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but quickly I heard you okay you could have asked me this at any time you could have asked for the human input maybe the human could tell you what humans do and the fact that I wants you to relax and the fact that I shouldn't be sprinting across the whole goddamn vacation destination looking for ingredients for Utah passes ah what's up guys and welcome back to vacation simulator and for today's episode we're gonna finish the game I know this has been a long time coming right we came this close to finishing everything and then I just didn't play for like a month or two and it's mainly because I wanted to find every single memory before we ended things and we're so close but at the same time we're so not there's so many memories in this game and it takes so long it's so difficult to find them all so I figure today I'm just gonna return okay I'm not gonna procrastinate any longer I'm gonna make as many good memories as I can and then we're finally gonna kick off the party that she has been bugging me about for the better part of six months it's good to see that you guys haven't all frozen to death but if anybody has a memory for me you know raise a hand yell you know something like that other problem is I don't remember what we have and haven't done I feel like we haven't done any kind of puzzle making have we this doesn't seem like the kind of thing that I would have done why not try making one for yourself using this machine depends are you gonna give me a memory if I do so because otherwise I'm gonna be real upset so I need a photo do I I don't have any photos I could probably make one real quick I need some inspiration will you help me out something like there we go that'll make a lovely puzzle oh yeah I kind of forgot that when it comes to puzzles you want all of the pieces to look different so that it's easy to assemble not to be one giant color stupid face is gonna make this take forever the first step to any puzzle is starting with all the corners and edges and you kind of work your way into the middle I have a guide which should make things a whole lot easier but at the same time like Jesus Christ where's this supposed to go think bear yeah and then okay this might be doable after all I'm constantly telling this guy that I hate his face so I have no idea why I would take a picture of his face it's been too long okay this game is just completely escaped me that doesn't look right there we go okay a little something like this and that right now I'll never forget something you can keep the puzzle I'll just take this puzzle master yes please lease is not throwing master it's one memory down not too bad right oh you've got a memory for me as well I need a photo of forks and spoons in the hot tub a hat in front of a rainbow fridge and what one of these two idiots and me what what kind of weird kinky stuff are you into scuse me bought yeah can I get your attention over here real quick hello oh oh oh well I guess that's just the way it's gonna be there's one well I didn't manage to get her attention but I did do duck lips so that's pretty good selfie and I'm assuming this is the rainbow refrigerator that I saw in the second one I couldn't find any kind of bowling ball hat so top hat is gonna have to do yeah I look like somebody that just climbed up a mountain oh I got my hand in the photo okay you know what to do to get what he pays for I have looked literally everywhere for forks and spoons and can't find anything I'm really hoping if I give you these two you'll be able to give me some kind of hint you know it's nice to see you all getting along so well it's almost like the simulator is not in peril yeah getting along sure you can call it that not quite human you need to make sure you're matching the sketch I don't know where to find these hats what about utensils just put your picture on top of my sketches to see if it's a match I know I need to help understanding what this is by human go match the pictures like I know what people are gonna say it's utensils it's a fork and a spoon you understand what it means you just gotta go to one of the food places and get them but there are no forks and spoons here you serve drinks and I've gone to every location in the game none of them have Forks or spoons so I'm just at a loss oh you have jobs for me right I can still get memories from you human some bots have requests for very specific orders I'm operating on a higher level than simple input/output so I'm just not going to do that if you want to help the next order is over on the board or don't it's not your job and when my screenplay is done it won't be my job either right you're the pretentious one okay well this looks easy right I can make you anything for a jack septum art and serve that to him and I can cook anything for that jackass and serve it to him this is perfect okay we'll start with the smoothie what are we gonna give him probably some soy milk and iced tea right that sounds delicious enough I'm probably gonna need to put that in a mug for him yeah now serving a hot soy milk carton iced tea gee that was way too big to reheat sounds absolutely disgusting but it went through the machine and it's a question mark so he should want it hello sir I brought you your drink if you want to call it that I can't believe barista bot got it right impressive did you just detonate a moth with that drink it just evaporated in to confetti I forgot that I'm still wearing this stupid hat will you get the hell away from for the picture I have a feeling this is going to bring tourists no no no about I don't I don't care no I'm not dealing with any kind of haunted hats right now I got enough on my plate speaking of plates what are we gonna serve him I get the perfect idea I've never actually used this thing before as far as I can remember but if I put it in an apple it makes apple pie if I put in an egg it makes quiche if I put in tomato and cheese it makes pizza alright that makes sense but what happens if I put in that guy's clothes because I want to feed him his clothes preferably something like that no come on man ok what about this what if we make a clothing pie here we go work with me here oh I see we need to actually put it in the oven before we cook it yeah there we go I couldn't fit his stupid hat in there but I should have glasses pie now shouldn't I yeah his glasses are totally in there you saw nothing okay don't you rat me out trust me I'll tear your screenplay apart I don't mean literally I mean I'll judges you know hopefully he actually eats this this is no way right even though he said he would take anything delicious okay well that worked and that should be a memory right hopefully he'll actually go through with it come on pay up buddy congratulations I'm too busy working on a soon-to-be award-winning screenplay to care but there are more orders if that's your thing if you keep talking you're gonna have glasses pie soon enough mountain order is one oh there's a window there god damn it or that oh and now we have actual food to make would you look at that uh ie spot wants a block of frozen cheese okay uh-huh barista will you you can't just make food for yourself you want broccoli quiche that sounds disgusting and hut-two bought wants a bunch of fruit okay well that's actually quite easy right we could do a little something like that and that and peach that looks like a peach right oh yeah it's a peach okay trust me okay they're not gonna care if something was half-eaten they'll never know there we go we're gonna get the cheese slider going I need to ice that and give it the ice bot and then I'll come back and make your quiche does that sound like a plan I always forget the freakin cups my desire to screw with people outweighs my desire not to eat half overall lemon with the peel on you wouldn't understand okay you're just not that spiteful hot peach carrot lemon drink yeah I guess that doesn't sound so bad see we can get over here in one piece there you go why did you want to Bay than that okay screw it you know we just add a little cheese to the mix and then this needs to go to ice bar before it thaws out come on move move move your eyespot right yeah yeah here you go decorative good glad this contradiction pleases me I don't want to know what you're doing with frozen cheese okay what you stick your robot junk in is your business oh wait didn't I do this have I not done any ice sculpting I could have swore I did hold on a second just do something like this and then wait a second three three what the hell oh it's gotta be something like this right three and three is that right yeah and it appears you've mastered at least one I'll give it up that was actually kind of clever oh yeah these are the intermediate ones okay well maybe I can get some of these don't for a quick memory well we got uh ORS and twos and ones and then nothing on top so all this can go and then the ones would be orders so it it'd be no can't be the corners right because if I do something like this then it's technically two so one in one would be like that yeah okay and then two and or would be like this I think that's good yeah that's a symmetry is exploring the fertility of our world I gotta say I really enjoy this game I know it just doesn't make for like super entertaining videos maybe I'll speed through the rest of this I'm not even gonna verify that great and so will I because I now have a memory i sculpt the screen I don't think I took it that for her I'm not going to no no not interested in advanced ok I've got a quiche to make I believe right I'm pretty sure we still have that eggy broccoli based garbage you want me to make perfect ok uh we got broccoli we got egg just Chuck there I don't need to hatch it or break it definitely don't need to hatch it then it would be a chicken quiche wouldn't it ah there we go that's the good stuff now this has to be what you wanted rice it looks disgusting just like you and wow you really like filling out those orders don't you here's a memory and here's your real prize which is for you to do or is the memory thank you very much we take in that and then more orders interesting so if I eat your food you won't finish it oh I was right it was disgusting it baits Oh God yeah you see these always require ingredients from other places I need to get a hot dog bun from the beach I need to get what is that molasses from the forest and he bacon and pineapple from the beach ah fine fired up – be right back just hold your stupid hat I shouldn't have to be sprinting across this entire vacation destination right I should be relaxing it's my vacation this isn't how you make good memories but I think I got everything that we needs even got some stuff that we don't need good giant kissy fish I don't know why I'm trying to kiss a fish from my backpack what's wrong with me okay skee-ball wants carrot broccoli hotdog bun smoothie yes sure why not okay here it's broccoli hotdog bun it's gotta be a whole wheat bun or else yeah I need a cup Jesus Christ there we go hey what's inside oh it does hot broccoli pretzel bun carrot drink okay well we're gonna put that in there where it'll be safe while I climb up the mountain and then team bot who's in the forest once I don't even know what that is I didn't notice that is that garbage oh you gotta be kidding me I didn't realize I needed like garbage or ice cream I got cold brew but I have no idea what that is oh well I care guys will just get climb bot he's a pineapple bacon cheese tomato okay get tomato cheese pineapple and bacon that should be good no no no no no don't you start arguing hello there we go five seconds I gotta say this thing is pretty impressive the sir PI's is a good brand oh it's like the pizzas from job simulator they all come out just booking appetizing but you know they're not I was kind of hoping that last ingredient was some kind of tub of ice cream but they don't have tubs here they just kind of leave the ice cream out in the open for any old abominable snow BOTS to come grab I don't man I got nothing you wanted oh oh I need this I need it in black you have this in black for photo op later you wanted the broccoli drink didn't you please please take it I don't want to throw it if I throw it and you out spine screw it what you ski has really increased my hunger why do I bother it's not like you guys have mouths you have lines on a screen and you wanted this here you go great okay we didn't screw up anything there and I got a hat for a photo which I need to take a picture of in front of this was this I should take a picture while I'm here come to think of it this this might be correct hopefully yeah look at that see cheese please please just give it to me for the love of cards it definitely looks black in the photo right but there's no way Oh cold snap that is a good photo thank God here you know what you can take this I don't want you getting Jesus that's a big hat Oh Oh what the hell is wrong with the hands it's like the size of you oh that's stupid okay so now if I can find utensils and I could chuck them in the pool then we should be good just that don't know where the hell'd of mind utensils okay well I mean we made progress over here anyway I just need that I can't even get a memory out of this it was for nothing I need utensils I need a tub of lard a tub of ice cream a garbage can the world's simplest rubik's cube what the hell is that I have looked literally everywhere and I cannot find any trace of what the hell I needs and then I remembered that we have a mini fridge and there's a possibility that there's something edible in here for the love of God I don't care if I have to pay a ton of money for it if it's what I need then we're good there's a whole bunch of new stuff in here but nothing that I need of course it's been god damn it oh that's it but they didn't give me the friggin label artificial water he wants artificial artificial water it was artificial ours you were not very specific with your order young man so I have done my best to please appreciate that oh thank god a native thing I have no idea oh we can even do some cookie here well screw it why the hell not okay um what are we gonna here bot Moss wants three marshmallows in between two cookies botanist once two flowers turned into a waffle ever bought one so watermelon coffee sure sure yeah okay hold on hello did you have any specific flavor or color you're covered in dirt what the hell do you care there we go something like that that'll do you these need to be turned into waffles didn't even think that was possible I don't want to cook it though I think I can only waffle eyes one at a time how the hell what okay well maybe she just wants to waffles is that possible I don't really know it says x do right I guess she could just want to waffles and like that yeah I've never served two things to somebody before I think both belies the both of them no okay sure sure why not maybe she'll just take the one and be pleasantly surprised are you insane I honestly think he might be insane do you not want your food I've been throwing various flour based waffles at this lady's face for the last five minutes or so and we're not getting anywhere which means the rest of this memory is a lost cause nobody else is gonna get their food because of you because I can't get my memories you could just Oh God I don't know IIIi don't know this this is why it's so difficult to get all the memories in this gift don't you start with me I do not need this so all this is pointless why did I come here to begin with I needed something for something else but I've already forgotten I'm gonna eat trail nuts angrily we started this video at 60% we're now at 67% which means we have 47 memories total and I think we only need 30 for the party that feels like a pretty good accomplishment race you want to tell me anything else about this party party you know what you just worry about this scanner I'm sure everything will turn out fine yeah when you say that you make me think things are not going to turn out fine what is gonna happen so we can part it okay let's partay we're gonna wake up loser bot no you can't just say party throw a switch and expect everything will work out well with the metrics in peril and no real plan to fix the simulation I had to find a way to save this vacation human let's optimize our vacation to maximum efficiency I can't support this I'm not going to watch you ruin vacation human I need you to press that button to vacation it's the most efficient interaction possible you don't even need to pick up anything so I just hit the button we vacation whatever the hell that means and everything is optimized press that button forgive me for not trusting you but it feels like the simulation just crashed and you've been asleep for the better part of three or four episodes in your hand pressing that button fine sand castles yes a perfect symbol for beach vacation hurry up and build your castle so we can move on what notes and tasks done see how much more efficient that was let's continue what you've reduced the entire vacation experience into a single but I've heard these are also very important to a human's Beach vacation yep make burger and take that button I'm loving this new efficiency the metrics will be fixed in no time keep going you can't be serious we're done with the beach now and on to the forest vacationing humans love flowers apparently so let's start there ok plant garden I believe humans would call that aesthetically pleasing we're moving near optimal why do I get the feeling you're like hook my brain into the button and that's gonna be full optimal maybe human media show painting a nature to have a relaxing effect okay well let's paint something that's GE human I like your attitude let's keep it moving Thanks moving on the mountain humans spent most of their time inside staying warm not gonna lie some of these buttons I'd be down for if there was just a solve puzzle button yeah I take it next where did your arm candy go she got pretty upset and stormed off I'm a little concerned was definitely annoying real sculpt this could have made that might have taken long to execute the concept phase it is adorable this is not vacation we were making so much progress with a little bit more time I'm sure we were going to pull through are still falling and got even worse when we switch to efficient vacationing that can't be true we were at maximum vacation potential this has to be incorrect now after the million times you agonized over it 1 million is a gross misrepresentation of my analysis my internal counter is only 321 this isn't about the times you've gone over the metrics it's that you can't be content to just relax that's what vacations are in the battle a lack of structure is not relaxing structure goes against everything vacation stands for without structure we're just flailing around my research show is that human vacations included itineraries therefore rigor had to be a part of maintaining on arriving any one could date amount of quote that supports any position I mean watch this don't call it a dream call it a plan that doesn't mean anything see you guys complain a lot can you please just shut up and smash in front of me okay I need something entertaining and watching Pacers would definitely be a little weird we don't have the time to be figuring out what the human is doing we have bigger equations to solve I'm hitting your buttons look efficiency bye I think the human may have just solved the biggest equation of all I see internal relaxation is shortly rising but how does this help I don't feel very relaxed feel kind of pissed off overly job the humans used vacation as a way to increase internal relaxation yes of course output metrics were highest while jobbing but humans needed time when they could focus on internal processes exactly we were so focused on the metrics we never saw the bigger JPEG and our mix of pushing the human to gather memories and enjoy excursions seem to be highly effective it wasn't that either one of our theories was correct it was both of them together I think we can convince the bureau to modify the metrics but my experiments inefficient vacationing has significantly affected the humans internal relaxation I wish vacation had an undo button no second there might be a way but we're going to have to work together to pull this off hold on are you seeing what I think you're saying I am so hi Ernie human I'm certain you'll enjoy what happens next is it a party or is it the piss parody because I heard you could've asked me this at any time you could have asked for the human input maybe the human could tell you what humans do and the fact that I want you to relax and the fact that I shouldn't be sprinting across the whole goddamn vacation destination looking for ingredients for you dumbasses okay this would be where the game started hello you would have never seen the data points from the plot and now it's time to bring your relax to the max enjoy your party human you guys have rated Bob boss I'm happy to see you guy uh okay just if you guys are gonna have an orgy with the weird furry from the forest then change my sheets for the love of God oh they're even in my tub come on the worse do dancefloor don't mind it for do hi I don't remember your dumbass are you guys as much fun as I am your we humans always used to take fireworks in the face for parties not often on purpose but it was definitely a thing that happened this music is getting a little intense I think it's time we shut it down for the day if you have fun collecting them human and that's exactly what you should do then can we party again of course the human can flip the party switch any time in fact getting more memory might make the party even better hmm that a challenge so if I finish all of the memories the party would be even better oh you're gonna make me come back for more are you damn that's tempting you know what I think that's gonna be it for this episode of vacation simulator guys I don't know if I've missed anything it's like I said it seems like a lot of the remaining memories are either really monotonous work or very difficult to figure out but if there's more you don't necessarily need to spoil it but if it's worth me returning for more then let me know in the comments and maybe I'll try to pick up this game again I'd love job simulator I love vacation simulator there's still some of my favorite VR games so I really have no problem doing that I just need a reason I think someone's watching this video I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you next time


Kia Baldwin · July 30, 2019 at 6:13 pm

I watched this about a week ago.

It’s now on my “ recently uploaded” list.

Jakub sękowski · July 30, 2019 at 6:13 pm

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