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wait a minute wait a minute even the state what's going on guys you're probably wondering what the heck are you guys doing why are you going into Georgia what's the whole idea there's not a drift event anywhere but we're going to ure means Alan I've had this trip planned for about a month with a half now with my friend Nick who's up in North Carolina now if you're familiar with the channel you've been watching the channel for a hot minute you know that I went last year for my birthday with my friend Garrett we did some wheeling as such and now I've been talking talking it up to Talon so I wanted to bring him on the adventure so we are on our way now as we speak and so we just left Florida and we got to get up to Florence South Carolina and that's about a four-hour ride and once we get there we had another bath keeping another two hours or so before we hit you are itself so I'm not gonna do too much fielding on the way up there I'm probably gonna I don't know check in with you guys that were at a gas station or something we're gonna do pretty good on the fuel month 20 miles per gallon and we only have like 400 miles to go so I assume you only have 400 miles strips of it I think well I think we'll do all right I'm a tank take a nap so I'll just check in with you guys and then you'll probably just see me either later night when we set up camp or tomorrow morning because it's gonna get dark Ninh I forgot my flash light on the charger so yeah I knew I forgot one thing that flashlights badass use your trunk yeah all right well I'll see you guys somewhere say hi to renegade oh yeah and Bob we have two dogs in the car so we're still officially the doghouse we're just carrying on the tradition see you guys up there good morning guys we are here off rocky mountain loop in Uwharrie National Forest North Carolina I've met up with my buddy Nick who's got this awesome Comanche over there behind me and obviously the taco we are here we got our campsite set up and everything was all good to go probably what 2:30 3 o'clock last night we got in like that we got in I got off the trail set up tent set up tent set up camp and then hung out for a little while hit the bed and then woke up and we're about to go do some wheel and so before we go out there I'm gonna show you guys the Comanche just real quick so you can see what we're working with obviously we've got talons Tacoma here we're down to about 13 14 psi all the way around and here's Nick's Comanche here this thing is awesome if you guys watch the footage last year for my birthday when I went up to you are he might be in the video he was up here last time that I was up here wheeling so you guys can get some good shots of this guy this thing's freaking awesome and obviously we'll be wheeling with his tacos so we're gonna clean up a few more things to your camp get everything all situated and then we'll hit the trail and do some filming for you guys [Applause] come on now straight now perfect come on you're good come on down he's got his butthole puckered up a little bit so you just straddle that line you see it you know you see what I'm talking about right in the middle right up through here hold up just right up there here keep your passenger right where it is follow this up come follow this right up try to keep your driver on this on this side of this or ride over it you're good you're good you're good well you for coming you for coming turn passenger a little bit there come on up go ahead and give her to her there you go there you go beautiful beautiful keep her straight follow that same line with your rear we know it [Applause] little by little huh yes sir ready yeah you're kind of stuck between a little rock and a hard place so if you back up you're gonna kind of slide yourself back because I don't know if you're gonna crawl over that you think you will there you go yep yep dips bleared everything's clear right here you got this a small fork right here no you're going up it I don't know what that was sound like it [Applause] [Applause] he'll stay over here [Laughter] there you go driver a little bit all right come on up keep coming keep coming come on up you're good come on up back up bump her a little bit and and try to shift right all right come right when you're doing that come right a little bit all right all right nice and slow you gotta straighten her up all right back up and bump her a little bit you've got a ledge right here in the front you're gonna clear the ledge you're already clearing the front right now clearing the ledge right now but no okay what you're gonna do just follow your line right now that you've got you're going to be going passenger and stay passengers you've got a rock right here in the front that your front drivers gonna bump into a little bit we're gonna sort of get you shifted up so that way you can climb straight up what you did there you go there you go you're coming up to that rock that you're gonna bump a little bit keep her coming keep her coming keep her coming alright give her a bump go ahead give her a bump all right hold up back up slowly slowly slowly you're in the same position as the forerunner literally go ahead and give her a little bump repeat straighten up the wheel a little bit renegade ready I hold up hold up give it to her too late come on back her up straighten your line out you slid over [Applause] yeah you're bumping way too late bro come off the top of that rock and give it just a little bit of throttle I'm not saying that 100 miles an hour but just give her a little love tap there you go come on come on come on see easy easy easy good golly boy alright back her up come on come on you got ran right into a skin Boulder dawg back her up back her up back her up back up back up back her up back her up straighten her out where you going you're going up that well I was trying to get you left but if you want to go up that you can drive straight up it yep you can go straight up it literally go straight come on come on skid plate back up shift it shift it over here to my side a little bit keep going keep going alright stop stop turn driver come forward come on come come on alright back passenger there you go there you go there you go follow we're straight up just like that take your time take your time take your time take your time Oh buddy Oh buddy that transfer case skid plate real close you're gonna go up between these two trees right here this one right in the middle and then this one on the Left and you're gonna hook right [Applause] beautiful beautiful beautiful [Applause] give her some sauce there you go now we're going we're we're staying all the way to the left I think that's the bypass we're not doing any of this you don't have a skit you don't have rock sliders or anything we'll let him play on it like it's nothing renegade heel gave it a nice scratch the bottom of the door oh no just mine it's somewhere up there there's a little one right there I think that sounded a lot worse than a Wars alright you're getting it you can follow this line up right here alright yeah I'd go to the left go all the way up as far as you can straight and then hook right so make sure your big clue is that that tree to the right renegade over here all right it looked good I tried to get the end of it all right so come forward I go man you were going up the backside of Daniel right now almost to the tippy-top yeah picture I tagged you in of his Jeep behind us flicks on on the big old rock yeah yeah it's about to be up here or stump whatever it was you just have to make it past these rocks put this for hell you can go ahead buddy what all right do it on two wheels all righty guys we have made it to the top of Daniel here is the front side if you're familiar with you Ari we are not going up at obviously because we are like in an almost stock to come up but we're up here hanging out just talking to some other wheelers guy up here with this long-wheelbase TJ YJ we're just kind of hanging out and I just want to show you guys the view you know a little bit of mountain love I sure do miss the mountains sure do miss whelan drifting is a lot of fun so I don't know you got a pick you got to pick your battles and right now I'm choosing my battle is to be drifting and I'm enjoying it but man that's a good time up here hanging out willing with good friends and you know just theme back there my stomping ground so my stomping grounds I messed that up what oh yeah you want to show me a trail damage sure huh all right sticking his hand good golly boys yes Nick time jumped up and bit him got him a little bit we'll probably our dude golden here's the here's the taco on top of the mountain guys there we go all righty guys but we're gonna hang out up here for a little while and then we're gonna head down to a camp and cook some dinner and relax for a little while well guys we are wrapping up a trip we are heading back to the outpost we're all packed up Chuck did excellent my GoPro it didn't make it I got up this morning started getting ready and then we realized that the GoPro is was not mounted on the truck so after we got packed up and we drove all the reason why I haven't updated you guys we got caught in the rain last night and then it was down pouring rain so it's been a fun trip just interesting I would say other than that the truck performed really well I'm really happy with the Tacoma talans really happy with the Tacoma yes.we I know we still got a drive ahead of us but we'll see how she does I don't have any any worries it's been fine we're gonna go air up go grab some breakfast and the only thing is full guy makes a funky is for low it makes just a click noise a little louder than it was electronic four-wheel drive what's up to check the fluid itself maybe the fluid needs to be change out can be discussing the Ford if you're wearing and trying to get back to the campsite when the for-loop didn't it wouldn't know it was in for low I'm saying all going off wearing it out so all right guys we will check in with you guys at the outpost and probably when we get ready to leave I'm not going to do much more filming there's not much for you guys to see here and to do really but we'll see you down there pull up next to the XJ yeah next to it next literally do it sometimes I wonder about you bro oh my dad come on all right guys we're at the outpost we're gonna air up our tires grab some food and such and then probably end in the trip here it's been awesome the takoma did awesome they finally own with the the jeeps it was good to see Nick and his Comanche hope you guys enjoy this what did you this thing's awesome that's about it guys that's about it we're gonna wrap it up here go grab this breakfast and I guess I'll check in with you guys when we're officially on the highway and when we're heading back to Florida see you guys then as you couldn't tell and I'm back in my apartment and I'm back in Florida the truck did phenomenal I have no complaints man it was an awesome ride up there you are with it it was good to hang out with all my friends to a little bit of Wheeling and obviously filmed for you guys so if you've made it this far in the video thank you so much for watching I do appreciate it I know my footage is kind of all over the place I'm really not a prejudiced person when it comes to anything with wheels you know I love the lower vehicles the drifting the trucks Jeeps you know all the good stuff you know it's just it's fun to you know go out and do a little bit of everything and like I was saying earlier I do miss Wheeling maybe the next couple years I'll get back into it again like I was in Colorado right now I'm just gonna tackle some of the drift stuff and you know knock that stuff out but thank you guys so much for watching I'm editing the video as we speak so I'm just gonna make this little outro short and sweet for you guys if you do like the video I would really appreciate it if you hit that like button drop a comment let me let me know what you think about it and if you're from North Carolina or you do will you re drop a comment let me know what you think about Rocky Mountains pretty insane I can't believe some of the easier trails are like I don't know that hard for just getting to our campsite and Rocky Mountain loop was crazy so thank you guys so much for watching I I do appreciate it take it easy

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