Vacation Simulator German #1 Urlaub am Strand mit Verückten Computern

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hoarsely smoke on later the world but these nutrient that are big enough volume in your mind I went to all of similar talk vacation simulator the sock flag banner babies are for dumb hit sir so it's amazing no soup in your intelligence but that's loading all along welcome to the grand opening of vacation before you vacation we should learn how to talk to bots when you're close just wait to get a box attention right now bring job you've really nailed the standard human greeting protocol cutoff now for the fun part let's take a peek inside your suite screen zoom around look where you want to go then hold this button until you see your destination before we go on vacation we need to make sure you look relaxed head into the bathroom to personalize the way you look every human starts as a blank slate you can be that you you see in yourself so you Serbs Wow put your heads up baby yeah but it says be not a penal place card who should we tell people yes decision oh don't let me fed this just o-silk Johnson Oh who just passed I don't bunk good stand flush dr. Segal well okay okay good human before we head out into the world you want a place to keep all your cool stuff here take this one-of-a-kind human back storage device do not pick this we doesn't for offerings donut not seifish MIT Wow human you look really tourists feel free to continue exploring your suite I'll be outside when you want to check out the rest of vacation island okay yeah Oh Jewish Peter five oh it's good news Adam was – hmm name is tim with name is Tim yes I'm gonna strike them humans it seems okay step one be good and opening six Wow well I thought we were ready to vacation but it looks like all the destinations are closed right now but what is this this wasn't here earlier funny you should ask the Bureau of simulations requires mat drink to prove the success of a project which you seem to have conveniently forgotten luckily I figured out a way of measuring Asian quantified memory management efficiency by I should have known here human take this wristband it will be your key to a lot of efficient measurable fun efficient now use it on that scanner over there switch doing it captain it's a girl that's why it's my problem access denied you don't have enough memories oh yes you need memories to gain access to different areas of the resort here try this so this is how you welcome to walk on land ah I see you're finally getting the hang of vacation make enough memories and you'll get access to more areas an island I'm not sure that measuring vacations was the point but I'm happy we made it to the beach the Bureau of simulations won't be satisfied unless we have clear metrics I don't think we're seeing screen to screen on this one but I know a way to track the moments you enjoy human there's a camera in your backpack try it out for anything colleague affirmation also its info wonderful now this is vacationing yeah there are plenty of actual memories to be made on the beach and I've heard you can find Batman's treasure at the dives like have fun vacationing your way humid room sure he'll see you later it's a good yes yes finally the beached alert has a raft so cool I'm trying to optimize my son ET son pathology your creativity human that's what read stuck on be chilled skip hey it's a handball let's play the rules are simple get the ball past me and I'll take your choice try to be my high-score human you're a great there's more sports to be not human give me a different phone to play a different game that's what mrs. Potter need of it was most forgot so fine focus at all it's unless noodle the Ovid della superhuman octobots I'm a supercomputer drilling machine but I'll think I'm in over my head can you help me clear some of these requests and get some all of magnets and send Castlebar deep chef mcclain proposal yep that's a good thoughtful human thanks for delivering this burger stick ears are good just toys so buddy the swish the was here for coat one embarrass myself in front of the other thoughts thanks for sharing me here I think does spot spot when it was once got soft you walking good Larry Martin here Martin cut this super college field mouse – my gosh bars are biases of extreme punishment buddies ahead sir Donna Mitchell sushant shuffle bassoon eczema Oh coughs key

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