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the blue church was not a waste of time right guys if you ever asked a question as to why we never recorded driving day before this is why our days as random as I have no idea a scrabble pixel worth it abd bipolar and we never make it to our destination this is really we're here we're gonna take you along with us for the ride in this episode of world tanning we take you on a seven-hour drive day from Levin to Kiev but actually took ten hours it's true I'm sorry Ukraine but your roads are bad they are amazing things happen when we get on the road and take the time to see those things around us that we normally don't look for this is like a real motocross okay I take back everything negative I said about what we go that's why that's point to the bushes join us for the ride oh yeah sometimes we fight we all fight on drive day okay we gotta get going Avalon you ready to go come on get out of bed I'm okay fine Smokey's come with us yep Smokies getting inside the bed smokey all right Largo buckle up smokey twice well that is flight school all right smokey buckle in good morning from l'viv we have well we spent yesterday all day going around through the food tour and unfortunately as much as we think l'viv is like the cutest city that we ever seen in Eastern Europe I'm coming we haven't seen that many what are you talking about okay we can't stick around another day I wish we could I really wish you could this is one of those place I think we'll step back and visit one day again I think it's one of those I don't think we'll come back but I think we'll say boy I wish would have stayed longer anything else I wish we could we have a long day scheduled for today guys and we have to travel from l'viv to yeah Kiev as much as it seems like it's an easy Drive you never know number one with the Ukraine Road my gosh it's and you never know if someone's gonna search our car again it worth in the country so ApS says it's six and a half hours it usually means with lemonade about eight hours and we have a ton of work to do so we're gonna be switching off I'm gonna be driving she's gonna be driving the kids might be driving and if we're lucky tonight we're gonna meet up with the family who talked to us and they're gonna relieve a lot of our travel planning and they're gonna decide we're gonna go and everything else so we might be able to help us out of what we should do tomorrow too cuz we even plan that yet either but the crazy part about this is that we haven't found coffee yet no one in this country drinks coffee before 9:30 in the morning at least they don't do it at a coffee shop no they might do it at home so I know you guys are thinking oh I love travel day vlogs I we're not that glamorous it's not airplanes and lounges it's lounge lemonade you may get a fight behind the wheel let's get this baby rollin now drive news for us are usually not vlog because to be frank when you're seeing magnificent sights around the world a drive day just doesn't rank up there it's not the things don't happen on Drive days it's quite the office and amazing things happen on Drive days we just don't think about recording it but in this case with the daily vlog we are showing you everything so sit back and enjoy the ride [Applause] we're near the bus terminal this is definitely the best time I can't imagine riding on a bus in these roads I can easily imagine allowing someone else to drive you don't like my driving well what's a we're driving right now on these roads and it is well first of all it's kind of Russia oh my gosh well we talked about rush hour I think sort of everyone's rushing to cut off the French we're not French we have French license plates there was like all those French I'm sorry I'm not participating this conversation I need to focus on this rotary so getting out of town has been a bit of a challenge here at the end of the day I think that if we thought we've become to think about what Ukraine is it's it's what's bad roads okay we have a theory about people okay sweating the theory about people is this wait wait can I go can I go yeah you're okay with the nice of the people like outside and sort of in person the more angry they are driving alright let's play a game hitch to it until you get to Eastern Europe and then in Eastern Europe and they're just angry driving and they're kind of just like Angry all together I think once you get past their like anger facade yes yes and it's gonna be out there well they they have they have a serious history of barely out of communism and that plays a lot into their life and I can't imagine what that was like and I know I'm like the bleeding heart but it's true they've been through a lot that's being said let's play a game okay whose English drops rate the road okay a little agro worst country four roads go here here what second worse for me Morocco second worst is no Moldova okay multiples always the second worse now okay third Italy for me definitely it's in there with Moldova Morocco Italy bad Italy was bad Italy's really bad and for a fully developed country shame on you Italy you should have better run okay best roads best roads France France I would say France France with an asterisk as far as gastric it is the best roads but you're paying like a thousand dollars a day you drive on them because all their tools so I I don't as far as I would say probably Germany the best roads without question I like Switzerland too but Germany there's no tools no roads are really good outlet alarma do anything else you want to add about the roads we're here lemonade is going to need everything tightened because actually we're gonna give her a little break for a couple months like a facelift she's she I think she's a little pissed off right now I mean would you want to be rattling around at her age anymore to sort of think about the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that we've been driving through since we've been in this country and lucky us we have we're basically on our way outside of the wave we basically ready to some that says the viv croissant so I am now crossing the street to get inside Jessica's already taking pole position what is he doing crossing the street and videoing same time seriously coffee I can't drive to chew over without sorry Wow is amazing our food oh my gosh and the cool part about this is that we can't understand the actual menu so we just get the point to everything we're going that's calling me we go late for the cars right there i long ago what's up don't channel on your sister please I love you Oh bye we're right here and the RV is like right there you speak English so okay here learn English in school or yes yeah do you abuse it a lot your English do you go to speak it do you like speaking it yeah okay yes coffee oh do you have American Express or a lot bye bye thank you so now we have coffee will is fine I've ate I've eaten I'm not angry anymore and we have poor lighting but you're just gonna have to deal with it right because we got to get ourselves to Kiev real fast because well we don't want to be in the car all day now we've been on the road for just about two years and usually on a drive day that the kids get a solid school day in and while either Jessica and I are driving the other gets to hyper focus on work but like anything else attention spans are short and we eventually get sidetracked discount here's my most beautiful windshield washers that we've ever seen in all of Europe look at this guy he's like this is a third pass on the car it's so amazing getting gas here in the Ukraine we've been told is like a challenging affair because not every gas station is the same see that Brussels nothing thank you so we've been told that basically the right gas is a bit of a challenge here because now there's gas stations that offer much less prices than others oh cool oh cool okay Kay oh right basically back there and essentially what we're seeing is that the prices are it's about a dollar five a leader around their dollar three a leader which is right around like number two that we've seen for all of Europe as far as gas prices Macedonia is by far the cheapest but this isn't bad now comparing it to the US prices this is still like by far more expensive but it is what it is I'll take this over like Swiss prices was like a dollar sixty a litre which turds like a lot like $7 a gallon around there this DJ's taking on it's all a little mind of its own and it's not just because we're recording this as a blog is the travel day which we never do but just because jessica has a mind of her own no here's the thing guys they churches in Ukraine in my opinion have the most stunning exteriors they're basically all of their own personality some are fred with like silver gold roots some are purple like there's all these different colors their feet on the outside blue against right now we're turning around and going back as we're gonna set us on Forbes about twenty minutes but I can't thank you basically our GPS is telling us what are you doing tear around yeah she's yelling at me go back to get shaken but not stirred okay so we have now arrived at the blue church of wonder Oh spectacular it's beautiful it's a waste of time but that's that's fine this is this is our just are driving life the blue church was not a waste of time right guys if you ever asked a question as to why we never recorded driving day before and this is why our day is as random as I have no idea i Scrabble pixel perfect fit ABD bipolar and we never make it to our destination we're here we're gonna take you along with us for the ride we're checking out a blue church I don't think we can get side but we're checking out blue Church this is basically the creative process it's best jessica is going to come out with the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph from this whole huge experiment no really because the lighting it's a bad time to shoot but I'll do my best the photo shot you can do anything there's a church is Nick it's amazing there's lemonade over there there's Jessica and well this is part of the travel experiment isn't it alright so this is a good time for a question the vlog have you ever stopped to get a bandage of a church like that in the middle of the Ukraine no I I can't imagine that I'm gonna get any of any people answering that question but that's fine you know what this is what we do tomorrow is Mother's Day so I'm not gonna go ahead and and rain on her parade although I think the gods may actually take care of that there are all these rain clouds coming right above us [Applause] it's raining what are you doing anything for the shots oh I got a couple I got a couple for started breathing honey we're just we're gonna need to stay here was it worth it we're staying the night huh staying the night right now I used a service no morning I need a model Avalon no to be my model Margaux well I guess it's you serious well it's not happening can you please see my model this trip barbicide stir-fried phrases so we've just turned around we're gonna go check it out they have food there and smell but he left over peppers and this is this is not part of the plan people we don't we don't we don't exactly schedule these cultural experiences like a dirt bike race as far as what we plan on doing during our tour a rough moto moto walk but essentially mario has said that this is something that you'd like to experience I don't know how this is all gonna leave it to a blog people and if you do see this in the vlog then consider this masterful art of editing because I don't know how this is part of the story exactly that's as part of our travel day to travel there's that people are traveling on airplanes they don't stop for their travel days something exciting we're hungry that's really exciting I take back everything I said by the way about this thing being started over I know I know well I was more thinking about working and everything else and then I've gotten lost in the moment of working I got excited and I said what I can't work anymore and lager I said I want to see motocross how do you say no to eleven year old boy who was it has an RV an end mic at his hand all the time so we're going to a motocross it looks kind of exciting there's a lot of police and a lot of military here I think they just go to everything I think they just like wearing their uniforms I don't know what we're gonna get to join up what a war buy a slightly used RV at this point a she she's a trooper she's gone through a lot so far so the motocross has now turned into a full-on barbecue look at this there is their services back here there's a bounce house like back over there and oh my gosh there's like a full up bar like right here we're gonna be here for a little while [Applause] we think what how's it coming over this way so what basically got the Green Line to go ahead fly the drone with the local police officers which is super cool in the meantime check out what I have right here we have a fan club do it the drone yeah so this is gonna fly up in this belt you speak English music now we get to me right and you're in double D's my Halloween she did a good job mister where's the gimbals um do you want to change the lenses no I'm okay no it's at this point it's not really cool no unfortunately on the English okay this is the coolest part about this experience I'm now having a conversation with these guys full-on in Russian they broke out the Google Translate and it's like a full-on like conversation so they pretty much asked why am I here let me see here I am here because my son wanted to stop and see the action what you can only do yes we do have a youtube channel yeah oh yeah penis right and how is it cold it's called broad toning bye guys have a good time what'd you get for food I see you made some friends I did I did but now I'm starving I have no idea what this is for food I want I think it tastes like chicken huh it's chicken neck it could be chicken neck um but it's good and the guy was super cute this sold it to me he was I'm like how much and he's going like this with his fingers they're really cute and they're like looking at me asking a lot of questions I'm like American and they go oh okay go very cute we're the only ones that would actually stop at this thing without knowing the language haha what's fun I'm glad we stopped the armored folks we have a destination with that we had to say goodbye to the incredible motocross event we all had a great time thanks to Largo as for our new young Ukrainian subscribers if you're watching it was great to meet you we cannot always say yes and it's lifestyle if you have places we need to be or other people depending on us but when we can say yes we do and today is one of those days because we had just enough time to stop at motocross and still meet the people that were meeting for dinner so just say yes say yes that was a cool experience that's a cool experience much better than the church hey don't say that about my church my blue church I'm looking for a hot pink Church next as a full-time traveling family we often look forward to Drive days we get to focus on work and plan for the next adventures sure we are visiting majestic places but is when we decide to trust in each other folk being present in the moment and visit a closed blue church or motocross event that drive days become so incredibly special it is days like these that we will remember most when we eventually sell lemonade and move to Asia but alas this day is not yet over we still had to make it to dinner and oddly enough we did not get there late we finally made it to our destination and we're still alive this is the most adorable restaurant it's like in the middle of like it looks like a big park and it smells good I said I got the big blasting – speaker – so we know it's gonna be fun we're ready to eat but we're early so we're gonna hang up here until they show up work and then pretty much just enjoy the fact that we're actually early because we're never never early okay so with that we're done okay I'll see you guys tomorrow I hate for the abrupt ending but at this point I think we're ready for for a lil relaxing dinner yeah okay bye thank you in the next episode of world tanning we get into the Mother's Day spirit I'm gonna get a BLT bagel and then take a first look at Kiev as we walk around this incredible city enjoying being just a mindless observer today I love this this is the most relaxing mother day and since I'm a little sick here hacking all over people it's nice to just kind of wander we never just wander a little if you're not yet subscribed and you are loving our daily vlog do it now and joy as we continue to share all of our adventures it's for America


Cmhelbig · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

There is no such a thing as a frivolous picture👣😎 · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Love the daily vlogs <3

Vasyl Rabosyuk · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

The kids were speaking to you in Ukrainian btw, not Russian. I'm really enjoyed the episodes in Ukraine so far, hope you have a great time!

Lee Allen · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Really enjoyed the vlog. I love your normal videos but its great to have the continuity of being in on the daily adventure for a while.

tinchina85 · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

What a great vlog! Please don't hesitate to post a "travel day" vlog because this one was amazing! LOVED the blue church (wish you could have gone inside) and the motorcross event (especially the drone footage) was VERY interesting! Kudos to Largo for requesting the stop! Loved it all, World Towning! Teresa

Johnny morris · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Great video, people are the same everywhere, would have never visited Ukraine until I watched this video.seeing the little kids at the motocross it made me think of how obscene war is.

Mikel kohen · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Great video! Always have to be open to the adventure of a unplanned stop.

tommye dodson · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Got to be one of my favorite vlogs thus far. Too many people go from point A to point C and don't take the time to see B. Toss out the itinerary and go with the moment. Take it easy on poor Lemonade.

Geraldine McGurk · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm


Chiara Grondana · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

I'm Italian and yes, our roads are a disaster, even in the most developed areas of the country, it's sooo frustrating

martyna weronika · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

That motor cross event looks so cool! I like your spontaneity 🙂

Davinci3211 · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

I’m with Jessica – as the saying goes “ you should never forget to stop and smell the roses” which I know you guys do all the time and the Church was such a vibrant blue 🙂

publi edos · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

feshly done and lots of edition work. Well done family…!!!!! 4XFOUR

Scott Dunham Wallace PhD · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

You guys are (intermittently) hysterically funny.

Bob Mickey · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Thanks for vlogging Lviv – my ancestral hometown on my Dad's side!

goutam.s · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

The best part of video 17.37 Moments like these makes your vlog special. Your turkey and Morocco series was really special. You uploading May month's video in July? You got some catching to do. Show more about places, expenses, cultures, food of course. Cheers!

Julian Lord · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

I used to travel by train like that ALL of the TIME.

So yeah, I've definitely stopped my journey somewhere to do stuff like that. Do most people not do that ? LOL

Julian Lord · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

I know I said yesterday that I'm sad you're only doing 4 days now on your Le Puy, but full disclosure I'm actually relieved you're not doing the originally planned 30 days under this CRAZY 2019 summer heat.

Cool that you have other pilgrims to commiserate with anyway, walking under this year's heat when you're totally solo, I can tell you, is rather the challenge.

Brechthild Kunst · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

The part with the drone in the beginning was so totally Casey Neistat!

_MrFantom_ Play · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Это я на привю

_MrFantom_ Play · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Мама я в ютубе

Samuel Barns · July 27, 2019 at 12:44 pm

I've been away far too long, it's good to be back!
Super exited for the daily vlogs!

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