TVJ Smile Jamaica: 8 Useful Tips When Traveling With a Medical Condition – July 25 2019

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so for many reasons we think that traveling is the best holiday activity however when you are also juggling traveling with a long-term medical condition there are a few things that you need to consider all right so we have for you eight tips that you might find useful when traveling with a medical condition according to the CDC the most commonly encountered in flight miracle events are neurologic events cardiac events which is your heart respiratory events gastro intestinal events and I won't study next time because it's just fainting the next one is vas of Valhalla Vasa vagal syncope which means European faintly so they said the first rule for travelers with underlying health problems such as cancer heart disease lung conditions anemia and diabetes are those on any regular form of medication or treatment or recently had surgery is to consult with your doctor before deciding to travel by here very important some people don't consult it up because they don't want to hear that it shouldn't travel mmm but it's important that they do I'm so here are the tips first carrier medication with you and plan to run out so if erupting volcanoes and super storms have taught us anything is that travel can be unpredictable so planning to run on some medication means you won't cut it close I don't say okay I'm going away for 30 days so let me take 30 days worth of medication you'll have the extra you need in case your trip is extended for some reason most travel experts recommend that travelers carry their medication with them in their carry-ons and in their original prescription containers this way if you are separated from your luggage your health won't be at risk and if something happens so for example if you faint and somebody says is your medication if I open meeting the cancer said this is what medication you're taking other than miss it 20 pill I'm gonna know what I mean what do you mean by plant or a note so so if you're going for 30 days and you're supposed to take three tablets a day you carry the exact 90 tablets had been planned to make sure your door or note well-planned safe ever run out what you're correct another the proper oh no G we have extra long as they plan to run odds are correct we are your medical alert identification plus alternatives you know sometimes you see the little bracelet tells you what kind of condition you have so if you have a medical condition a medical alert bracelet it's critical folks but some medical conditions don't require patients to care something that identifies their condition this works just fine if you're traveling with another person that person is in a condition to speak for you example they are conscious after the bus accident if you are because if you go and nobody's there to tell them if you're allergic to Peninsula for example or if you have an allergy and they should say look you probably ate peanut sorry it's important carry a basic medical information on you whether or not you wear medical alert identifiers some sort it's most useful to have your basic medical information and this would include your primary care physician contact number very important your health insurance information your travel insurance information names and dosages of medications list of allergies and current illnesses in most cases this information can be printed onto a small card carry a couple of these so you have spares and tuck one into your wallet or money belt so I carry my blood type with me at all times as well I don't know my blood type of have travel travel miracle with pre-existing condition commission so not everyone with a medical condition needs pre-existing condition coverage with their travel medical insurance plan and the only way to know for certain is by understanding or travel insurance companies define a pre-existing condition what's the next one carrier doctors letter if you have an implanted device most travelers with implanted medical devices know that it helps to carry some type of identification or a doctor's note security checks for travelers you don't want to go in I am fitted with an artificial joint or a pacemaker or other internal device and every time you go just superb and yes sir I mean appearance make about them they don't believe you see you need to carry cardiac devices can also be affected by the magnets used by security so it's important to understand from your doctor how best to go through airport security all right so the airlines are quite strict about those traveling with oxygen and for good reason mishandled oxygen tanks of blown planes out of the sky so you'll need to research the rules and regulations for the airline in which you're flying and be sure to think carefully about any bus train or other transportation services you'll be using so that's if you're traveling with oxygen or oxygen concentrators yeah do some research know how to get medical care where you're going once you've prepared for your trip your next responsibility is to know how to get medical care where you're going if you're traveling domestically that's a lot easier than if you're traveling abroad especially if you're going to a place where you're unfamiliar with the local language so you want to know if I'm going to say this is a place that is English friendly yeah yeah yeah and finally have a back-up plan stuff happens when you're traveling with a medical condition it's important to have a back-up plan just in case so you drop your medication overboard while on a cruise having coffee copies of your prescriptions or travel assistance services lying to call and your physicians number will be yeah you know they said earlier about people needing to know what you're allergic to true story I went to a trip with a national football team and the kids were told to stay in their rooms so the manager is doing a walkthrough and while he's in a room here comes this bola Ron come in the room when I'm not supposed to be in the room so did manager I said so at City Engineer I am say ahead a ik in my room things are fast it goes same ever idea i'ma come check the bar after two true story so the bottle is sort of managed that's a wobbly table T so to imagine il promotion bridgetta co2 tablet I give him I didn't take it I didn't go back to bed makes my night breakfast he turns up with this is the bigger she has never seen him alive cover him world fears now we told him to take it off his eyes were so Lanois was shot because he was allergic to the tablets that he was given we had no idea good thing we knew obviously how to find his father and stuff when we had to call back to jamia cut off a note what am i allergic an Russia motor to get it didn't in the end it was a funny story because I don't know them things of asked pretty much the way I am saying Eddie acadia Calabasas the co2 tablet us as in tabata set up yourself nice well so that's important that mean it's funny no what he could have actually lost his life because he was allergic to the tablet things you know like Glen Campbell is allergic to fish but my buddies if you eat it you touch him yeah more I'm serious strangest thing with me is I am allergic to orange juice but if I eat our range is not no wrong with me strange dancing but if I drink the orange juice in two seconds that's all like the worst flu in life but if I eat orange it don't bother ya so Darryl you miss a long time you know China orange juice mama tried which right and see everything I'm to me we were doing I'll add myself and Simon and they gave me about this orange juice and Simon said no make him drink it they said no – not with the bargain and by the time I put on the glass how could I say you know what if you sit over boat or what that's important because people to tend to ignore people's issues say we say I'm allergic to peanut let me say look at me tonight yeah alright don't let an illness stop you from enjoying your holiday but if you have a medical condition travel responsibly


Marsha T · July 27, 2019 at 4:06 pm

Good morning to TVJ Smile Jamaican Staff and Crew

Manners & Respect

Marsha T · July 27, 2019 at 4:06 pm

eating oranges is the best.

the orange juice in containers purchase has added additives that can triggered immunity outbreak

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