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Me and Ahsan. We are on our way to the airport
and are going from Karachi to Islamabad and have quite a
long adventure planned ahead. The heart doesnt feel like leaving
Karachi as today since we are leaving from Karachi, it was hot and
the weather today is wonderful. This time Ahsan will
have his own v-logging camera so high quality
will be provided to you. (indistinct dialogue) Thank you. We have the boarding
pass as well, this one. I sent the car a few days earlier
to Islamabad, to my friend Amaar. We are going to take a round
of Northern Pakistan. On one side Amaar's music video will be
made and on the second side this v-log. Have one last work in Islamabad
before the long drive. The visit to the Mistore. Oh! Mi Mix 2 is also kept here. Took the toys from Mi and put them in the
bag. Oh yes, what all is in my bag? Vide. The car USB charger. OSMO mobile. SONY's 100 to 400 G-Master Lens. Zero one point eight X teleconverter. And for v-logging a wired lens. I was about to take along my GOPRO kit
but XIAOMI gave me a 4K Action Cam. So this time action cam's complete
footage has been made by this camera. In the drone my Single
Crash Survivor Mega Pro. For editing and back up MacBook Pro. Camera batteries. For storage SD cards. Mi's sphere camera kit. Hi-fi Quick Nova. Where we are going there
is no electricity there, so solar panels are
necessary for charging. I am a Mi fan. One Amazefit Pace to track the hikes. Meaning if there is a screwdriver kit
then it should be this sexy. 20000 mAH Power Bank with USB C charger. Meaning my MacBook Pro can
also get charged with it. And this phone for which I have
been waiting for since when. For the journey coming ahead, this moto
is very appropriate for it. Full bezel less screen, meaning no notch. If you don't know Xiaomi's first Mi Mix
started this trend of bezel less. The official distributors of Mi in Pakistan is Smart Link Technologies. Thank you Mi. So friends it's 4am in the morning
and we all have woken up. And Amaar as you can see is very excited. Naveed is taking along his bitch.
I don't think you'll feel cold there. As this big sweater on
you from natures side. And right when it stops dripping
pull it out and then put this inside. So Naveed is Amaar's roomate
and he's taken the better coffee maker and he's leaving
the shitty one behind. I'm going for a year in the mountains at
least I can get good coffee right. They have decided they will live for a year in complete wilderness. Well our plan is only for 10 days. -Ahsan ready?
-Ready. When the Babusar Top route
is closed then you have to take the long route
from Karakoram Highway. Takes 18 hours. He didn't take the toll
card, we are going on the motorway. Now where we get
off the motorway we will have to pay a fine, Ahsan
will pay from his pocket. He just showed eyes to
the guy and drove by. -Brother I'm not going to give it.
-Why you won't give it? VIP. This is a small car if we may take
a big car, what will you do then? -Then I will fly it in the air.
-Fly it in the air. Until the cars that fly in the
air aren't made till then we will be giving these tolls
to move about on the ground. (indistinct dialogue) This is where we are right now. Besham Mengal Hotel. The
evening never comes here. It's Amaar Farooqui's
turn to drive the car. And I will sit in the back, the air
circulation isn't working properly. Is there any system from which
the air circulation gets better? System does circulation as well
and also filters the air so nicely that even foreign women
don't come to know when I fart. Friends it's been 12 hours of travelling.
Six hours Ahsan drove and it's been approximately six hours
that Amaar has been driving. My turn is about to come
then all these accessories will be removed.
Currently the road is so bad here that my head
is going everywhere and I may hurt myself
so this is cushioning. This is called unconscience man. Dude show me your watch? I know about that. To drive on these sort of roads
it's necessary to have a 4×4. There is a landslide in Dassu. There is no landslide,
they're constructing. Okay. Uncle Naveed is right. They are constructing. Saw a Chinese contractor. Was looking at us side eyed. I hope he makes the situation
of our country better. We don't. We'll find out.
May be half an hour. How do you know? May be half an hour. Half hour. Totally there were three
road blocks due to which 18 hours of travelling went
to 22 hours of travelling. We are moving now from a warm
place to a colder place. Small small stones showered on our
car while we drove by. Whenever a check post comes so Annie
has to act as if she is a local. Hi. Is she looking like a Pakistani? This is our friend Anastasia Scherovic. How was that again? Anastasia Scherovic. I don't think I'll ever
be able to say that. Anastasia Scherovic. It's necessary to cross Chilas before
sunset as that is a dangerous area. We are not getting much time to stop. We have stopped for diesel. Next day Ukhano came and we left. Checked the roads here. See this. The result of Mi action camera
is right in front of you. Assalam alaikum today we
are going to Khunjerab. So now a check post is come and
now I have seen Markhor, which I really don't know anything about? But
are very tasty and are too many– Markhor are goats. -They're goats?
-Yes, they're goats. Yes but they are
very delicious. Yes they're delicious,
have some if you want to. Today Ukhano reached at
1 o' clock, his luggage hasn't reached as yet.
So he is coming along in shorts and he is saying lets go
there is no problem I'm a Pathan.
I don't feel cold. But at Khunjerab Pass it
gets about negative four degrees Centigrade so I
gave him my pants. So not only are we collaborating
in terms of v-logs but we have also collaborated
in terms of clothes now. Yes these clothes have been
given to me by brother Mooroo. Turns out Ukhano doesn't like travelling. Yes, I don't like travelling. A, I have motion sickness,
B, I get cranky, C, I get moody. All those things that
girls get before their PMS. -Brother where are you going?
-Going to Khunjerab Pass. Go straight ahead. We have half an hour and
we have to cover 50 kilometres and you can
see the route how it is. (indistinct dialogue) No it's just a check post that
we have to cross before the given time. How are you feeling Ukhano? Don't feel anything at
all due to the cold. It's all finished. Everything has become numb.
Hand has become numb. Can you feel your nose? My tip is gone. My earlobes are also gone. But we are enjoying a lot. But we are enjoying a lot due to the beautiful
scene that we will be showing you now. Yes. Roll. D-roll. It was so cold that as fast as we came,
we went back with the same speed. The sun is scorching today
so it's necessary to apply sunblock. As you can see
Ukhano is applying sunblock. It's an important thing
and if you have white skin then take this name first.
On the legs too. This tune, this one. This I've been told is a,
the local chocolate. When you eat it then you get a shock. (speaking in Pashto) I have come with Mooroo to Hunza,
we had a lot of fun. We have tripped. Trip. Okay I guess another take. (speaking in Pashto) If you understand Urdu
then subscribe in Urdu. If you know how to speak English,
do it in English. And if you know how to speak French. German. German. Show me. (Speaking in German) I have brought such a big
recommendation. Now come. What do I tell all of you? This is heaven. Just put it all in your bag man. Yes yes. Just shove it in there. So friends this is Naveed. Naveed quick introduction. Hey guys I'm Naveed Khan.
I run Hunza on foot tours and we are going to be going
to Khuramabad today. To shoot Amaar's
music video called Caveman. Annie are you excited? I'm totally excited. Three hours of track, lets see how
long we can remain excited about it. It is nothing for me. I'm excited and enjoying as well. Today we are doing a light track,
so that we may get a little warmed up. Hey, where is Amaar? Amaar Farooqui is left behind so I have come
to get him. Amaar why you taking so long? Because I was packing. Amaar is getting the wardrobe
of his music video along. So we are walking to a shepherd hut in
the wilderness. Is it in the wilderness? I think so, I think it
is in the wilderness. Naveed is reluctant to tell you
where we are going but we are going to Khuramabad, where there
is no man or a mans caste. Naveed tells us or not but
we through our Amazefit Pace tracked the track and
mapped it on Google Earth. From Embassador Hotel walking alongside
Karakoram highway went till the shop. Had tea bought some goods and got off
the highway and turned towards nature. The water comes up from down
and then goes back down. Walking alongside Passu river we
reached the bridge that crossed it. Crossing this sort of a bridge
is usually not difficult for people to cross but
mine comes in the hands. To cross it the first time I
recited the Ayatul Kursi. It will get done. Keep
walking, keep walking. How scared are you? Keep walking,
keep walking, keep walking. What we have left behind is called
Passu river, this goes ahead to become Hunza river and then goes
ahead to flow into river Indus. We crossed it via three small bridges. 3.16 miles meaning five kilometres. In the last mile a new challenge came. -Did you apply sunblock Ahsan?
-No. Apply it. This sunlight is
such it may cause sunburns. Yes. Okay I will apply it ahead. At these non populated
places the animals rule. And for people like us
living in towns these conditions are a little
difficult to survive. How are you feeling? I'm feeling tired. Now ahead a jungle of thorns is
coming so when we go through it then you have to keep your
hands this way on the inside. -Okay.
-You know about that? I know about that. How are we going to go through this shit? (indistinct dialogue) Look at that shit, look at this. Naveed what are you doing there? -I'm waiting for you guys.
-Naveed's given up. This is where's the party's at guys. -Man we've called for back up.
-Lot of people die. -Call for back up.
-We're going to die. We're going to die. The funny thing is our
saviours name is Saddam. Where do we go from Saddam? We've gone wrong, huh? What the fuck? That was close. You can see behind me,
how many thorns are there? Very bad thorns. -I didn't want to take out
my Mi Mix now as its brand new and I don't
want any scratches. That's how we'll go all the way over there. They are stuck in the thorns
and I'm a resident of a village, so what difference
does thorns make to me. You know about that? I know about that. I am the best. At least the house can be seen now. Across the thorns is a place. Where by unloading the weight of the goods. Can be taken care of. Meaning home.


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