Vacation All Day Routine!

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[Applause] parfait time we went to this market and had all this like produce and this is the best strawberries I've ever had my life's in the best that's very evident blackberries ever had in my life I dropped a blackberry my dad made fun of me you I hate having girly hair so this is a real struggle here beach the beach I lobby just aa beach the beach all right the beach time the beach time so we're at the beach I love the beach hello random head bubbling in the water tan lines going on here so I change into any bathing suit cuz we just got back from the beach and I had sand all maybe I didn't see that's so gross it's how I decided to change and turn your bathing suit we got out of the beach because we heard thunder like it's like one of those like short little like thunder things and it's just like not good to be around water one is thundering so I washed my body off with to get all the sand out and I took my hand off the ponytail and just let it dry I didn't wash my hair I'm not – not till later because we're still gonna go to the pool later so there's a lot to do it's around 2 o'clock at most I believe it's yeah it's 2 o'clock exactly I awesome so now it's time for some lunch and then a little lunch we're gonna get to the pole so I'm gonna have like a flat round with almond butter and jelly fruit and yogurt so now we are going to Scarborough shops which is this giant like shopping plaza and I'm going to buy some super cute items you know and just things for a s'more videos and in general and we're also gonna go to the cotton gin which has like all this stuff like VR Bradley like simply Southern's I can't wait to give this someplace other than sure okay let's head into the Scarborough shops so we have a quick outfit over the night Rob is from TJ Maxx and the shorts are from American Eagle so I love this outfit it's so cute and one of my favorites in my hair actually looks good today so plus all right let's go to the shops so you went to the shops but it long it and yes we went to the shops and then that's my night routine other than dinner and getting ready for bed so love you guys peace

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