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the turul a picturesque federal state in the west of Austria one of the most beautiful areas in Europe and set within the Magnificent Alps here there are many ancient towns monasteries and fortresses that highlight the region's history a history of a proud and Hardy mountain people our journey begins the Underland in the city of kitzbühel it was once a prosperous mining town but today it is a world-famous ski resort that is also popular in the summer months the old town with its pretty middle-class buildings that date back to the 15th century is a fine example of the country's rural architecture it was then that kitzbühel was part of the turul one of the most important settlements of the late Middle Ages has successfully managed to step into the third millennium since johann in tirol is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in the Underland and it has a splendid town center the turul has developed into a veritable trademark Tirol and behind the picture book Edel are the local people who are proud of their unique culture and national identity on our journey to lower in Tal we pass going a popular village with a baroque church and in the background the ville de Kaiser mountains at the time of the Contra Revolution the Protestant population was driven out of the turul without mercy thus the region was known as the turul Holy Land the next village is el maja from where a modern rack railway travels up the heart kaiser mountain a high alpine paradise for both hikers and skiers from here there's a marvelous view across the kaiser mountains to parallel mountain ranges but Zama Kaiser in the north and the Ville der Kaiser in the south the region's myths and legends feature devils witches and souls of the dead that inhabit mountain peaks pastures and canyons next we arrive in antara in tal kufstein fortress surveys the town of the same name a small town that lies on the in River a place of which many songs have been written for some centuries this border town was the cause of some hostility between Bavaria and the Tirol and the fortress has seen many a bloody battle from foreign foe however it always won through and was never captured a mighty bull walk in the Alps and a historic gateway into the high mountains a savage fire once devastated both town and fortress and made it easy for the Bavarians to take control of this area bus kufstein was part of Bavaria until 1814 when it reverted to the Tirol the fallen Hoth F stud at the foot of the Kaiser Mountains is the official location of the turul horse breeding Union this is where the famous half linger horses are bred around 4,000 people live in the village of Ville chana that is situated in a fascinating Valley of the kitzbühel alps that extend for some 24 kilometers neater ah is the entrance to the field shallower region Oh Beryl is the main village in the valley it features i catching farmhouses whose carved wooden balconies are decorated with splendid flowers at the end of the valley is alpha from here a modern cable car travels up the shots berg in two sections one sonia narrow canyon led to the end of the valley and the mountain had to be negotiated on foot today those who come here appreciate this isolated mountain world they travel from peak to peak squeezed in between the in river and protective rocks is the small town of Ruttenberg that has maintained its medieval character it's obvious prosperity was based upon highly lucrative silver and copper mining as well as the fascinating art of glassblowing which is still practiced today this charming Lane is richly evocative of bygone times and these finds sturdy buildings that are decorated with marble from the surrounding area have many a story to tell the town's buildings are tightly packed together and nestled close to the rock walls opposite Rotenberg on the other side of the unter an entire is the largest open-air museum in the west of Austria the Terada Bonhoeffer it features 13 farmhouses and numerous buildings from various regions of the turul the buildings are of authentic design and provide an interesting insight into the rural life of times gone by the original buildings were painstakingly dismantled and each detail added to these authentic buildings but it was a rewarding task further west of the intel the out bottle leads into an untouched natural landscape at an altitude of 975 meters above sea level is the remote mountain village of out bar this the most beautiful village in the Tirol has maintained its traditional character in just 45 minutes the archon Sieben travels from yen bar in the Intel up to the Arkin see the biggest lake in the turul the oldest track railway in the world was inaugurated here in 1889 over a distance of seven kilometers the train travels to an altitude of 440 meters it crawls up the 16 and 1 gradient several times a day when the old engine finally arrives at the nine kilometer long and one kilometer wide our can see it's water tank must be refilled the boats on this Tyrolean fure are waiting for their passengers the water temperature highlights the fact that the Arkin see originally ice age the return journey to the valley is an even bigger challenge for the old rack railway and the conductor has an extra task he must apply the brakes in the last carriage that silly doll opposite the Arkin see is the most popular and best known holiday region in the turul a wide valley that ends in Maya – that silly Tata horn slicer is one of the most beautiful high mountain roads in Austria the views from here a breathtaking peaks of 3000 meters and more dominate the silhouette of the Alps and are partially covered by gleaming white glaciers a special attraction is the journey from Maya – up into the tiny samsa tile into an enchanting mountain landscape and to the imposing schlagg ice water reservoirs here man has managed to unite nature and technology in a wonderful way the artificial dam blends perfectly into the natural scenery the tux a'tall is the natural follow-on to the xylitol it's located higher and it's narrower and situated at the end of the valley hinto tux was once described as the end of the world the harsh terrain once made it difficult to settle in the valleys of the Alps but today it is a paradise for skiers as the hinted took sir glaciers have now been made accessible for skiing in the intel we're now approaching the capital of the turul but first we visit a small town that became important long before Innsbruck reached prominence hull a medieval town whose old town is one of the best-preserved in the whole of Europe in 1477 dukes sigmund moved the mint from Mirren to howl and it was here that the world's first large silver coin was minted soon the hollow silver Tala became common currency throughout Europe and made the town famous and so the idea of the euro is not totally new at the junction of the unter in Thailand Ober inte R is the Turrell's Petropolis of Innsbruck the Florence of the north and the capital of the mountains the golden data is the city's main landmark a splendid stone balcony with a slanting roof whose copper tiles shine out in the sunlight and from which it derived its name the balcony is decorated with many frescoes and reliefs and once served as a lodge for the Regent from where he could observe the jousting contests that took place in the square below Emperor Maximilian the first temporarily made innsbruck the center of the Habsburg a realm after his death power reverted to Vienna margot amal touch gave the land of turul to the Habsburg errs who ruled there until the decline of the Danube monarchy in 1420 the Habsburg has moved their residence from Marin to Innsbruck the Hofburg was built and gradually enlarged its baroque design was created by Empress Maria Theresa the nearby Santiago Cathedral is one of the turell's most important buildings of Baroque design it's interior is crowned by a splendid cupola decorated with illusionist frescoes and the splendid Renaissance tomb of assets Augmon is located in the center of the Cathedral and is a reminder of the tombs that are to be found in the HOF kesha the HOF kaká was completed under the rule of third around the 1st and has a modest and understated exterior but it contains the city's most important historic site the half kicker was originally planned as a tomb for Emperor Maximilian the first black figures guard a key notif an empty sarcophagus because Emperor Maximilian was buried in the vina noise starts at his heart in get a Tyrolean Moloch had this pleasure palace directly outside the city gates the schloss ambras it was constructed on the foundation of a medieval fortress and had a fine park and all the splendid furnishings of renaissance times far from the noise of the city a rack railway travels up the Nord Keter to hunger burg and from there a cable car leads higher there is no other city in the world that has such a mountain world on its doorstep Innsbruck is situated in the very heart of the mountains close to hunger burg is the highest zoo in Europe the scenic alpenzoo that mainly features indigenous wildlife from here we begin our journey through the turul Oberland on a plateau high above the in Thailand in front of the mighty car vandal mountains is Seefeldt in the 13th century the monarch of the turul mine hard ii brought a number of Cistercian monks into the country and permitted them to establish the stands monastery this was to commemorate his son konradin who at the age of 16 was executed in nepal colorful stucco work and frescoes with religious motifs adorn the ceilings and walls and until the 16th century the fest and goofed of the Abbey served as a tomb for the Monarchs of the turul on the opposite side of the Intel is a sunny high valley that extends along the meminger Berg cutter the meminger plateau is an oasis of relaxation the journey north leads across the firm past two air fault a romantic tourist destination close to the German border at the foot of it sucks Pizza and protected by the Vettes Tyne Mountains there was once a Roman root here and for many years our Suffern was a much sought after destination but the construction here of the first cable car and the turul changed everything with the advent of tourism everyone wanted to enjoy the fascinating mountain scenery but without the arduous climb once undertaken by Yosef Nath's the imposing mountain station at the top of the souk Spitzer with a hotel a panoramic restaurant and a meteorological station can today also be reached from the German side at a length of 65 kilometers the earth style which is named after the main town of Earth's is the longest Valley in the int'l the small village of Omaha sin' contains the earth Seedorf and deeper in the valley is the winter resort of Solan that has much to offer and is extremely popular with skiers uber Solan is situated on a slope that is much higher than Cerdan once there were only a few farmhouses here but today it has several modern hotels the valley becomes narrower and finally ascends into the breathtaking region of the earth stellar Alps the earth style became world-famous due to the discovery of a mummy the man in the ice who was known as earth sea and who perished in the high Alps the valley climbs even higher and uber gurgle at the end of the valley is situated at an altitude of 1,900 meters the vegetation changes and the climate is high alpine higher still is hot gurgle a small hotel resort that was built for the tourist trade from the earth style a high mountain road leads to the foot of the retin Befana a glacial area that covers 2800 meters this high mountain region is now totally accessible and so it's possible to enjoy winter sports even at the height of summer khutai is in the Stuber alps it can be reached from the earth style via the cell Rhine tile that travels at an altitude of around 2,000 meters parallel to the inte R throughout history the people of the Tirol have always been a wild mountain race and proud that they have never attacked only defended Kutai is located at an altitude of two thousand and twenty meters in summer it's popular with hikers and at winter it's perfect for alpine holidays fresh air clear water and a healthy climate plus a magnificent mountain landscape a place that refreshes both mind and body and also the local sheep as with the earth style the karna tile is also a valley of the upper intel towards the end of the valley is gay patch reservoir that is almost six kilometres long with the 3739 meter high vise Google Mountain in the background on a slope close to the entrance to the valley is a small chapel the pilgrim church of Carlton Durham is the oldest in the turul it dates back to the 12th century and was later given a baroque design the inhabitants of the small mountain villages are very religious they live alongside nature and have a strong faith a Content life full of tradition the high plateau on the opposite side is known as the Sun plateau as this area enjoys more sunshine than anywhere else in the turul of three villages in this area surface is the main one at an altitude of 1427 metres and situated amid picturesque mountain scenery this is one of three sunshine villages despite the comforts of modern hotels rato romantic traces are to be found everywhere rural character is underlined by the local architecture its originality adds to the special charm of the villages historic origins with a modern touch a successful experiment Lauda Castle rises above the 3rd village of laddus which is off the tourist trail further into the West there LUN Dec the Intel branches off in a southerly direction and the Darrow's stanza tau leads to the albergue close to the entrance to the valley is the mountain village of grins in pre-roman times the people here appreciated the temperate climate and settled on the sunny terraces at the foot of the Bisaya spitzer it's believed that vines once grew here grints features the original old taro a proud land of free farmers to whom emperor maximilian the first gave the right to defend their land Pat's naan is the name of a high alpine valley in the West in the upper Pat's non tile is ishka that is located an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level this former agricultural village has now developed into a chic winter sports resort the old village and it's splendid church have been skillfully integrated into the planning of new buildings and the result is an interesting mixture of architectural styles the large number of Palace like hotels indicates the popularity of this place this Ibiza in the mountains has developed into the place to be at the end of the valley and as an altitude of 1500 meters is the small village of Galt or at the foot of the striking silver etta massive a more tranquil spot in the winter of 1999 this idyllic winter resort was the scene of a major tragedy and made headline news around the world devastating dust avalanches killed 38 people and most of the buildings were destroyed San antón lies at the foot of the albergue at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level full of history it was once a farming village in 1824 the pass was opened and in 1884 a railway tunnel followed in 1978 by the albergue tunnel the albergue is situated at the end of the Tirol son Christophe lies close to the pass since the middle ages there's been an in here that has sheltered travelers on their dangerous journey across the mountain the Recaro that leads to sewers was constructed in 1900 in summer everything here is relaxed and calm but in winter it's a luxurious holiday resort 300 meters further on is left the most famous village in the albergue region tourism gradually developed and brought the mountain regions a different kind of wealth cable cars and mountain lifts were built and visitors arrived in their thousands each season of the year this popular Alpine holiday region attracts visitors from all over the world the tea roll is a land of mountains a natural treasure in the very heart of Europe you


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