Van Tour | DIY Van Conversion with Bathroom (1980 Mercedes 307 D)

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hi Anna come in and see our there okay so I'm just gonna break our van down into little sections basically we have the kitchen we have the bedroom we have the bathroom and then we have storage so let's first start with the kitchen the fun stuff here we have our dough medic two burner stove it's been working out really really well for us we have a refillable LPG gas tank installed in the back of the van underneath our bed so here's our gas tank this is the lpg refillable and so you just switch on back there the switch and you can fill it from the outside which is really nice we filled that up with gas I don't know like almost a month ago right and it's still on full so you don't really use that much gas cooking which has been great so we don't to fill it up that often you can hold it down yeah it's nice when I'm doing dishes or when Lou's doing dishes a lot of times we'll like put towels down here and then we'll do our dishes in the sink and then let them dry there and that works well the only difficulty is it's like obviously when you're cooking it's taken and yeah it's tight yeah but it works and I feel like maybe we don't often cook together because it's kind of hard to have two people cooking but it's still fun yeah yeah I really like it and one of the later latest improvements the kitchen has been this fan system so when you're cooking sometimes it gets a little hot in here especially when we work closer to the heat of the summer and now that we're back at the beach and it's very windy it's okay but when it gets really hot or if you're like making a curry and it's too smelly or something like that and you want to get the air out we now have this awesome extractor fan that loop it built and it's just two computer fans and we got a Dometic vent I think it was Dometic as well right mm-hmm event that we installed I think we even have a whole video about putting in this fan but it's really awesome that's working out great for us I'll turn it on for you my fans are right here God like it really does change the temperature and even at night sometimes we'll turn it on and it just kind of like circulates air of it looks really nice okay so now I'll go to the water portion of our kitchen in the back here we have our Cuba which is our water filtration system thank you a Cuba for this awesome device it's a UV LED technology so basically we have a little box underneath our sink that zaps the water with UV LED light and it kills any parasites or bacterias and things like that that could be in the water we're having because one of the hard parts about being in a van is that you don't always know the quality of your water source and so having this makes us feel a little bit safer without using drinking water there are a lot of flies at this site anyway so this works great and I fill up my water bottle show you it works water how about that sink now yeah so then here we have our sink and I actually like I thought that a small thing would be a bit of a pain but I think this thing is working out great yeah that's actually not as bad as I thought either yeah the only problem is depending on where you park if you aren't quite level our sink doesn't drain so well yeah but that's neither hair there okay we turn it on that oh yeah sorry ready up you hear that noise so that noise is the water pump turning on so below here so this is our water pump that's the accumulator this is where the the carbon filter before the water gets to the Cuba and then it goes up and that's really the system yeah pretty simple and then all the tubes run here underneath the floor and to are a hundred litre water tank that is underneath the bed so underneath the stove we have a cabinet that has three shelves the top shelf is for food storage the middle shelf is for pots and pans and bowls and things like that and then the bottom one is for both dried storage so our oats and quinoa and rice and things like that let me show you our storage system for the top so these are all so I guess dried good things to all of our perishable foods are either in the fridge up here or we have a bath Gunder there with a lot of potatoes it makes things easy yeah it really does and so then under here we things like oh we have things like this I just washed it that sort of life and there are big bowls our little balls he wanted to be all this this is our colander riveting I mean then then we have like a pressure cooker yeah and now your mom's can be mad sometimes we do store things plastic oh this one's heavy this is our beloved pressure cooker that leaves parents actually got us what last year two years ago and it's been so helpful for cooking in the van if I stand up I'm not sure it's the WMS it's a good German brand but if you live in a van really anyone but especially van people it's saved a lot of gas because you can cook things much faster so I cook like beans in this I even cook potatoes and this yeah until Sara type of legumes and it's great and it's our biggest pot that's very big oh yeah put everything back and then show us the green okay so we got quinoa quinoa quinoa lentils buckwheat which I don't love oh it's and that more oh it's back there uh-huh and that all fits down there yeah and it's like we got these jars so that we could stock up when we go to bulk soy go to stores that are have bulk available and this way we don't have to get any packaging it's like yeah we could get a lot of this stuff at many grocery stores but it all comes in plastic and so we're trying to avoid plastic but it's really difficult on the road have to say yeah but when you do like it ends up being way way cheaper yeah I'm fine the bulk store and we just got all of these at IKEA all these jars yeah they all fit down there yeah so it like looks like a very small cabinet from up here with the camera but that's some pretty good storage yeah I mean that's enough grains for like at least a month uh-huh for sure we eat really simply too especially now that we're in the van it made it even simpler you know yeah just kind of like green some veggies some salad that's that's dinner great yeah okay so I'm gonna put this back this curtain I made and basically we use it to give us privacy from this door and we realized that it would be kind of a pain to have one that like pulls up with like a string or something cuz then it would just like bunch here and we wanted to have magnets so that it would stick to the bottom and then I think is you who started playing these magnets up here and I made it and it works really well and it's also a nice touch I feel like having this pattern here which is on also on the back of our where our curtains for the back yeah and it's Dana made it from two pieces of fabric so that's like a decorative side and then the other side is black out fabric oh yeah so it really blocks the light well it's occur and I made it and this is cute this is like um missile ball thing was in the car when we bought it and so we kept it and we repurposed it this was in the front okay okay we also have a little alarm try to read that sure so we have alarms on all of our doors the only thing is you can only set them from when you're inside this one and because you have to like click them they're cheapo alarms but if we felt like we're not in like a safe space or something and we're servus about somebody breaking in we can just turn on that alarm so this way if the door is hit at all listen really loud so we would definitely wake up but we haven't felt like unsafe at all actually in the van know I'm in Portugal it feels like yeah the safest place on earth I think Portugal is ranked like top third or third safest place in the world somebody told me that who is Portuguese so I don't know but it's very safe right what's in there oh so these cabinets they are cabinet doors are one of my favorite things about our construction I think it turned out really nicely and here this is Lou's section he has like all these little bags to try to organize his stuff like one for t-shirts one for underwear and socks one for shorts and pants it's hard when you like don't have a dresser or like places to hang things obviously to stay organized especially if he just has kind of this huge thing that's also storage our long-term surge for like things for the winter or things that we would like to bring home with us because we don't actually need them in the van and we realized or our computer stuff or I don't know it's also like you'll see in the bathroom there's a little cabinet above our bathroom and that's the same area yeah so they have like nice little locks yeah over there so when you're driving yeah so we can do that with all of our stash and then when you open that hangs here so you don't have to hold it up which is really nice because sometimes I even have to like get up onto this cabinet mm-hmm to reach out the back stuff so this is our curtain door something about this wall that's our toilet guys I know but it's worked out fine yeah I mean I mad props to people who live in a van without a toilet I like still like blows my mind I don't understand how it works no because it's like we need a toilet or human you go to the bathroom but our toilets great it's called a separation toilet it's also known as a composting toilet but I think that's kind of false advertising because it's not actually composting basically how it does is like the urine goes into that blue bucket on the ground that's the hose that connects to it and then the urine goes down there yeah and so we try to empty the urine like jug what every two days otherwise it smells it's gross then in the back we like built this box and that's basically just a trash can and then like everything else goes in there and then you have this box here which we need to refill and so basically the that box is after you go number two you then put some of that stuff in the toilet and then somehow it dries and it's not that's not really smelly at all actually our only smell issue so far has been in the urine yeah but it's actually gotten much better now that it's not so hot out yeah it was smelling a lot worse before and then oh yeah after you pee you just spray this and then that like cleans it I guess and it's just vinegar water that's our bath yeah so this is our so you can get on your computer your computer doing all the way here I think I pushed it over by accident this is all of our toiletries yeah I mean now toiletries so this is our cabinet and there's more toilet paper there I'm yelling I said it just goes to the same big cupboard that's and that's connected over there it's all connect yeah it's all one big thing yeah then what are these beautiful plants ah this is a shelf that we made out of a old German wine crate that we used to store stuff in in Berlin and so we repurposed it to this little shelf Lou hits his head on it a lot but I think it's really beautiful this is our plant we used to have another plant that he died of rot it's very difficult to keep plants alive in the van but the ivy is doing very well yeah so this beautiful ivy plant it's called Bill em and r.i.p Jose okay yeah then this is I painted this of our cottage that we lived in while you're building the van and our friend on I gave us this while we were in Lisbon and she drew it of Odie and us and to remind us of our summer in Portugal and this up here is my cabinet it's all my clothes so this is our Wi-Fi router I actually would not recommend it it's like really bad this is our main storage area in this big box here we have other food storage so potatoes and some other things that don't fit down there um yes I have some like random art supplies watercolors we also have our laundry basket down here behind all of that that's like where we have our sleeping bags and our tents it has its are like big backpacks like our backpacking backpacks which is our only luggage in the fan our shoes and deep down there is a water tank oh yeah I don't think you're gonna be able to see it but that's where we have our hundred liter water tank as well which you obviously just fill from the outside also we have our light switches and you also can charge USB here and it tells you how much voltage you have in the battery which is nice it's not wasted all right here is our fridge we got some nice cold water lunch freezer which has just strawberries I think in it bananas and bananas all right so this is the bed section we have one window here and we have put in a bug net for it and then we have a vent here which also has a little fan you can turn off wind in your face really nice we have this tube that covers up all the wires any of the electronics up here and this fan are all running through that tube okay that's what I meant to say and then we have this light which is just solar-powered and it actually works great we use this to read a lot cuz then you can just move it and put it in the corner and so it's not like an overhead light it's not too overwhelming this side is kind of like lose desk it's like a power station which with all the charging stuff for the cameras and the laptops books this is like audio equipment it's basically a big extra storage spot we used to have it centered but we found that I would just throw all my clothes over there and it was just really messy so we moved it and so now I don't have that storage and LU has extra storage and it's actually worked out much better okay so I thought I'd just go into our bed situation I know a lot of the people when we were building our van we're wondering why we're doing a full bed and the thing is when Lou and I lived in New York we had a really tiny apartment kind of like the same size as this fan only a little bit but it bigger but not really and so we ended up having a pullout sofa there and I remember coming home a lot late from work and having to make up the bed and it was something neither of us liked to doing and so when we were building the van we were like oh it would be so nice to have a proper bed so that no matter how tired you are after a big adventure you can just come back and collapse and it's always there like I was saying before we decided to do a full bed in ours which has actually a lot more pros than people claim everyone tells us that we should have made space for a desk but honestly having this big bed in here makes life really comfortable and cozy it means we can cuddle whenever we want and the real reason is because we have all this storage below oh you have it locked here we have this lock that Lou put in so that if we want to sleep with the doors open we can sleep a little bit easier knowing that getting into where we store our hard drives which is like the most important thing we own all of our footage on it can't be stolen very easy or the camera bag so this opens and we have an alarm – it's gonna go off ready so between the alarm and this lock I feel like we can be knowing that all the stuff in here safe so this lose camera bags you're gonna take out all this stuff soccer ball this is our water jug not to be confused with our pedia oh man the instruction box is no joke these are instruction tools what is left of what we have of our construction stuff [Applause] camping cooking supplies at all our toy lots of cables tripod we don't use GoPro stuff we don't use yeah we're still trying to pare it down ah yes this thing [Applause] this is my shovel I've been trying to use to dig holes to put my compost but the big fail because everything around here it's just like that so this is our storage unit in it we have our safe which is where we keep passports and hard drives and that's it I think this is our battery it's a lithium battery 160 amp hours 160 amp hours this is like lose pride and joy the power plant that he built so we have our lithium-ion battery which 160 amp hours we have to charge controllers we have a fuse box we have some specific fuses that will be connected to the bigger things this is our 1500 watt inverter that's how you run things that aren't 12-volt and so you need an inverter if you're gonna charge your computer so that's what we have that we have solar panels on the top of our van thank you to Sun flare for giving us those panels we have two 134 watt panels and one panel that's I think 70 something watts and that charges the battery so yeah that is our little power station it's been working out pretty amazing want me to show you guys all of our lights is lit we don't use them that much right now because it's still summer ish and so I think the days are still long enough but I bet in the winter we'll turn them all on more yeah it's very bright yeah I feel like for the most part we just need you stop this one and this one that's usually what we use you know at night and that's nice Orbeez this guy okay well we realized that we forgot to film the front of the car so here's the cab of the car we keep our chairs here and a table I get in the driver's seat okay so this is the front car Leroy and I are reversed usually Liu Drive because he's a saint and I chill on the side they have Lee's hat Sean gave him that his little brother this thing we put when we leave the car like that stops the car from heating up we've got like snow chains oh this is our shower that we keep here so this is how we shower in the van you fill this up with water hold it up over your head take a shower that works fine eight board other tchotchkes the table yeah chairs table on my side I think that's really it and a little friend sunglasses or when it gets too sunny in here all right take this off this is the battery key so that goes like back put in the clutch these red lights turn on pull this hot wait so this goes yellow and then you pull this even more this is Odie he's a little temperamental very loud is he just hurt but he goes he's got a great engine right here that's why it's so loud the cool thing is that this is like an old car so there's no like power stuff no power steering you don't have electricity for these windows which is nice because I think that it would have broken it in the 38 years we have fan and we eventual wipers a little bit when you're driving and you like go through a tunnel you always have to remember to turn your lights on here because there's no automatic obviously and the thing that's great about this system is that when you take this key out the battery can't drain so that's the front of the van and that is our whole van pretty good right great it works for us it's definitely like a different way of life and I hope that you enjoyed the tour it's been a labor of love building this home and you know it's like shocking honestly when you like look at it and realize that you built it yourself sometimes you forget you just living in as if it's normal but it's not like we built this for ourselves and I'm so proud of what we made and I hope that you've enjoyed the journey if you've been here with us along the way and if not you can check out the whole build series on how we made this thing a reality right here with this playlist with a bazillion videos on it Lu's also working to put all that footage from the mountains in Spain together into a conversion video probably coming out and like December of 2018 so in a month or two and that will go there too but really I'm really proud of us and what we've built together and I'm excited to keep exploring Europe Portugal has been great and we're gonna be here for a bit longer but there's a lot more to see


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