Traveling with Handmade Projects

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welcome back to the late petite st. crochet blog I'm Elise and today I am so excited to share two things with you number one I want to introduce you to little rosemary rabbit isn't she so you I just love her and number two maybe you'd be surprised to learn that I finished her at 30,000 feet in the air yep on an airplane now recently my husband and I made a trip out to Oklahoma to see our daughter graduate with her master's degree and it was going to be a really short trip so I debated whether or not I should even bring a project because I didn't know if I was going to have time but thankfully I did because the airplane is a great place to knit or crochet so I would love to hear from you have you ever traveled with your handmade projects do you have any tips and tricks for us and if you haven't what are the things that you would like to know I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get through security with my knitting and crochet hooks and this is mr. lay petite st. crochet and we are heading to Oklahoma to watch our daughter graduate with her master's degree yay so wish me luck that I get through security and I'll keep you updated when traveling with handmade projects it's best to ki SS keep it simple sweetie I tend to overpack I want to bring every single thing I own that way I ain't know that I have everything I need but that really doesn't work when you're bringing handmade projects so for my amigurumi project these are the things that I brought and I feel like these are basically the absolute necessities these are the things that you will need if you want to finish a project first you need the correct crochet hooks and needles make sure you check your pattern because you may be surprised that the project requires more than one size hook or a needle number two you need your yarn obviously and I'm gonna be honest here I like to bring extra because the last thing I want to happen is to get partway through something and realize I need more yarn number three stuffing I actually bring stuffing with me and I almost forgot to bring that which would have made finishing her absolutely impossible so don't forget to bring your stuffing number four you need yarn needles stitch markers embroidery scissors embroidery floss and safety eyes all of those little finishing things that you are going to need to make your project and number five don't forget to bring your pattern that's another thing almost forgot but also if you like to take notes which I do I always write all over my patterns bring a pencil and I like to use a mechanical pencil because the end is always sharpen and it has a nice good eraser through security and they didn't even have to check my needles or my crochet hooks yeah so now that you know what you're bringing it's time to pack it all up so what I did was I got a fairly large sized carry-on bag I like to have a big one the biggest I can get away with and what I did was I put all of the supplies that I needed to work on little rosemary here in a separate bag that I could put in side of my carry-on and I actually had room enough to put my purse in there as well so that way when I was ready to work on little rosemary I could just unzip my carry-on and pull out that smaller bag now the thing that I did which I'm really glad that I did this was when I packed my polyfill stuffing I placed it in a gallon sized ziploc bag and actually this is what I ended up having left so I had way too much but that's okay I could bring it home and this way it was contained and I could get out what I needed and not worry about a big huge bag in my carry-on through TSA again through the security check and they put my bag through twice through the scanner so I'm sure they were looking at my scissors and my knitting needles but just be advised don't bring long scissors don't bring those big long ones because they're going to take them away from you so I have just my little tiny embroidery scissors now that we've talked about what to pack let's talk about what not to pack going through security is a little bit of a stressor for me especially when I am bringing all these supplies I had multiple sets of knitting needles and I wanted to make sure that I came home with all of those knitting needles now number one do not bring huge scissors like this trust me trust me trust me don't I just brought my tiny little embroidery scissors because these are going to get taken away from you now when I was in line for security they actually put my carry-on bag through twice and I started to get really nervous thinking oh my goodness please don't take away any of my supplies because I had my favorite hook in there and my favorite knitting needles so make sure you check with the TSA website about what you can and cannot bring for your handmade projects this next tip is only for those of you who like to get to places early like I do my husband and I had a discussion the morning that we were leaving for the airport because I wanted to leave at a certain time and I wanted to get to the airport quite early and my husband travels all the time for his job and likes to get places exactly just enough time to get there and that just totally stresses me out so he agreed to do it my way and we got to the airport and plenty of time for me to be able to knit and that was wonderful because actually we probably had a good 30 minutes and when you have uninterrupted time like that it's surprising how much you can actually get done I found that time sitting on the airplane was actually quite productive it was way more productive than I actually even thought it was going to be our flight was a little over two hours so once we took off and we got to cruising altitude I was able to get my project out and I just started working and when you have no other distractions and when there is literally nothing else you can do getting work done on a project is absolutely ideal now the only challenge with that is you know you're not in a great big space and thankfully my husband and I were in a row that there were just two seats oh it was just him and I so I could actually use my tray table and his so it actually worked out wonderful so take advantage of those times when there is literally nothing else you can do is over we are heading back to the airport and surprisingly I got a lot lot done on my little bunny rabbit and we're heading to the airport right now and I'm gonna have two more hours and maybe I'll finish it now one thing I want you to be aware of when you are traveling with handmade projects is people are going to be curious people are going to come up to you complete strangers are going to talk to you which is a actually it's a wonderful thing because in our day and age when everybody is on their phones everybody is on their electronics they've got their headphones in no one talks to each other it's actually a wonderful thing the flight attendants want to talk to you the other passengers want to talk to you they're all so so curious about what you're doing and I find that this is a wonderful time to evangelize for crocheting and knitting and amigurumi it's absolutely wonderful and you get to have such lovely conversations with people and they share about what they do and they talk about their grandmothers and the projects they used to make and somehow I think it just brings a little bit of joy into someone else's life little rosemary and I are so glad that you joined us today in our little crochet room and please if you liked this video hit that subscribe button hit that like button share it with your friends I am Elise with the late petit st. crochet blog and I love sharing all about creative crochet whimsical amigurumi and running a handmade business you


Dawn's Days · May 15, 2019 at 10:59 am

I so loved this one 💕 I travel all the time with my projects but in Europe they are much stricter with sharp objects. Last time I went to the UK I posted my knitting on my IG and then at a family party all my cousins asked if my knitting needles made it through security..hadn't even occurred to me then I got all scared and was fretting I'd get them home with me LOL My work-around for not taking scissors is taking nail clippers 🤣🤣🤣 Congratulations with your daughter and isn't Mr Elise so adorable smiling away, Lawrence runs for the hills when he realizes I'm vlogging 🤣🤣🤣😘😘💕

Gretchen Murray · May 15, 2019 at 10:59 am

What is crazy about flying. I'm out of Boston so between 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombings we all but get striped to our panties and every item is scrutinized. They take away scissors, nail clippers, etc. But, I can bring thru copious amounts of hypodermic needles, and vials of drugs, they never question me. I could have vials w/heroin in them not insulin, no questions asked. Nail clippers, nope!

KT D · May 15, 2019 at 10:59 am

Love your bunny, honey! Great tips, as always. Check out “puppy snips” from HiyaHiya…they are teeny tiny. No glances from TSA.

Sarah Sillz · May 15, 2019 at 10:59 am

Thanks for all the useful info! I had always been curious about whether they took away all sizes of scissors, so knowing I can travel with my little embroidery ones is super helpful!

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