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YouTube hey guys what's going on welcome back to my channel appreciate you guys stopping by today what I want to talk about for you guys today is really some special tricks that I use to be able to travel the world completely free and show you exactly what I do on my laptop so you can find the best deals and get the best and most amount of points for your services hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Patrick Kenny if you haven't already be sure to hit that subscribe button and also click that like button it helps the algorithm and it helps these videos get out to more people worldwide it means a lot to me what I want to talk about today is how I'm able to travel for free and in a minute I'm gonna show you my phone and show you some of the recent travel that I've recently booked currently I'm outside on a hammock in Montana I'll be going back to Arizona in just a couple weeks and I'll be off to California then I'll be off to New York then I'll be back to Phoenix then I'll be off to Dallas and all these things are paid for completely free because of sky miles and so what I want to do today is show you my tricks and tips to getting the most bang for your buck out of them so first things first here is my Delta app you can see right here sixty-five thousand two hundred eighty two new sky miles was loaded July seventeenth right now I have a total of 124 thousand sky miles and I recently just used almost another hundred thousand sky miles this is a trip that I just recently booked to New York and background trip and that's actually upgraded seats that's not even coach and so what I want to talk about today is how I'm able to do this how am I able to generate such an amount of of sky miles because for those of you guys that know anything about sky miles you know that it costs a lot of money to generate them in that case that sixty five thousand new sky miles means that I had to spend $65,000 in the month in order to get that some people are thinking themselves geez I don't I don't ever spend sixty five grand in a month unless I'm maybe remodeling a house maybe buying a huge purchase and most people even in that case aren't even using credit cards for that and so what I want to talk about today is how I use the Delta SkyMiles prom to leverage and get free sky miles and use my businesses to do so so before we get into it to give you kind of a back story in November of 2018 I was approached by a group that was able to build me a fully automated drop shipping business they call it Amazon Automation through that I have to finance orders in order to make sales and so what I chose to do was use Delta credit cards to finance those orders that is the spend that I am doing on these credit cards so every month I'm spending anywhere from fifty to eighty thousand dollars per month on those credit cards to buy the inventory in order to resell them on to Amazon so that is how I'm actually getting all this spent so for you you might be using Amazon hell you might be in a different business you might be in the arts and crafts space you might be spending money on advertising you could be just spending money on day-to-day stuff whatever you're doing make sure that you're always spending that money on something like a credit card such as a Delta SkyMiles credit card because that is going to help you to travel for free so what I want to do now is actually go over to my computer screen and give me just one minute to pull it up here I want to show you guys how I first created kind of my strategy in order to get these sky moths so you can see here this is the delta cards that are available right now so you have the delta gold you have the delta platinum you have the Delta Reserve okay all of these are a little bit different the reservist basically the highest tier the Platinum is the middle tier the gold is the lower tier and all of them as you can see have bonuses earn 30,000 sky mile bonus earn 35,000 earn 40,000 they also have MQM bonuses which for those of you guys that don't know those are gonna help you reach those tears those loyalty tears to get free upgrades in the future and so what you'll notice is that all of them on the bottom here are gonna say you have to spend this amount of money in the first three months so for the gold you have to spend $1,000 in the first three months to generate 30,000 bonus models for the Platinum you have to spend 1,000 bucks to get 35,000 SkyMiles and for the reserve you have to spend 3000 bucks for 40,000 now you'll notice in here they all have annual fees okay this one is 450 bucks a year this one is a hundred ninety five bucks a year this one's 95 bucks a year but it's waived the first year so the question that sometimes comes up with me is how do I justify the cost that middle one on the screen you saw was the platinum that cost me a hundred and ninety five dollars per year how do I justify that cost well with that I always get my bags checked free that saves me already within four trips the cost of the cart secondly it comes with a companion ticket once per year so once per year with the Platinum I get a buy one get one free ticket to anywhere that I want to go and so just off of that I already recoup my investment okay and so going back to the computer here the reason that we talk about all of these things and the reason that we talk about this Pryor's which you want to do is figure out what am I going what am i already spending my money on what am I already willing to spend my money on and then get these cards before spending so what did I do well what I did was I already knew that I was gonna be spending the money to get started in Amazon automation and so I got the card prior and then I used the cards to pay down the initial investment that way I already hit these bonus miles and it was initially over a hundred thousand miles that I initially hit because these bonuses as you'll see depending on when you're watching this video will change this will fluctuate all the way up to 75,000 miles and right now it's a thirty five thousand so it's a little bit lower but watch around holiday season and usually fluctuates higher okay so the second thing I want to talk about now is how do I actually travel for free now a lot of people think that okay I have my miles I'm just gonna use them what I want but they don't know where to go so in this case today I'm talking about Delta keep in mind this goes for anybody if you want to talk about United American spirit Allegiant it doesn't matter look up the name of the airline with credit card offer following it and you'll be able to find the actual airline that you're looking for and what sort of bonus deals that they have so what I want to talk about now is this Delta award travel calendar and a lot of the airlines have this but you'll see right here that it says travel with miles okay and this is just by going on Google and searching Delta award travel so right here what I'll do is I'll click the book award travel and this is the key to my success on traveling for free what I then do as I then go to book now and this is basically like a Google flights price generator that makes things really easy for me because what I do is I change the show price in two miles and now let's say I want to do Phoenix Arizona which is where I live most of the year to say New York which I just booked recently and say I want to do that in October 2nd to the 9th a week trip ok I can search the fares for basic economy all the way up to first-class does not matter I can hit find flights ok now I'm going to show you a couple little tricks on what I like to do so on the find flights section what you'll notice is that it will pop up a calendar with the lowest fare okay so it's telling me hey if I want to I can for only 13,000 miles I can book from Tuesday the 1st to Tuesday the 8th ok that is a huge discount price off of what a normally would cost me and keep in mind I just generated 65,000 sky miles in one month this costs 13,000 roundtrip from Phoenix to New York that's a heck of a deal and I can do multiple flights a month just with those sky miles now if I move forward I can also change my calendar view from flexible days to 5 weeks and so if I go over to 5 weeks I can choose say I want my trip length to be six days ideally I can hit update results and what it's going to show me it is gonna show me the cheapest possible option for a six-day trip I could leave September 27th I could leave October 18th look at that ten thousand five hundred miles so in that case ten thousand five hundred miles gets me round-trip from Phoenix to New York that's just one example and I'm getting 65,000 per month so you can see really quickly why I'm able to generate so many miles because a recurring spend on a business but also now you can see why I'm able to find the best deals and I wait so what I do is I don't necessarily say I'm gonna go tomorrow I wait I find the best deal and this is helping me travel even more so for anybody out there that got any value out of this video be sure to again hit that subscribe button hit that like button and watch out for more videos and we're going to talk a lot more about how using different businesses in order to travel for free hopefully this helped you guys see you guys on the next video


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