Trip by train and boat to the Amsterdam IJ-hallen fleamarket – Erix Collectables #58

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It’s 6:45 in the morning and we’re in Eindhoven Central Station. Sabine is getting a card. Yeah they’re going to
Amsterdam We’re going to what they call the biggest flea market
in Europe. Well we’ve seen multiple biggest flea markets Europe so ehm… but first
there’s a train ride. We’re going to search for Patrick who’s
going to join us on our trip to Amsterdam and we have to take the first
train to Amsterdam so let’s go to the platform okay? so we have the train for our selves.. forty minutes
I guess so Hey look say yes terribly exciting yeah we made it after a two-hour trip by
train and boats we finally arrived at the IJ-hallen in the north of Amsterdam and
then much to my surprise to there are even some standholders outside in the gloomy
weather but because it’s very cold let’s first
head to the halls and go inside set in an industrial area; old
shipping warf to be exact, this a very big hall but to my astonishment I see a
lot of clothing and that’s not what I’m looking for so at first I was a bit
disappointed but then looking a bit more carefully also see some stuff and on a
positive note there were a lot of private people so if I found something
the prices would be good I guess I came across Lego Creationary and
because I suspected it was incomplete immediately the seller told me oh just
take it for free so I can’t say no to some free Lego bricks! So yeah happy with that. I think next to clothes
the vinyl records were the most common item on this fair but unfortunately
they really knew the prices it was too high priced to get really any bargains. I had to go through this box of coins
that were in coin holder. Unfortunately they were not really described and it
was very dark but hey appeared to be rather modern and cheap bronze coins
so yeah with the poor lighting I really had to look at some coins very carefully but
I came to the conclusion that there were no important or rare coins in the box at
all unfortunately. Well there was one coin worth five euros and there’s
another coin thats three to five euros so that’s ten already so I paid the twenty
for the rest, surprises that will be found at home okay! So I bought some going set
this market here are they still in their packaging so I will go through them and
I will let you know as soon as I have digged through them. Thank you very much for watching next
week we will continue our adventures in the IJ-hallen in Amsterdam.

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