Trip to Vegas GONE WRONG unscripted

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Yo, how do we ​​not​get caught stealing this car?​Ahh… Well, uhh…​Yeah, to be honest, I don’t know.​Yo, wait, crap–where… Where even are we, dude? Like…​Uh–​We’ve been driving for, like…​straight ten days, I have to go pee.​Well, I mean,​uhh–lemme check…​Oh, we’re in ​​Vegas!​Yo dude! There is a casino right there! Do you wanna go?​Uhh…​Does it have a bathroom? I, like…​I’m not joking about this,​I seriously need to take a piss.​My bladder is about to explode.​Andre, I’m pretty sure casinos have that.​They probably got, like, multiple bathrooms.​Come on, let’s go. I’m bored.​Umm,​But what if their urinals are, like…​Like…​Like, you know, full?​Like, where do I have to uri–​y’know I…​use a urinal?​Like, I don’t want to…​like… ​​I-I don’t know, man!​I just feel ​urncormfortable​​peeing…​or, like…​even though there’s like a small–​small-ass wall?​And if there’s somebody right next to me?​What if they just decide to look over, okay?​I’m embarrassed.​Well…​Andre, there’s this thing called “manning up,” okay?​Like, if-if they look over the stall…​You gotta do what might…​What does, like, every black guy do…​Okay, never mind that!​You just gotta run up to them…​Give ’em a nice sock in their mouth, like…​Like with that, okay?​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Oh crap, the road!​Uwaah!​Uwaah!​Uwaah!​Uwaah!​Uwaah!​Uwaah!​Uwaah!​(Music – Mahalageasca (Felix B Jaxxhouz Dub))​Alright, Andre! We’re now at the arcade!​This is cool right? Yeah, I just think it’s cool.​Alright, I have fifty bucks and I’m going to spend them all on tokens!​Alright dude, but just make it quick, dude, alright?​Like, I really have to take a piss!​I don’t know where the bathroom is, dude!​I– just make it quick, okay, man? I need to piss in something…​Hey, well…​There’s a trash can over there, just help yourself.​Alright, here we go…​Oaugh!​(pissing with great ferocity and anguish)​…shut up, Dom…​Uhmm…​Andre, did you piss or did your…​bladder… kinda…​…explode?​Umm…​Both?​Yeah… interesting. I didn’t know ​​light bulbs​…​(gasp) Dude!​Look at this! They have Pong!​Look at this! They have Pong!​Look at this! They have Pong!​Alright! Alright, alright, just, umm…​Just remember: don’t-don’t spend all the money, okay?​Like…​If you spend all your money in Vegas,​you just won’t get it back.​Vegas is just a huge​Ooh, yeah! Unh!​Oh… wh-Yes!​(grunting)​(more grunting)​Alright, dude. Like…​I’m going to sleep, like…​My pee-pee kinda hurts after that, like…​This– the entire–​My entire crotch is like, numb.​Alright, I’m going to sleep. Bye.​Dom!​The–wait…​DUDE!​You have been ​​LITERALLY…​I-I… are you been…​Do you– are you ser–​Are you been literally…​…playing Pong?!​For like…​this…​for like, straight ​​12 HOURS?!​Do you know what time it is?!​Time for you to​SHUT UP!​Oh my god! You made me die!​I was going to get the high score!​I was going to beat this dude, dude!​Like, ​​aaauughh!​Why?!​You’re so annoying!​Why do I hang out with a ​​light bulb ​24/7?!​Ogh…​(over-exaggerated throat clear)​Umm…​Dom?​How much…​How much money did you spend?​Ugh… I don’t…​Ugh… I don’t know, dude…​Maybe like…​$700?​Um, hello sir. We have been getting reports of a man, um…​…sitting here for straight…​13 hours?​We have to ask you to leave, sir.​or the place starts smelling like ​​ass​, okay?​or the place starts smelling like ​​ass​, okay?​We have to tell you to leave, sir? Please?​No! I don’t wanna leave!​I like this place! Ungh!​Sir, I am literally on my freaking knees.​I beg you to leave.​It is starting to smell like ass.​I will give you…​a 100%…​…discount…​(uncontrollable giggling, laughing, and coughing)​I will give you a 100% discount…​on any food you have.​(over-exaggerated gasp)​Well, in that case…​Well, in that case…​Can I get all the chicken nuggets?​Um…​Is that it?​Like…​We have like, umm…​You know…​We have like, other food…​We have, like…​We have got golden steaks…​We have got, umm…​Umm…​What else have we got?​I do not know… We have got…​We have got more extensive stuff–​Is that all you want? Chicken nuggets?!​Huuuhhhh…​Duuuh!​Chicken nuggets are the ​​bomb​, bro!​Gimme them!​Give me them right now!​Give me them right now!​​​


Ghost Toaster · September 28, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Looks real to me!

PaRappa the Hat · September 28, 2019 at 5:02 pm

Oi where parappa smh

Some Random Vilim Dude · September 28, 2019 at 5:07 pm

Pissing in a casino trash can ( GONE WRONG ) ( GONE SEXUAL ) ( COPS CALLED )

That one servant of Satania who wishes Miniladd won · September 28, 2019 at 5:14 pm

The thing clearly ricochets of the bottom of the display, making him "playing" the pong actually meaningless
"Oh my god you made me die"
It keeps going in the background

Clearly this is a metaphor for life, with a significant nihilistic undertone and message. Truly the work of art.

cosmic derpface · September 28, 2019 at 5:58 pm

Improv is a wonderful thing.

Steven TCGO · September 28, 2019 at 6:19 pm

pose be like they freaking died lol

Knollad · September 28, 2019 at 10:14 pm

This is a tragedy

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