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it's official real ghost stories online and the grave talks will be live at the Crescent Hotel for one night only August 11th 2019 at 7:00 p.m. and you are invited I'm Tony brewski from real ghost stories online and I can't wait to meet you at the Crescent Hotel this August 11th for an awesome night of ghost stories we're gonna have a lot of fun at the Crescent Hotel that night as we record an episode of real ghost stories online live the stories of this episode come from you guys the audience live at the Crescent then it's a live episode of the grave talks as we talk with Crescent historian and paranormal investigator keith scales well in all about the history of the hotel how it came to be why it's haunted today what goes on at the haunted Crescent hotel and allow you guys to ask your questions as well with a live Q&A segment it's a fun night full of ghost stories at the historic haunted Crescent Hotel a hotel that we've had many stories from shared about over the years here on the show tickets are only $25 a piece in our on sale now go to real ghost stories and click on the live at the Crescent Hotel banner to purchase yours they are very limited though and when they are gone they are gone real ghost stories online and the grave talks live at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas August 11th 2019 get your tickets now at real ghost stories today on real ghost stories online a family vacation quickly becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons we have an update from Glenn the security guard it's a good one well talking just a bit stick around welcome to ghost stories odd by Colin your real ghost story now at eight five five eight five three 48 Oh – all right Hannah real ghost stories impossibly the will you go stories online that it is 850 585 340 802 is our phone number to share your real ghost stories with us you can all write in at real ghost stories or email your audio files you must enter will go stories Tony at real ghost stories and of course like Michelle keep us on the air became an extra podcast person you do that by going to slash real ghost stories or ghost podcast comm can all the bonus episodes 250 some of those new ones every week advanced episodes of the show commercial free it's all there and you're keeping us on the air 5 bucks a month to do all that at Ghost or slash real ghost stories Tony and Jenny brewski joining you once again hi hi how are you I'm good how are you good this is where you should insert' some really exciting and wacky content right here ready to go exciting and wacky here the other day but I got nothing yeah so I'm excited about the Glen stuff yeah Glen's been updating us if you're just just joining the program glad your security officer at a big building I believe it was like a hotel at one point in time it's going through massive renovations and he's he's a security prison so he's you know he watches the cameras goes around make sure that there's no nothing amiss nobody getting into fisticuffs in areas of the building they shouldn't be are not used anymore and he's had some amazing calls and stories in to us he contributes quite a bit in our real ghost stories online group page on Facebook if you want to join us over there he's very active there and some quite shocking ghostly video that he's posted but he's got some more updates as far as what's going on the other day he was telling me we're telling all of us really that there was some new security personnel that had been hired to work some of the later shifts and they ended up quitting they did very quick yeah the the ladies this is just who they were women I'm not saying that they quit because hey we're women I'm just that's who they work so I'm gonna refer to them as chi it's the true story it's the true story of who it was I just want to be you know yeah factual and what was going on if it was me I would have probably quit too but I guess that we just got so so intense with the stuff that they were hearing and experiencing they refused to go on to some of these areas and some of these floors and there wasn't that they were fired they were just like I've done this is not worth it yeah so I don't blame them whatsoever it takes a special individual male or female I don't know but I there's no way in hell mm-hmm I'd be able to handle some of the stuff he's been going through anyway I'll get an update from him in just a little bit here at real ghost stories on line later in the episode 8 5 5 8 5 3 48 or 2 is our number let's go over to our first letter of the day this is a good old long story so sit back relax get freaked out shut your eyes and scare the kids here we go hey guys I recall the story that might sound a bit complicated to explain but here we go I think around the time I was in kindergarten my family took a trip to California I recall being this summer he went to Disneyland in a bunch of places about a month little strange because my dad was a commercial pilot so we traveled around every few years my mom made sure we didn't have to move often that was one of my fears because I didn't want to make new friends all the time I was a bit lucky because the few times we moved were in the same areas so some of the kids remembered me I bounced back and forth from Rochester Minnesota and Madison area of Wisconsin a couple times but still in familiar territory so I was able to attend the same schools my dad had a ton of people over the years so it wasn't uncommon for him to bump into his celebrity and even cooler because everybody loves to me the pilots and look at all the cool stuff in the cockpit I'm not sure how popular this guy was but he knew one of the broadcaster's that of the NBA team the Lakers named Chuck Hearn he would say what's going on in the game and he had some popular thing talking about the game being over how it's in the refrigerator to me it was a typical vacation my dad was a pilot so we all traveled around his only problem was going to the UK because he'd get vertigo I guess looking at the ocean for several hours master them but he's still the toughest guy I know I honestly don't remember much about Chuck Hearn I've talked to a few people who remember him most of those people were from California but you never know we all stayed at a condo I guess there were friends since before I was born and it was one of the rare times they left my brother with her grandparents they stayed at our house because he was a baby and probably wouldn't remember anything well because Chuck wasn't announcer we weren't supposed to talk to him too much he wasn't rude or anything but he of what did talking because it was what he did for a living it was basically my parents going out to see stuff like the Hollywood sign and me and my dad telling the old stories about how it used to say Hollywood land and some other junk old people like to brag about they found really neat places people might call them hidden gems those hole-in-the-wall restaurants but I recall a hobby shop I went to remember the city being Carson mainly due to Johnny Carson still being on The Tonight Show host at the time to me also being a dumb kid I always called it Johnny Carson City and with my vivid imagination my thoughts for the city was a hobby shop now I don't recall the exact name of the store it was the owner's name so if the owners was Jenny the place would be called Jenny's hobby shop and it was a long time ago it was easy to spot because of a clown painting on the front of the building looks similar to those ice cream cones with a clown on them it looked it up and they're called scoops so or something I would easily recognize I only went to California a few times growing up mainly Universal Studios Disneyland they also have Knott's Berry Farm and some other things that are fun to experience when you're still a kid one Christmas we also went to some crappy place called Santa's Village which sucked 10 years later my dad found out his friend Chuck her and it died so he figured it would be a good excuse to attend a funeral then stick around for a few weeks since California has so much to do I know for a fact it was after the 4th of July I was in high school but it was summer break he never really noticed certain things I never met a guy aside from that first time we went to California and that dude was tall if you look up photos of Chuck her nor old videos you have no idea he was around six five or something it made me dig through old photos because they hadn't noticed how much taller he wasn't my dad I guess those things don't matter when you're a kid I was more distracted by all the cool places to go my dad still says stupid thing about me loving some ice cream shop called Foster's freeze but I don't recall any of that I recall way more about our trip when I was a teenager we attended the funeral I was shaking like a leaf because so many people showed up I saw the Lakers players the coach Phil Jackson and I felt like a little person being there I was so tempted to ask for their autographs but it was a funeral and this is before camera phones because I would have taken a million photos and it's like wow Shaq's car was huge when after the funeral we left there were too many people from the news and just getting out there took maybe three hours in a few more hours to get back to that same condo we stayed at I had no idea how old my dad knew this guy it was when I found out Chuck her and owned the condo he stayed at I don't even remember what city it was in but me being much older I was able to look around and found a few photos in the walls and my dad was in and asked how he knew the guy I found out they were friends before he met my mom and I started to feel bad that I kept bugging my dad with so many questions because I realized we just attended a funeral for one of his close friends I decided to leave him alone then bug my mom to take my brother around town and me we drove around looking for a few places we remembered one of them being Tommy burger than those in and out restaurants or a Mexican food place then out of nowhere there it was the Johnny Carson City hobby shop I told my mom we had to go there the painting on the front was faded with age but it was still there a dorky looking clown and everything now I have a bit of a confession I sort of lied to my brother about how awesome this place was I always said it was the best place ever if it had everything you could imagine there they sold real guns they're just a bunch of bullshit I made up because he never went there we went in the place didn't even have air conditioning dust all over the place and the owner was a bit of an asshole then even made a comment so are you just gonna look at everything or do you plan to actually buy a damn thing which is a very outdated place junk from the 80s and old stuff nobody cares to buy and probably older stuff they didn't even recognise it was more like an antique shop for toys even its own area for all those stupid Pez dispensers we were still dressed up and fairly nice clothing from the funeral so I talked to the owner a little bit and he became less of an asshole knowing we actually had some cash on us I also knew from the way the store looked that it was likely going to be the last time I'd be there plus I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff to brag about to some of my friends that basically shared the same tall tales about how cool the place was I'm not sure how this play how this works but some of these owners really shouldn't put things up for sale you ask how much something costs and they say oh that's not for sale you'd think this guy had pull-string on the back of it it was the only thing that he was designed to say I was getting irritated with him and I slipped up saying I bet if I tried buying this a decade ago you would have sold it to me then he asked me where I was from and why I'm dressed up like a Mormon so I told him we attended a funeral during the time I was from Minnesota but originally Wisconsin soon as I told him my dad's name he asked if my last name was Moss we gave each other one of those looks until he said so is your dad still flying planes and everything about him being an asshole completely went away and he was cool I hate to say he was an asshole but yeah until he knew my dad I didn't like the guy then he asked if I tended Chuck Hearns funeral I actually think he said a nickname for him like chicken or something he kind of looked down mentioned that he didn't get an invite but thought about closing the shop for the day and paying his respects and he said you're the little snot your dad brought all those years ago everything was cool after that he knew my dad and mentioned they all knew each other I gave him my dad's address then we just started talking he told me Chuck Kern's real name was Francis and they did the typical stuff guys do where you joke around with your friends even mention playing that Johnny Cash song a boy named suited master them and he actually sold me these old GI Joe doll figures or whatever you called them he told me that my dad got him good after he owed him a few dollars and wrote a check pay to the order of Francis just to piss him off one day and they got in a fistfight blew my mind I guess these guys all knew each other from somewhere near Chicago my mom and my brother were listening and it actually made that Hobby shot pretty cool he obviously ran a business so I spent like 230 dollars in those three figures he said that he wanted to sell them to the right person in the back of my head I was still not fully trusting him as a shop owner but knowing it was the last time I'd probably be there I wasn't leaving empty-handed he was also laughing at those old stories for my dad at his front teeth missing and how are they all laughed because he would whistle when he talked I picked up a few other things my brother found things he wanted as well the owner mentioned he was going to send my dad a Christmas card and this was how I knew he didn't lie because he said I know that atheist son of a bitch needs some cheering up during the holidays we ended up going we ended up having to go but he told me to show though GI Joes – my dad he said they'd been in the shop since the place opened so instead of me being the trustworthy kind of son that I looked up to I looked the things up how much they were selling on eBay he gave me an insane deal when I thought he was ripping me off just one of those GI Joes cost more than I paid for all of them looked pretty stupid because back then Mike Connor didn't have a wireless internet so I had to plug a phone jack into my laptop into the whole dial-up thing now I also being a good son did give them my to my dad that day my dad was quiet I could tell he had a few drinks and was holding back tears extrange talking about these things because I've never really seen my dad like that it's usually a tough guy who doesn't show emotions so I took the GI Joes out and asked him if he knew about that stuff and he froze and said where did you find that wait where did you find all those I told him I brought them from that Johnny Carson be shot and he went from frozen to boy don't joke around with me how much did you pay for these I told my paid $1,400 on eBay for them but the owner charged me a little over two hundred and it was like giving somebody the coolest present ever he picked him up like he was a kid again but after a moment he said did you know the Chuck Hearn kicked my ass and took this one from me then during my birthday he wrapped it up in a shoebox and gave it to me as a present I was laughing at all the crazy memories he had from what he's told me over the years this guy sounded like they met in their college years he was telling me stuff like you saw the casket he was way bigger than us the nicest guy around but we found ways to really piss each other off then around the last week we stayed there my dad told me he wanted to meet the owner that hobby shop which I guess he did and things turned out pretty cool I was busy hanging out with my brother most of the time and he not a bowling alley where other kids hung out and they made fun of our accents eventually we got back home and I hate talking on our taking plane flights so and we're pretty well till a few weeks before school more stories of me bragging about how awesome the hobby shop was to make my friends jealous then my dad called me to the garage his mancave he was telling me that he and the owner that hobby shop drove back to Chuck Hearns grave a few hours from where we stayed at the condo and left the GI Joes there was a little pissed off about it telling him he should have sold them but those were stuff he grew up with and he actually did give me money the entire time we were in California no loss in my end and for someone to do stuff like that I guess it was his way of moving on then around the time school started I remember getting home from my dad and my dad was on the phone whole time had basically told us not to pick up the other phone in the house he was on the phone even after the Sun went down later on he had me sit at the dinner table and I actually thought I was in trouble because when your parents call you to your by your full name it usually means you screw it up is it Robert We Need to Talk I think in my head I probably did something dumb but he told me he was on the phone with that guy from the hobby shop they argued he was too emotional to really explain it but basically said the guy does his job for a living nothing makes sense than he was asking me if I was being funny to him we're saying something along the lines of dad I swear I didn't do anything stupid at school I didn't get in any fights I promised that I didn't do anything wrong plus to be honest with you guys I was a short fat kid in high school so I have what it fights all the time my dad tossed a box on the table I even unwrapped the brown paper that was crumpled up and noticed the return address and the name Chuck heard on it from somewhere in California it was a shoebox with the same GI Joes in it but also with an old taped up check it was about two dollars and seventeen cents that had paid to the order of Francis on it I originally didn't want to share the story mainly because they wanted my dad to share it he still thinks someone played a prank on him which is possible we did stay at the guy's condo and it wasn't like we had to find a hotel just wanted to mention how that first visit didn't feel strange my dad told me he always had a key for the place and would only tell him he was in town it might drop by just sounds a little too elaborate my dad actually said there was a letter he didn't show me that he claims he written as a thank-you note he had pretty scared but mention the letter was thanking him for attending the funeral that an apology letter that he was sorry he won't be able to attend my dad's funeral but to consider believing in God because he would like to punch him in the nose if he gets to heaven he hated being called Francis I try to think logically if maybe this got planned years before his death but I wouldn't make much sense to assume you would die before someone else my dad flies planes for a living it's a pretty dangerous job so doesn't sound like a prank someone would put so much effort into the reason why he doesn't have that letter was that he filed a report fingerprinting all that stuff which looked into it in which the post office it came from it really doesn't add up and for me to go into that hobby shop doesn't add up I was the one who was wanting to go sightseeing I was a stupid kid who found that Johnny Carson hobby shop and it's why he thought I was part of the whole deal I was in Rochester Minnesota when that package was mailed from California I was a dumb kid in high school with other things going on to make it even crazier that letter also the handwriting on the brown paper packaging turned out to match Chuck Hearns actual handwriting my dad spent months finding pictures of his autograph said he swears the same handwriting after comparing it there were a good eight years that my dad thought the guy's faked his funeral my dad is the most skeptical guy you can meet he doesn't believe in anything but he freaked out after this happened on the bright side it did help him become closer to the hobby shop owner they still call each other from time to time I was right about that hobby shop not lasting much longer it was only around for about a year so which is also why my dad doesn't believe the owner was mixed up with that stuff he even told me that the owner got upset he wasn't invited to the funeral and he thought my dad made that story up to piss him off he even told me after he argued with the owner the guy said I sold my business and you're going to tell me that I'd give you stuff that I knew was worth something we're not kids anymore I know there are good terms now but they had a few heated arguments my dad still has those GI Joe dolls locked in his safe along with the taped up check for Francis I had nothing to do with that I would have sold that junk if he'd let me keep them you guys know I'm a Packers fan unless it's some autographed football from Bart Starr Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers I'm not gonna keep some random junk around sorry I had to write so much I know it might sound dumb but I had to write in from my view I really wanted my dad to write it from his point of view he just doesn't believe in this stuff it's so frustrating asking him I talked about it what I have to say dad Shaq and Kobe don't attend fake funerals that shit really happened I was bugged by my dad over three Halloween's ago to share this story until he finally caved in thanks for rating guys still love the show and hell no I would never prank my dad keep up the excellent work go Packers and fuck the Dallas Cowboys that would be a a terrible prank to pull on somebody and to have access to that check all these years later I don't know that's pretty interesting plan it out and like you have like one person second when I die send this there here's the thing those GI Joes were in the box yeah and they weren't on his grave toll after someone would have to know that they they went to the grave you know unless he unless the guy you know just as a joke you know bought the GI Joes from that not not the same like the same model of GI Joe the same characters and then just you know assuming that the original ones you know they were lost to the ether and thought hey I'm gonna just send some GI Joes to him bottom elsewhere and there they're like the ones we had as kids I could you know it's elaborate it's pretty kind of crazy it's almost like the point of the GI Joes being in the box was the proving yeah so I don't know it's interesting it is very interesting a lot of people get mail from Michael Jackson after he's maybe pretty exciting though but it's no I could see you know it sounds like they kind of you know is some folks say honoree I'd say ornery or you know little pranks on each other yeah that's quite an elaborate one to plan I I have nothing planned I have no death plans for any just so you know there's there's nothing that says okay when I die if I die before you mail this to somebody are their invitations guess you know I think for a funeral of that stature probably okay when you have you know limited space and there's a lot of people who would want to attend just because you know if you're a die-hard Lakers fan this is somebody that you heard you know honey of thousands of times and if you're in the the area you you're gonna have a lot of people just showing up you know paying their respects to the guy that you listened to for so long but if you're the family you only have so many seats and you want those that would truly be closest to the individual to sit there so it's like you know Whitney Houston's funeral you know it's it's yes you can come here by invite we can we have so many yes because there's only so many seats if you will so something like that yeah okay I do have the invites ready so I'm using coral bloom and it's a really nice like that's a beautiful design honey that's great I'm glad you have the invites plan for your future like I hate but trouble for me may logic coral blue invites to your funeral yeah now and they all have to be signed in my blood so you have to get a little bit of blood and then everyone can have a piece no no we great and I as they bring the casket down I want the theme from dr. Quinn Medicine Woman to be polite okay see I figured you'd want sailing by Christopher Cross and then at the end at the close its the quantum leap theme it's like the pastor whatever says his last things it's like you know and I over know Church funeral and he's like and I've come like like her had like that even quietly yes it is it will be even more funny is if you have you know the funerals you have there's there's the casket and then sometimes there's like a big photo of the person in a big frame if you have just a photo of Scott Bakula next to the casket it's not me it's just some other person is this your wife you know yes it's a wife you know he's just fucking with you Scott Bakula if you leave this shit in your will it's not gonna happen it's like bell key from perfect strangers it's not gonna happen attached to the casket by a rope is a goat a living goat just a bale of hay you can stand there and eat there's a picture of Balqis there's a casket no explanation last thing I'm gonna do when you're dead it's go find a fucking goat to tidy your casket oh they'll be funny be like what the fuck yes that's exactly right okay let's uh go to Glenn and get an update from Glenn hi I just want to like let you know a couple things real quick now when a noogler comes to where we're at they're updating that to go into the ballroom nor the first floor of this place I'm not crazy I just found that out the other day which I'm now standing in the ballroom but um there's like three days ago before I called the last plane they actually had a it was me and two other guards and then there was a third or a fourth on the way just be there for a third show and while they're standing there all set another ballroom he heard a woman scream really loud and there's no way to get into the ballroom kids locked up well the two guards ran really quick as I go go go see it is because it's have been in trouble was I hurt they win never quite unlocked it look like nobody was in the ballroom but you can tell us no ballroom because you only clean she did it echo that high would be in the ballroom and nobody was in the ball and this is it happened three to four times now mainly doing closer toward the night about ten o'clock maybe at 10:30 ish its have about four or five times now and every time it's the same boys same screen and sounds cut up again I'm not explaining this but everybody it sound like it's cut up like it's really weird and then I through last week sometime my mother guard over with he was walking around on his patrols and he was down to the first first order it was coming up to second quarter and also any heard somebody coming down the steps they walk around a little quick looked up and he said he could hear the footsteps walking but nobody's coming down the steps I just yes very let you guys know that one but it's still getting weird here like I don't know if it's ramping up or slowing down just Sunday you're the worse than others you guys every today but I don't know why some days will be worse than others when everything's so active do you have any idea it's like the living world some days are more you know things change yeah I know things change but I'm just wondering if it's some kind of dynamic do the ghosts not like a specific person mm-hmm are they more active on certain types of weather days you know I'm just trying to figure out what what that correlation would be I would think maybe it's something I don't know if weather is the answer I could be but maybe the energy source is stronger on some days than others for them to to manifest and do what they do yeah it's they I think they just kind of you know they look currently like do what you do when you did what you did to me please you have a son yeah I know that stop it I was haunting you I'm now throw my headphones I before I like come on keep going no they're not they're like oh my god who's saying that I don't know was that um one of the Jacksons Jermaine it was Jermaine wasn't it mhm like his only song was all right P Jermaine he's not dead whoops let's go let's go – there's by the way kids there is another update from Glenn coming next week okay so stay tuned to your to your podcast because it's it should be interesting I'm looking forward to hearing the entirety of that one let's go to Catherine Toni and Johnny I wanted to tell you my name is Catherine by the way I wanted to tell you a story a mom was talking about over the weekend we had some family over and we always do like a huge bonfire and for some reason this one turned into ghost stories I guess and we were talking about creepy things and it started because one of my cousin's last few of my cousin's actually saw a weird light in the sky and we were not sure what it was so anyway my mom was telling us a story about growing up on the south side of Chicago she actually grew up by Resurrection Cemetery so I'm sure you know where that's at Resurrection Mary right and she heard that so my grandpa owned a car dealership so lucky her when she was a teenager like in the 70s she got to get free cars from my grandpa to use or whatever I don't get a free car from my mom by the way but anyway so she would get free cars and at this particular time one of the cars that she was driving needed an oil change or needed work to done to it so from her house to my grandpa's dealer they had to drive down Archer Avenue so a long archer is where Resurrection Cemetery is and it's really really big I've been by their I don't know if I've ever been in there but when we go visit our family we take we get off around there and then go down Archer and the cemetery is really big so anyway she went to you know to bring the car back and they had like valet service or something where someone would drive you home or drive you where you needed to go until your car was ready so I don't know if that was just special for my mom or I'm guessing for everybody so she dropped the car off and the gentleman that was driving her back he was an older guy so he was like in his 70s I think so this would have been in the 1970s that this was happening to my mom so he probably was born like in 1900 I'm glad I guess if my math is right and he told my mom a story about how when he was a taxi driver that he picked up Resurrection Mary like in the 50s I think she said the 40s or the 50s he said that he was driving along Archer and it was a very very cold April or May night which is not unusual around Chicago like right now it's May and it feels like October and so he was picking her up on a cold night and he picking a girl up that was walking alongside the road and he saw this girl walking but she was walking on the opposite side of Resurrection and so he said he drove past her did a loop around and told my mom you know if it was my daughter I would want someone to go check and make sure that she was okay because she looked like she had her head down and she looked like she had some sort of dress and shawl on I don't know if he specified a color I don't know what her color her hair was or anything like that my mom didn't go into that when she was telling the store but he went he looped around and came back and she was walking further up the road she was still directly across from the cemetery and the one weird thing that my mom said that he said was for the time that it took him to come back around she should have been further up the road and he told my mom it was almost like she wanted him to see her because she should have been a little ways further than she was so he pulled over asked her you know are you okay do you need a ride he told her it's cold I would appreciate a ride thank you gave him the address of where he was going where she was going to and he pulled up and he asked do you want me to go to the door to make sure anyone is home with you and she said no that she was alright thank you so much for the ride she appreciates it and she got out and he said he waited for her to go up to the door but she walked around the back of the house so maybe there was like a back door back there so he he left and he thought that was really interesting and then he said a few nights later the same thing happened to another one of his buddies that worked in the taxi service with him only he was giving her the ride home a same girl they you know compared notes same exact place he did the same loop around same exact thing only when she got up to where he was having a hard time finding the house he looked in his rearview mirror and she was gone so that's like obviously like a different you know story but I just was like oh my god that was so scary would have been scarier if my mom told it she told it a lot better but I thought you guys would like to hear that where we live we do hear from a lot of the older people especially when I was a kid we would hear a lot of stories about the older people picking picking this girl up so I don't know if it's an urban legend I know there is a Mary buried in there probably a million Mary's you know my mom talks about when the when the the gates got something happened to the gates and she did see how it looked like there was a handprint in the gates but nobody could figure out how that happened but her and her friends went over to check it out so I thought you guys would like that story and thank you I love your podcast you guys are awesome talk to you later bye so yeah where's the res resurrection Mary Resurrection Cemetery not Woodlawn yeah I don't know why I don't know why Woodlawn I know why is ringing a bell if it's something else sir I don't know he didn't episode of the grave talks and I know earlier this year we were talking about haunted Chicago I wonder if Woodlawn was mentioned that maybe they're interesting the story is it shouldn't hear the firsthand stories of Resurrection Mary granted they're all somewhat similar but they still go on yeah to this day so there you go weird timing too on that story I I had no idea that was even in this episode other than I do we had a caller that had that name that's but a like-new and that it was audible so the fact we mentioned Resurrection Mary earlier and then there is some one time it happens a lot how it works ghosts want their shit to be known so that wraps up today's episode of the program if you like us keep us on the air become an extra podcast person epp is that we call them at ghost or slash real ghost stories five bucks a month is all it is good access to all the episodes in advance and epp bonus episodes every single week checking out ghost podcast calm until next time for Jenny I'm Tony thanks for listening to real ghost stories online you


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