traveling across the country to visit my bestfriend

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good morning everybody okay so ladies and gents this morning I woke up with a nice and fine like second-degree burn on my forehead we are on our way to Dunkin Donuts get some coffee you can't see around their bushes there's no cars coming yesterday like at all today's a new day I'm gonna oh there's a guy he's probably preaching about Jesus but a tall sturdy at all it's an evenness straw haha get it first candy creek did you go what the heck oh it works now oh yeah let's play music on my phone without this car imagine drinking a peach milkshake do it a little sassy no no markers I know I'm gonna blow I hate us I have tan line on my finger that's what I get – it's from wrapping my hands around the the my broom in Pam well one for me can I get a large fry a medium fry and a medium lemonade can I get ketchup with that he said my pleasure I said okay he said my pleasure I was a chick-fil-a and I ordered my whole meal and then they gave me a my dream and I went to get my strong I forgot that I had to pay just adulting things see do you remember that wait wait okay now come we know one waved at us no way yeah oh my god you my mullet okay whole blog is gonna be you struggling to open this goes against all my morals let's tell a story from when we were little what about the pink baby blue baby the situation one time me and II had a full-on fight over who got the pink baby in her recipe baby we were playing with these dollhouses and there was a pink baby and there was a blue baby one was a boy and one was a girl right we both wanted the pink we both wanted a pink baby how did we decide who got the pink baby who got the blue baby I think that's happening on to the fight about who was older I was born October 19th 2002 – and I didn't understand that she was older than me because my birthday my birthday came first in the year her birthday is July 21st 2003 so she thought she was older because she was born in July and I was born in October but I was born almost a whole year before she was so we decided that whoever was older got the pink baby and you know who's older me but Kaylie thought it was hurt mmm oh my god that was too disgusting fried like I believed everything it's all about a bowl I'm still like the same as I was this okay I'm still done and think you're older than me guys watch it idiot somebody's gonna comment like this friendship is abusive right Karen oh it's so like let's say had a boyfriend those are sexy why do I have like issues okay it's one day you to this room this is what fuels them no same really choir teacher used to drink it and I was like ah she's drinking alcohol in school I'm getting it tastes the same actually Oh No get the back of the normal ones I looked normal in sweaters no those are colors organic my mom used to let me drive these if I was being good nice old mac and cheese just kidding I'm just kidding that was a joke that's disgusting no they put that in the salad today and I was like when in the walk around the neighborhood feeling blessed never sweat

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