Trips, Bumps and Falls Compilation | The Jeremy Kyle Show

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coming up with some of the highlights and favorite clips from the show enjoy watching these favorite color is red isn't it yes boom she smashed every single somebody get the people you just back from the holiday open mouth and get flattened by that are you alright you you know why you up Steve where were you I'm supposed to be the reason this is all kept together I could have been flattened by that one where were you damn were there mr. cow you sure has gone to your heads spinning while you all right missed it lovely I don't intend to wait til the break I'm really sorry I've looked forward to this all morning this man is the self-styled gangster has got one hot set of wheels those old please give it up for Wiz [Applause] listen here's the thing when I say you can come on you can come on go this is the woman that you're where they used to be you're making you turn down or she doesn't come out go bye-bye go oh yes you go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] not really losing the world Trish I am yes go make my both of my kids today to the show to name and shame head [Applause] [Applause] you drunk no well that's the door why don't you walk into and love this you see that welcome to the show ad we got this do you know why you're in you will in a minute for more official compilation videos click here and subscribe so that you never miss any extra YouTube content [Applause]

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