Ukraine – Should Negative Comments Be on Hobo Traveler?

Published by Darron Toy on

okay I'm in Odessa you clean and you're not why not okay sandy gram hobo traveler calm I'm in Odessa Ukraine and you're not why not okay a reader asked the other day whether or not they should post negative things on the hobo traveler talk walk and I thought it was kind of funny because in my opinion most of the Adam boys and that's grade and that's beautiful are the cliche things that travel writers lie about truth Lee I almost would rather have you post negative things in a in a grown-up way that's the problem right there is people don't do grown-up ways but if you start out something talking about a person you're probably doing it the wrong way if you're talking about the topic you're doing it the right way but there are very very dangerous things that you need to talk about like he was talking about Hong Kong some kind of problem right there right now and it's all time sensitive but if you go to talk about a problem try to realize that say it's you know july 2019 and reference to date because a lot of problems are temporary but if you don't want to talk about the problems of a country i don't know why we're talking okay because the difference between hobo traveler and a travel website normal travel website is we actually tell the truth and we encourage the truth the thing that we also are different is is that we don't if you say something whether naive smart intelligent whatever we're not going to allow somebody to mock you especially they won't be able to talk directly at you we don't really allow crosstalk where they tell you what you supposed to do teaching you or trying to teach you how you don't know what you're talking about and we want but we want the both the pros and the cons of a location you can always tell an advertisement when there's nothing wrong if somebody writes the travel blog or a video or something and everything's good Oh the cat down here below my foots it just rubbed on my leg scared me to death it's only good you gotta figure its allies okay if everything about it's good it's a lie and the first thing they want to tell you about travel riding is don't be cliche it's a beautiful sunset blah blah blah these things are nice and we want to show beautiful pictures but at the H same sense we want to see the ugly pictures just as much because when you arrive we don't want any surprises in the future I hope that all hotels give actually a video on every single room that you would enter so that they cannot hide behind their little lies and and this is what's different between me and most travel riders when most travel writers talk they're lying okay they're writing an advertisement to get a free room or something like that we don't we don't have advertisers on hobo traveler we sell our own products we get our own verification so we don't have this need to pander to the tourist industry okay Andy Graham hobo traveler calm there's a cat that's trying to be my friend it's a big fat one I'm in Odessa Ukraine

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