Trip to KYOTO Japan// Where to go / 京都 // Киото

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Hello Time is passing so fast, isn’t it? I have already returned to my country and this has been a year since I uploaded my first video. I have just been watching some random videos from this year and remember the places I visit and people I met So I decided not to keep all these videos in my computer If you don’t mind this time I would like to show you Kyoto. I went there with Nastya. She also studied in Japan this year, but in Fukushima University. And we have been friends since our freshman year at Belarusian state University. Kyoto is perfect at any time of the year. And I have made a list of top 3 places I vised in Kyoto that time. We went to Kyoto together in the middle of June. Do you know what’s special about the season from June till the middle of July in Japan? It’s rainy season , and it is raining almost every day. But we took a risk to go there during this season and did not regret it. First, if you are not into walking in the rain, there are some indoor markets in Gion district for exp. So you can take a walk there despite of the rain. -Do you know why it has 5flors?
-Why? Because it is symbolizes the earth, fire, air, …… water….
and something else…. -and the Sky!
-waaa~ -Yes, air and sky, it’s strange but still

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