first one here is I'm gonna see if I can get Marty McFly pop so we've had the Doc Brown and we've had the DeLorean with here once you showed off so we've had we've had Doc Brown and we've had the DeLorean with Einstein and but Marty was always a hard one to come by cuz it costs yeah wrong I wasn't like scouring the internet for it or anything but yeah and so what I think it's like he was it wasn't heroes and villains the boardwalk at Broadway yeah Broadway at the beach yeah but yes I mean it was just cool we collect pops and I finally have doc and Marty which is really cool excited about that watch yesterday we went to gamestop oh yeah the there's a theater at the mall at another mall that we went to and a guy Maggie show these off I've already got the green one so now I have the complete yo she said yarn Yoshi Yoshi's woolly world his yarn Poochie crap you didn't need yarn Poochie that's trade but yeah so they made three yarn Yoshi's there's a green one a pink one and a blue one and they're usually hard come they are they're usually hard to find for sure and Maggie loves Yoshi that's like her favorite thing ever now they also have the giant yarn Yoshi [Laughter] we went to of course once the Disney Store so at Walt Disney World they they have merchandise you can only buy Walt Disney and then in Disneyland does the same way obviously and so sometimes these things go on clearance they don't keep them at the store they ship them off to the Disney Store yeah they don't they don't keep them in the parks they send them off to the stores like I guess they like zero out yeah and they just send them off to there and then I guess just to get rid of them yeah I guess from there if it doesn't sell in the store they just send it off somewhere yeah but it probably gets but so there's this ride and Disneyland which I think it's coming to Disney World at some point but it's Gardens galaxy operation breakout and the first one you saw okay well he says it's Cosmo and I was like Cosmo I was like the dog Cosmo the hair once you shut off on I'll talk Cosmo the space dog so if you've ever seen guardians of the galaxy turn him a little bit like turn around there if you've ever seen guardians of galaxy there is a scene where they go to watch or they go visit the collector and so the collector has these containers that have different things that he collects right ones a dark elf there's a blue man that looks like Tobias from Arrested Development and so in one of them he has Cosmo now Cosmo is a cause order they're called cosmonaut yes he's a dog that they sent into space back in the 60s right and this is all comic book stuff so but in the movie he exists and do what and so at this operation breakout rod it's set around the collectors space and so you can buy little stuff things or whatever inside of the collectors box and so actually at the end of guardians of galaxy the movie there's a shot where Cosmo was walking around he's wearing his little spacesuit right he actually becomes one of the members of the Guardians Galaxy at one point I don't know if they'll do that in the movies but and he can like talk like through telepathy mm-hm so anyway but at the end of it he's walking in the collectors sitting there and Cosmo starts licking his face and then somebody else is sitting there and that's Howard the Duck Howard the Duck I don't even know where to begin with Howard the Duck here and these were on sale I think this one was and I just gotta say Howard the Duck is one of the most read Nicholas things in existence okay do it what do you have all the lady she saw crab Cosmo and then crab power the duck she said you're not gonna get Groot and there was Groot in was one more there had three I don't want the great one I only honestly I wanted Cosmo Cosmo and I was like really you're gonna pass up our the dogs I love a hard the back and like this isn't I don't think that would be the entire set anyway I feel like they probably had thousands of these things oh I was gonna say more about Howard today yeah so Howard the dark for those that don't know he was a Marvel character and basically was Donald Duck okay like in Marvel Comics that's how he began I don't really there's a lot to it and you can look it up on Google or Wikipedia but essentially he was a Donald Duck in Marvel Comics okay yeah and so there's actually a famous lawsuit where Disney sued Marvel because he looked too much like Donald uh so one of the caveats is that Howard the Duck always head to our pants okay like so anytime you see Howard the Duck at least for now I don't know now that Disney owns it could be a whole thing but he has to wear pants and so he's actually in guardians galaxy vol 2 I forgot about that he shows back up oh yeah Seth Green voices and so then in the 80s notoriously there is the Howard the Duck movie that George Lucas helped produce and it's like a hard are like there's Lea Thompson is in she in the Howard get physical I'll leave it about there's another duck that's very it's a female duck and they show you that she's a female bag it's just super random right and then obscure character nobody cares about and then in 2014 at the end you know we're all thinking gardens galaxies this is the last movie before age of Ultron so there's gonna be you know the after credit scene is gonna be massive like what's gonna happen right and it's Howard the Duck I remember because this was like one of the only times everybody actually stayed in the theater okay and I'm like I yell out I'm like oh my god like everybody else literally everyone else in theater it's like and we were spending like 10 minutes trying to describe who Howard the Duck it's so ridiculous I've never even seen it's really weird I've never seen the movie we own it on DVD I'm afraid of one day we might watch it we're not watching on twitch and you know yeah so we don't get claims I don't know what anybody actually says I guess it is but yeah so had to get hired the bag and then like a really cute pajamas shirt pawn goes looking for a lady friend for his owner yeah it's like it's really cute yeah that's really comfortable now before should we describe why before you show it Matt's like look over there look and it's Minnie Mouse ears not just any Minnie Mouse ears these are ears on our honeymoon that we frantically search for even asked other people on their vacations Adam who was like where'd you get these yeah cuz can you find these for one of the things when we're planning our honeymoon was we were looking up Disney stuff and one of the things that you were all about and wanting really bad was the specific set of and apparently they're ridiculously hard to find like they they only have them in stock for like two weeks or something like other year like they don't have them all the time like there's certain quantity they can reach like ten at a time yeah and then they resell them for even more than what they paid for some people made them yeah also but so we're at the Disney Store and over there just sitting there how much were they like weren't they they were on clearance oh okay but they had the rose gold Disney Minnie Mouse ears and Maggie's ring Maggie's engagement ring and her wedding band and her birth rose gold and so we just you know it was something you really wanted and we could never found and like we left and you had gotten other ears and stuff and it was fine but we were depressed about it or nothing it was just but I it was always one of the things that I was like I hated that we weren't able to get for you you know like of a trip that was full of all the awesomeness in the world like I got to take my picture with Doc Brown we got to ride Jurassic Park we got to ride and it's Universal we got to go into spaceship earth we got to ride Sauron we got to see the castle we got to do all those things right yeah what's the in Tomorrowland space oh my god oh god Shh spaceman spaceman whoa you okay oh gosh okay sorry face man she was she's mad at us because we couldn't rehearse Space Mountain so all those things there was one piece of the Disney trip that we didn't get and that was these ears and so it was just burning was just finally the like almost two years later there they are and there's like 4000 you know there's like a ton oh I was like well you have to get like I remember had to convince you and the read the way I was able to I was like well I've got Howard the Doug Cosmo so you have to get this it was literally two dollars so yeah we spent way too much of the Disney story we're super Disney nerds we're just big Disney nerds but so definitely keep an eye out for Cosmo and Howard the Duck going up on the Shelf soon before long yeah I loved it it was great that was like a and that was the last night we were there yeah so it was a it was a nice way to in the trip out for sure then we drove back and slept pick up loose god man I feel we've done laundering slipped and watched from Mars yeah yeah okay and once upon time yeah we did a few things but that was our trip we just wanted to you know I said this this one's a little more chill I'm sure we've been going on for way too long yeah we have so we'll go ahead and get your you're worrying me why are you coughing are you HOT let's go ahead we've got just a couple of new stories and then we'll get into our last any things so let's get into the news the news news all right two trailers dropped we're not going to talk a lot about Tom Hanks as mr. Rogers what's the what's the trailer beautiful day beautiful day in the neighborhood looks great didn't do a trailer reaction we were glad like a baby watch it looks great mr. Rogers was a big part of my childhood so it's gonna be the next one we're like I said we're just skipping through these real quick Zombieland to trailer I love the original Zombieland this looks fun it's all I got yeah I'm excited to see all the characters now that they're older yes go be different yeah you know I do like the the one part where is Luke Wilson and his yeah it looks fun the last bit and this one will spin just a hair longer on spider-man far from home earns one billion dollars globally the first spider-man movie to ever hit a billion dollars you know it's cooler than a million dollars a billion dollars Facebook so apparently there's a couple of things about that when this has been rumored I don't know if this has ever been officially announced by anybody I doubt it will be but one of the caveats for a Marvel Marvel MCU spider-man was if the second one makes a billion dollars then they have full creative control over a third spider-man maybe now again is that part is that real true this seems like a very specific thing like I don't know maybe it's real it's been rumored enough that it probably is enough to be real but I mean Sony would be dumb not to not to keep it you know not to keep them see you involved yeah I mean I get it like see we have money now that venom eight eight hundred and million dollars my god you're jumpy insane it scares me though but what we also learned is that because of this this is the highest-grossing spider-man movie I don't remember the list so I won't go into I think spider-man 3 is somewhere near the top but that the lowest is into the spider verse at only three hundred million dollars only three hundred movie yeah which sucks good and a lot of people well we know a few people that don't necessarily like animated um Billy I Love You Billy I'm just saying there are people out there they don't they look at animated movies like oh that's just for kids you know what's just hard to get into it's hard to get into yeah I understand but I'm one of these people that watches cartoons probably a good portion of my TV time more than anything like the entire trip we was it was on TBS Cartoon Network TV sucks now the Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi can't even connect the Apple TV I was like Maggie this we're gonna do whenever we're not at the beach we're gonna watch Hulu we're gonna watch Veronica Mars it's gonna be great this trips gonna be awesome couldn't connect the Apple TV to the I was so yeah that's the first thing he hooked up he's you had to launch their browser and and there's like a whole other thing and then but they even if I could have worked my way around there is this whole thing about how it blocks anything that uses yeah can it was state but don't you know I know there's ways around it but so yeah so spider-man far from home possibly leading to a bigger spider-man 3 announcement spider-man home home home home run maybe spider-man on the home on the range I think we're just i think we're regurgitating matte powder right now that was also but there is also do we think if this is true do we think this is being saved for a d23 announcement this is a Sony movie yeah so what necessarily makes sense but I've speculated maybe I'm wrong and Kevin Feige has been like no this is all a phase 4 I don't know I think there's I think what he had announced at Comic Con was like you know it is phase 4 it is face four but that doesn't mean that it's all because blade was announced yeah but we don't know and that's not in those two years no but we don't know when yeah so here's the thing when phases the phases don't matter let's be totally honest the phases don't matter anymore like phase three maybe and Phase two was only two years or was it three I think it was three years because it was Iron Man three Thor to cap – yeah guardians ant-man so there's three years so I definitely think there's another there's another year at least I feel like them saving that for d23 – makes sense spoilers have you ever watched in-game but only in game are we also talking in spider-man far from it well that – okay for them to you but I'm just saying we lost a lot of we lost two very important characters you know yeah Iron Man cat a black widow and black but what they're trying to do they're trying to energies new people into it yeah which we will need in order to fill those holes it won't fill them exactly the way there's Tony Stark rubber cap black widow vision do we need it but we need we need new characters but also to that I mean I think I mean this is I know this is where you're going like to that we also need to make sure that our by Phil's good and comforted with things that they already know by releasing Black Panther to Captain Marvel to guardians galaxy 3 you know is there gonna be another Ant Man maybe like or even just another Avengers man playing this will be the first time they've done a phase without an Avengers movie and I'm sorry but coming off of in-game and in Fanny were like two of the highest-grossing films of all time when the actual highest-grossing film of all time like you're and you're not gonna continue that franchise I don't believe it I'm believing for a second I agree giving it a couple years to breathe I agree but I don't believe that they have no plans for Avengers movie even if it's like not a not a standard Avengers movie if it's like an all-female Avengers or a Young Avengers like they're gonna use that name like that names not just gonna sit there is there is more stuff definitely planned for that yeah he's not he's not gonna let that cat out of the bag just you know and I think the fact that de 23 happens this year d23 for those don't know is basically everything Disney like the rods the arts the movies the show anything they talk about I don't want to say the first infinity war footage was shown at d23 I think you're right yeah so yeah I definitely need and they're definitely at this d23 we're gonna get more information about Disney Plus yeah for sure for sure and they only do this every two years so the fact that I feel like it's just it's all very telling you know and I feel like why would Kevin Feige say well this is all we had to announce today but there's more do 23 like he wouldn't do that because then nobody would be talking about this stuff you know so like you don't do that you talk about what you announced here and then it's like you know give it a month or whatever and then own the new cycle again by saying hey we're gonna announce the second part of phase four at d23 where we're gonna talk about Black Panther to Captain Marvel we're in timeout Fantastic Four we're gonna talk about x-men all leading to Avengers secret worse yeah like that's what they're gonna do that's a d23 announcement that's how you get people to buy it a study 23 you know god can you imagine a secret war movie here's the thing after hearing all this stuff about the Eternals and really that's what I'm thinking and and that's a huge Fantastic Four story so like that's how you bring him in man oh my god can you imagine John Krasinski and Steve from stranger things as Johnny Storm Jamie Bell is back is the thing okay so that was that piece of me so tell you what let's get into let's get into the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood we'll talk about that and then we'll get in front of a commercial so here we go all right again no spoilers we'll play the spoiler tag check out the timestamps to beware of spoilers Quentin Tarantino's not film the nut film from Quentin Tarantino Oh Mike I like that has that has got to be on every trailer yeah I love it I think it's kind of well appointed Quentin Tarantino become like such a name because I feel like he was doing that even before he was really a name I feel like he did Reservoir Dogs the first but tell me Hollywood starring Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt really yes we are not Tarantino people films here and there I'm not I'm not Tarantino connoisseur like I can't tell you how they all connect what his thought process is the stories behind it I can't tell you I know he plans on retiring after ten movies but we just don't know that much so if you want like a deep dive in a Tarantino go look at like wisecrack or something I've always liked how he started movies oh yeah he's got a style and I appreciate that I've always liked the bloody part yeah which once upon time and Hollywood I was gonna say in Mexico that was a movie yes Johnny – oh I once had a show called Matt and somewhat Josh just strike back the TV series starring me and defunct this was season 2 you and we introduced a bunch of characters like Conan O'Brien and one of the characters we introduced was Alice Johnny Depp screaming oh it's great if you want to see that if you want to see my old stuff just let me know in the comments there's also chronic the Hedgehog okay once upon a time a Hollywood not a lot of blood no not really I mean it's you know no spoilers but it's it's just it's very it's hard it's like the least Tarantino movie of his movies yeah and I think what I really liked about it was I mean just judge it from the trailer you know that it's about this actor and apparently this westerns old Hollywood which I love I love movies most movies from that time you actually got a few more of these references than I did because yeah you watch westerns my dad grew up watching westerns and crap his character is kind of based on this is why I gathered yeah you got a different thing oh well I gather does he's kind of based on Steve McQueen McQueen's known as the king of cool and he had his own TV show back in the 50s called wanted dead or alive which he played a bounty hunter well Leonardo DiCaprio's character had a TV show the 50s he was basically about me huh yeah I can't really what it was called bounty bounty something Donnie I can't remember anyway – but he's the polar opposite of him like Steve McQueen he became this major movie actor and he's famous yeah but Rick Dawson this is yeah Leo Dalton Dalton he's not yeah he's like at the tail end of his career yeah like he him and Steve McQueen start tried out for the same movie but it didn't work out they picked Steve McQueen up yeah so I kind of got that and I was like I'm this is so great and and beat at all you know the show can I say anything get into spoiler – uh yeah I think where you're at you should be fun they do show Steve McQueen at one point yeah like an actor play yeah yeah god this is movies like made for my dad this is so great it's what's cool about this movie yeah is that it's definitely a love letter to Old Hollywood yeah and it's you know from the trailers you know that there's we can talk about these because senator letters but there's like it alludes to the fact that this is leading to like the Charlie Manson yeah Charlie Charles man Charlie Charlie in it though yeah yeah that's why I was yeah and the Sharon Tate Sharon Tate murders yeah I mean Margot Robbie plays Sharon Tate in the movie yeah so I didn't know going in how much of a part that was gonna be yeah especially after some of his some Tarantino's other maybe he's like the inglorious people like I didn't know how you know like how much is like Hitler gonna be a part of this right which is whatever so this maybe if you're going for that don't because that's really that's like a see plot at best the a and B plots are actually pretty pretty much the same yeah surprise this is a Brad Pitt movie then you go wait double surprise this is a Margot Robbie film it was really good I really do like how it was filmed and I really liked the story yeah it was it was really good like I said it's probably the least Tarantino movie or Tarantino top film until you get to the end of course which we won't spoil or anything I am but it's just again it's in that same vein as inglorious where if you're looking for like historical accuracy and stuff this isn't it like don't watch this for that like this in Django is a similar thing yeah you know it's turn tears world yeah he's really cool it's really good oh yeah I mean I would suggest go into the theaters if you like turn if you like long story driven movies that are all like one shots and you know take their time to breathe you know yeah if you don't need something I think that's why I like it because a lot of the movies back in the sixties they were long like that yeah it took a long time to get to a certain point he really nailed it absolutely and visually speaking it was great he nailed like the aesthetics of old LA yeah um there's a part I want to say in the second act where Dalton is like filming a Western and it's that whole thing is great yeah like it's almost like Tarantino when he was filming like the hateful a or Django Unchained like he really fell in love with the Western jaw I mean I know he probably did before obviously but he almost it's almost like he heard people telling stories from how they used to do it in the old days yeah it was like I don't want to make a movie about that right like it's just really good it's in like the it's almost like the the Charles Manson aspect of it it's almost like the the looming it's almost used as a as a as a metaphor yeah for like the ending of old Tommy Hollywood you know like the end of the Golden Age like it's it's not really it's not really a thing yeah in the movie but it's like just this looming presence that you can tell everything's about to change like the world is about to change you know and you're at the very end of this Tom period where people could be movie stars and be yeah you know on TV shows and stuff and not be like the richest people mega rich yeah yeah that definitely shows that aspect of it and then it's like you got this Charles Manson thing that's just kind of looming over the picture and it makes you you know makes you thankful and when when wins the show when this is gonna happen you know when's this gonna blow up when it when is the golden age really gonna die yeah and it's almost they use it into in that aspect more than an actual plot point in the movie yeah it's just really good I really enjoyed it I know I don't think we have a lot of spoilers yeah I think it's unless I mean if the guy that plays Bruce Lee perfect I think and they they do this thing where they flashback until like long pieces of history of the characters throughout the movie yeah and all that's really good too yeah but it's not as disjointed as like like pulp fiction yeah like it's very easy to follow like you always know where you are in the store it's really good I mean not my favorite it's not my favorite Tarantino movie yeah it's it's probably mine really yeah jinger's so good though Django is but that the blood it gets to me yeah I never got to watch that we still need to watch Kill Bill I really think you'd like kill B and apparently he talked to about possibly doing a third third one which technically would be a second one but that's so Kill Bill volume 1 in volume 2 it was all shot it's one movie okay but it was four hours long he was like like there like this we can't what are you doing we can't do that so they cut it in half oh my god rustling planetary no he's in death yeah that's the one he did invaders dudes a double feature man guitar and like an intermission that played the fake movie trailers that was ridiculous never got to sing any of them no no you can't even I think they they even have like the entire ground house like on blu-ray yeah like not separately they sold them separately to make more money but then they they made like a full one I think it still doesn't have all the fake trailers yeah stupid ridiculous too many trailers are bill he's a huge fan of the Thanksgiving one I think the one that a lot of my friends really liked at that time was the Nazi Zombies wait then they end up making that wasn't that that maybe we wouldn't punch JJ Abrams bad robot no Lord O Lord Nazi Zombies remember like October oh yeah yeah yeah it's like the World War Z movie and there's you can see how much of an impression on me well it would have been better if he'd been called like Cloverfield zombies or something all right so no spoilers would you watch a Tarantino Star Trek film I feel like that's the only question that still no no no he wants to Star Trek yeah at this point Star Trek has become so open to anything you know it's like I'm fine because even if that movie is terrible which it wouldn't be there's no way but even if it's not what I would consider Star Trek I still have discovery still i per card yeah like it's fun dude you're the man a movie guys can you imagine what if the last movie Tarantino does the Star Trek would be insane you said it's gonna be like pulp fiction in space I'm just saying Paramount's stupid if they don't do it you know why not get one of the most highest profile directors to make a Star Trek movie how many Star Trek fans are probably turn tuna fans true now here's the only caveat to this Star Trek does not like lean into our ratings right like Star Trek is about like a optimistic view of the future but I feel like you know start checking the darkness kind of shattered some of those yeah those walls you know it's like the militarization of the Starfleet and stuff which not that this would take place in the Kelvin tomlin I highly doubt it at one point I heard an interview with Tarantino that it was allegedly now this could have all changed by now but it was allegedly about the next-generation cast yeah so but I don't think they'll happen all right so that's gonna do it for it's done man having heard the Kelvin Tomlin's dead ain't doing no more they were gonna bring Thor back and then he was like no no I'm Thor I wanna come back to play Chris pons dad get out of here to be the prettiest cast on earth yeah lots of Christmas just Chris Evans in there put all the creases in a movie just do it they call it Chris yeah crisscross criss cross makes you wanna jump all right so that's it for once upon time in Hollywood let's talk about Veronica Mars I'm gonna go ahead and say spoilers from the get-go yeah there's no discussing this without spoilers you have not watched anything wrong yeah I mean we're talking season four specifically yeah but I mean I'm sure they're maybe in the seasons before we'll come up well I'm just saying you ever watched any of it turn ya know watch don't talk don't listen to us turn us off it's all on it what are you doing yeah don't listen to us on that either pause this and go turn on Hulu yeah it's great it's great show hey let's let's go to okay fantastic show watch it watch Veronica Mars that's it for pre spoilers that's it that's all pretty spoilers you get yeah season for Oliver and Mark spoilers I've saved this Maggie because I wanted to do it in the show okay you know I've been watching the show and caught up on DVD before season three you put money towards the Kickstarter for the movie I did I did I did get $1 get $1 and then I bought the blu-ray for five dollars instead of 50 all right are you freaking kidding me he had cleaned up so good why kill him like and we knew we knew for a moment I was like well maybe that we're just getting a happy ending no it's freaking Rob Thomas he's learned from the best we did okay before that this season was really good super enjoyed this it was returned to form it was better than season 3 my opinion I think this is the best that shows been since season 1 which and I don't know all this is fresh so I mean you know I could be wrong but season 1 was like the strongest of the season season camp pretty good yeah season 3 was not that great season 3 yeah was before was unlike go Nandi ya know like just going back because it references a lot of stuff from the first I mean all the seasons but especially from the first the second seas yeah well and I think the CW had their hands in season three so much I think Rob Thomas just isn't a fan of it anyway because it was just all screwed up but I remember we start watching I really enjoyed it because you found out I like dramatic stuff yeah that was my first shows we watch together yeah like once we got married yeah it's a great show I love Veronica Mars the movie we watched the movie she's really good yeah because we were gonna wait until it all hit Hulu and finish season three and I was like well but honestly season three we made it past the first arc we was in the second arc about the got murder and I was like and that's a good arc it's good it's not worth sitting there go Nandi for ya but I basically just described the rest of season to you yeah you know something you could watch it there that the Dean arc is good I do I like how that yawns yeah but then the last arc is it's just it's nothing like it's just five individuals I really enjoyed the movie yeah the movie was good return to form you know yeah that's a little rushed yeah like some of the plot stuff but it felt like they were trying I almost felt like it was a pilot for season four more than a movie you know which was good it's since they got a season four I really liked what I mean Veronica is a great character all yeah but what did with Logan I mean making him go and be like a Marine and stuff yeah it was awesome yeah like he liked that was a thematic Germanic character change yes Oh cuz I thought that was pretty impressive was like yeah he's a hothead yeah it's perfect place where he needs to be yeah and I guess I don't know maybe the reason to kill him off was like well what else can we do with him like do we wanted to tear him back down again you know and and I wouldn't like to that but I don't know I here's the thing it's their show it's their story they can do what they want I'm not here to say they shouldn't have done it he should have done it or whatever it does suck as a member of the audience knowing the that we won't get him back yeah like yeah which I hope I could see him doing another one I mean especially apparently it's been really good for him and I think me and you both were afraid that some I was gonna happen to her dad yeah that's what I was expecting the whole season was that him and I yeah and then at one point I was expecting he'll man her and it was like we got cuz there's that line what would you do you know if me and your dad weren't around she's like put my head in the oven because I was afraid at the end whenever they had her wedding and stuff like he got the envelope from the doctor's office yeah yeah I was afraid he was lying to her yeah he loitered that he had another underlying condition that he had no control over but it turned out it was fixable yeah which is crazy and I think that's looking back it's definitely commentary on like you know American goal system revenue which we won't dive into um but overall I thought the season the the mystery was really good um we had a long conversation about it on the way to and on the way back from one spawn island trying to figure out what are they trying to say what's the point of this yeah and I think we were ill and I think we just finished episode 2 or 3 when we did that so like we were 33 yeah so we were still like very early on but you know I definitely suspected the pizza guy yeah but it was also like I don't know it was just I mean Thomas does a pretty good job of making you think that anybody yeah cuz use even saying it was Logan well at one point I was like well maybe Logan started it like maybe Logan's doing this because you know she likes him when he's when she's got something to fix you know and so maybe he's just trying to maybe they're really gonna cuz you know it's like well if Logan wonderful ogen really wasn't in the military and all that was just a ruse you know yeah cuz we all know we didn't know and then we found out that he definitely was and stuff but yeah there was a lot of twists and turns that it could have been you know but I like how they did it I like that it was a mix of two that it was like one and then the copycat one and so I liked all that it was really cool having JK Simmons back I don't say anything about anything else JK Simmons but it was really good alright it was returned to form oh I like this a little more in some parts it was a little for me a little too adult you know it's almost like they were doing it just because they could ya know because the story needed it but I mean I didn't hate where the story went I just some of it was just a little it's like they were like hey we can do anything now so let's do everything now it's like we don't really I just know that one was furnished she had that dream belt well yeah yeah yeah yeah they did that because they could yeah well that but also a lot of people mourned them together I know but it's like no her Logan are together yeah forever I just I don't know I'm not a fan of graphic gratuitous stuff for no reason yeah like you know maybe that's the reason I never got in the game of Thrones but it's like you can tell a good story without having to do so like if you have a good reason to do and to show things I'm fine with that yeah but when you're just shoehorning it in for no reason yeah you know and in this case okay like I'll give it to them I wasn't offended or anything like that like you know but it was like you don't have to go that far and they didn't go that far but I mean coming out of like a WB show or UPN show earlier I just wasn't expecting it to get that you know also showed how Veronica treats relationships yeah especially with the owner of the club yeah yeah yeah I mean shows how she's she's damaged yeah you know like it shows that she's not perfect that even though she's the protagonist of the show she's no it's she's perfect yeah she's a real person yeah even the stuff with her and Logan yeah you know like wanting him to be mad yeah I wanted to be messed up a little bit like it was good honestly I really loved this season I thought it was a great great follow up for sure I hope we get another season I again if it does get for Hulu I could definitely see Hulu paying to do more I mean Kristen Bell you know and does Rob Thomas have more to say probably you know I would say I mean she's still there right now I guess she left after like the movie came out yes that Patton Oswald's character I guess let happen yeah people started calling from all parts of the country to want they want a Mars investigation to help you so that's very cool so it would be cool like see me going around the world a little bit yeah not like don't go crazy I don't want Sean to know helping out her dad when after she leaves they got a couple paths they could go yeah you know should apparently her dad as a girlfriend yeah and the whole leo thing I mean you know they could definitely pull on that thread has to be involved somehow I mean that's what I'm saying if she's traveling throughout the world now Leo doesn't have to go to Neptune yeah she can go where Leo is you know change Neptune at the end it's no longer yeah like Spring Break paradise it's rich people it's more just the own honours now yeah then the mix of yeah it was definitely good I liked it I I would definitely be up for more it definitely if they do another one I just hope it's not like Glee season four where it's like you got the Rachel Berry show and then you got Glee you know like I don't want the Veronica Mars show and the Veronica or the Mars investigations it gets to be that one like you know it's the show's call Veronica Mars let's follow Veronica Mars yeah even if would you watch a Manny Veronica Mars show I mean I'd watch it but I don't think I mean Veronica Mars makes Veronica Mars you know what I mean like the show's night yeah it's not Mars investigations like Veronica's what made that show so I just even though it's a Madi yeah then they can do the hot school thing and they can take it back to season one type stuff which I would hate yeah like smallville season 7 which was not good like it's never good when they go back to high school you know when they take it back to season one that's it never it never works out right for anybody like you'll see even and we're watching Buffy Season seven right now and you'll see they abandoned high school aspects within the first half like I mean it's still it's always there in season seven but it's not like what it's been so far yeah thank God yeah if you think that's bad you should watch small little season seven they bring Supergirl into it and it's awful like it's literally the same stories from Season one they just do them again it's like we didn't like it the first time why are we watching it's like when they did Saved by the Bell the new class and they literally reuse the scripts from the original Superman just changed the names it's like okay but at the same time if they did release and Mars investigations with Maddie being the main character of course I would tune in I would at least watch the first episode if it sucked I would stop but I would check it out yeah I think they would why bother you know forgetting do it without Kristen Bell why bother yeah so any other thoughts you have on be Mars she didn't go to go on vacation with anxiety problems while they were gone what God would sound like losers I got better sorry that's gonna do it for our Veronica Mars season poor thing and I think it's gonna do it for the show so let's get out of here by third time's the charm all right ladies and gentleman that's gonna do it for this week's episode of the hopefully awesome show remember you can follow us on all of your favorite social networks like Instagram Twitter hopefully awesome hopefully awesome know at the end on Twitter make it fun Jason Mraz also you if you're on the go a lot and you need a podcast list you can let's juice on Spotify pot bean iTunes Google Play literally every other here actually I'm hearin a list no don't go there there's a list of all the people all the different systems that people use so right now we have people listening to us from Apple podcasts Spotify overcast overcast box Chrome iTunes ok HTTP RSS radio CF network I don't know what any of those are if you listen to us on any of the random ones let me know I wonder who you are where you from yeah no listen I don't want your number that was just we got some listeners from Canada that's cool hey thanks for listening there's like 5 downloads from Canada yeah that's kind of cool thanks thanks thanks for joining us what's that all about don't do that oh I love our Canadian brethren no not all Canadians talk like that it's true some of them speak French sure yeah Quebec questo huh po Pantaloon means nice pants it's a Dockers commercial buku say I'm sorry I'm sorry that I've never seen Moulin Rouge okay my favorite potato chips arose in France coolant which was chicken chicken chips super good when we went to Epcot the Canada section was really cool yeah got a maple sucker that's cool and they have Tim Hortons so in there automatically better than we are they got Tim Hortons you know beautiful I'd love to go to our next trip and we got Vegas next next next you see Elton John in November what are we doing that Elton John it's like is it in November yeah oh that's what you were talking about oh my god and we're gonna be exhausted yeah it's going great though so worth it this boy's too young to be singing apologize so goodbye going back to my PO I'm very offended right now father my future lies beyond the breaker meeting you oh yeah that's good subscribe to us on YouTube please think think's tools and new subscribers oh yeah we hit two hundred fifty fifty twenty subscribers that were Comic Con so really appreciate that if you stuck out till this I'm so sorry yeah I think it's gonna do it anything else you'd like to say no okay bye oh hey oh we got poster tanga Oh fine we'll probably have other stuff to discuss yeah I don't think we can fill the rock and Jason Statham that's true it's gonna be fantastic so hard probably okay it's gonna do thanks for watching everybody and as always FFA awesome day Eddie you