Traveling Abroad To Africa! The Total Manifestation

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there's no chance this is Lisa Marie Goodson of the BlackBerry Beauty transformative Academy as well as lockers or sonogram so now roll star Nega by the way it means negra it means the Black Rose or Black Rose and so today tonight first of all I hope you all checked your community tab so you knew that I was coming on at 7 p.m. I will definitely give you more notice when I decide to do some nighttime vibes which I actually really want to do I actually love doing nighttime lives so I'm so glad so welcome welcome welcome so I'm gonna give you a few minutes to come on we won't be on for more than an hour today I want to talk about the ultimate manifestation in traveling for lots of us and travelers and it is going to Africa particularly Ghana the cape coast of Ghana so anyway I wore my little African alright so you know we can get in the spirit and we're in a beautiful home so I really would love to I'm not gonna open the door actually cuz I have been getting bit by mosquitoes like crazy and I'm just not for that life no more so we will now be getting bit by no mosquitoes but we will be here now I'm thinking let me see if I can and I would love to let me see if I can set up in here let's see let's see if I could set up the other background is so much more prettier now but I was thinking let me see if I could set up in here and put the dish on the table and then we can get together and talk a little bit about the idea of traveling to Africa so hey am i high so let me just see if I could set it up you know what y'all it's cozy I'm loving this couch and we're gonna be on it so beautiful surroundings I wanted to get you in the mood for this African trip that we're gonna be going on and I want to tell you about it and I want to tell you about this idea of manifestation so let's talk about how would you manifest the perfect trip for you the trip of a lifetime the trip that you've always thought that you wanted to be on or go to how do you do it like I keep saying to myself it was like I had these dreams for so long and that's actually the number one way to manifest anything those dreams that you had that you were waiting for your your children to grow up or waiting for you know waiting for the right time or waiting for the money to come or just waiting for something I say waiting cuz for me I remember how when I think about how I manifested this even this trip to the dr at first i would say it came suddenly but when i actually think about it yard it wasn't sudden it was all those times of watching house hunters right it was all the times of seeing the possibility but i'm telling you when HTT house hunters was first out when i say it was we didn't know it was some people say it's fake or they already they already know the houses they're gonna already choose or you know all the things they say now but before when i watched it we didn't know it that we just it was real it was people not all the time people that look like us but it was folks that would want to travel our cuz i still really particularly like international house hunters that would actually be going to like this is the first time like i ever heard of places like you know like like kata hand out columbia right or of course madrid spain or you know that people would be like yes we're packing up our children and my wife and i and we're moving to you know taiwan or something like that Isis be like get your life girl like I want to do that I was so it wasn't like I was just watching the show I was watching myself I was watching the possibility I was watching the potential of what I could have and that's actually the beginning a manifestation you you think you've you actually manifesting when you do the vision board or you do the the affirmations or you do the visualizations or you're even you know verbally asking but yeah this is not true you're already manifesting you're already on the road to getting what you want by engaging and instead saturating yourself with some things that you want you want to travel watch other people traveling right and then after HTT house hunters I think that's when I was kind of back and forth watching more youtubes and more and more black women or traveling and around the world and you can watch the vlogs and they were so exciting I was like oh my god again for me as a 52 year old woman I say 52 because I'm almost 52 I would I would look at that and go oh my god these young women are doing it like they changing the game and they would go to places like I said like Colombia Spain Portugal Croatia like I'm just talking about places that like he was like black people go there what like what you know Germany Italy all these countries that hey Paris it was looking good I was even thinking I wanted to go to Paris I was gonna learn my French I was gonna be in Paris my fantasy and the beautiful thing was I used to watch it yell with my daughter and I used to just be like yes yes and you know one day the yes just turned into a deep early s it was like every year you know we first watched it it was just fun watching with my daughter she was like probably in middle school so it was like a dream but it wasn't really a dream it was more of a fantasy so I think step one is to fantasize about what you want the reason I say fantasizing because fantasizing usually is harmless fantasizing is like it would be nice fantasizing is if what it what if I could you know fantasizing is imagining that you are right fantasizing is a very first step to manifestation and even if you don't know you're fantasizing when you waiting for that international house hunters are watching the vlogs of black women traveling in a sense you're creating what you want whether you know it or not the second stage was for me when I started seeing junior high school turned to high school and in high school really was like oh my god she's actually going to college and she chose to go away to college and that reality while I was still going to empty-nester I was also experiencing menopausal symptoms at that point which actually I don't at all anymore you haven't heard me talk about menopausal symptoms in so it lets me know that that stage may be over for me it might come back again but I think my body is a lot more balanced but I was more dealing with the emotions that she was going so I still wasn't putting together all those years that we were watching this and thinking oh my god like I want to do that woman's leaving studying a language that they didn't even know you know woman's going to countries and live in the country so long I mean it was it was hope it was like yes you know so the reality was that I had the opportunity I was location independent meaning I was still a blackberry beauty online Academy you know teaching women various things about really how to live your best life and still in my mind it never occurred to me that one thing my daughter is going which means that maybe I actually could be one of those women who could actually live in another country study a language and basically travel abroad and even live abroad because that was big for me I really wanted to live abroad I wanted to have that experience and because that's what house hunters was about wasn't it was about really living abroad I was like okay you know what it could happen I can do it but I got scared I got scared which actually it's to be part of the manifestation period I got scared you know you're like I was really afraid I was like wow you know I am now my daughter is leaving what's next that all I really knew was a trap was actually all I really knew was being a mother all I really knew what was taking care of her so was she when I saw the reality that she was going and she was preparing me mom what are you gonna do you know but you're gonna do it I'm going you know mom you're gonna be okay mom let's open the door cuz I realized it it's too high and that's why she keeps the doors open cuz she gets that Bri so I'm gonna have to come back I'm talking to Ricky so so I'm gonna open the other door as well so I was just like you know what I got scared and I got so scared that I got married I mean that's the – to goodness truth I got so scared that I got married that's exactly what happened Ricci was she not here baby and and I got married instead of living my dreams instead of traveling but I still wanted it and it's interesting I married a man at the time who was very much who had a daughter who was a world traveler and he was so I was like don't you wanna try one Dale yeah you know one day but it wasn't the biggest deal to him but he would several times oh my daughter in the a my daughter indical just went there and my daughter Indigo's hopefully I'm sorry I got a call coming in it's a live video we've got to do the live video so I'm hoping that I could I hope that is it's the woman that owns the house so y'all I'm not gonna stop the via for now but I'm gonna get back to us just on their little message so just you know bear with me but it was it was really you know it was beautiful was like okay you know what I'm scared but I got married instead cuz I didn't really want to be alone I didn't know what it was like to be alone I didn't understand being alone I got married to a man who wasn't as passionate about traveling as I was and I kind of kept stuffing it down and I don't know how many you have done that where you know you want to do some listening travel we talking about traveling and you really wanted to travel but your partner wasn't as into the traveling aspect as you weren't and in the sense you just kind of accepted it this is your spouse and you're married and it's what you're gonna do but I thought that I accepted it but I didn't every time he would tell me about his daughter traveling I say to him you know what I know to you it feels like this is a young person thing that you're young this is a young person thing and you know people travel was not but it's not a big deal to us but I said you know I still want to travel like every time you tell me she's going somewhere I want to go somewhere I don't feel like it's over for me and I remember them as the years progress in our life the more I kept saying like I need travel and we would take little travel trip it was always for an occasion we've traveled to Delaware once because his sister passed away we travel to you know drove from from the east coast both times to New York because my aunt passed away but it was never traveled just for travel it was always traveling for a reason and it was always sad Rhys and I was like I don't know like they're always you felt good the trip was wonderful but it never and even when we travelled back and forth from Oakland to LA when I was in some documentaries it still was for work and I was like this is not this is not getting my life I need it and so I would kind of be on them he's like well you know one day later later later later and as the years and I'm hearing later later later kept going that's what I knew I was like you know what it's got to be now for me and it became a lot of tension in our relationship even if I wasn't verbalizing that to him yeah to me it was like forget later now I need to live now I don't know what's gonna happen later and I but I pushed my dreams aside and I tried to do this marriage and it wasn't working and I'm even talking to you now it's so much more clear about why because my I feel like if there was one word that would describe me it would be freedom freedom is very very important to me and I didn't know how much until I wasn't able to be free enough to not just imagine not just fantasize not just hope and wish but to actually fulfill the dream of traveling and so I I let it go for a while until it couldn't anymore and it was so interesting like as soon as we separated the first thing I did first of all was moved to the city because I knew I needed access to people I knew that I would be around people so that's another I would say I don't know if I got number two but trick me a tip number three is surround yourself around people who also like to travel whether they're younger older middle middle aged if they're married single even if they're not black like you are you know African descent just find people that love to travel I was really then on the travel videos and watching the travel videos I was like yes I'm gonna do this one day but it was more real so for six months I in a new place and I thought that I could live life as usual you are so the life as usual that I was living was I was very much into Afrocentric home decor still in and decorating and having a beautiful home and kind of traveling through my my paintings and artifacts and for yah it wasn't the same and so one day you know I just sat was spirit and I was like spirit its I can't I remember I was like kid do I get up every morning and do the foyer thing I've been doing it for 20 years I can't do the sacred woman book anymore or work from that book I've been doing it for 20 years you know I can't keep asking in the same way I'm asking because I don't feel like I'm receiving what is the blockage help me and one day I truly her spirit say it's time to learn a language it's time to learn your language I said oh good I'm which the spirits of meditation say four or five in the morning I was in the bathtub in a sea salt and spirulina y'all know how I do it and I was like yeah you know what I'm for this I'm for this life I'm for this life yes okay French I'm gonna study French cuz that's what I always wanted to study I was used to study French in high school a little bit in college and spirit said no no wait we got a there's gonna be France first said no Spanish and I was like okay do you understand cuz I knew that I didn't want the same answers that I was getting and I knew that if I asked for a different answer a different method and I said okay Spanish I can do it Spanish yes and I said what I always do I look for somebody look like me that was black that was on YouTube that was speaking Spanish and I put in black women speaking Spanish and I found there was a plethora a black woman speaking Spanish actually I was a plethora but it was a lot and I got to envy Gonzalez of life on Island and I used to watch my videos wait a second still not thinking I was traveling anyway I do need you to know this I just want an inspiration to speak Spanish and I'm watching up there much to watch every video cuz I really loved this young lady and I was like you know what one day I hear oh and I have a Spanish immersion program in Mexico Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and I was like did she say this in other videos why did I hear it just that day I'm sure she mentioned this in other videos I didn't watch every last one of them but were you not ready to hear all ready to receive or you were ready to do you're not gonna get it so I was like okay I got it I'm gonna look it up and next thing you know y'all going to this link and I'm clicking into this link and I'm sure that Mexico was offered I'm pretty I'm sure pretty sure that Puerto Rico was offered this is where the woman lived but all that stood out to me was the Dominican Republic granted get this y'all never designed to go to tools' American Republic never in my life I know people that would go over here that I wasn't on my radar wasn't even thinking about the Dominican Republic and something said the Dominican Republic it just kept coming clearer and clearer so I clicked the link and the link said hey here's the things you have we have a one-week a two weeks or three week and it was like wow I got choices and I was like you know before you buy which I didn't really have intention of buying click this and it upset you to my email so we can talk first so y'all just went through an hour click the little email and I was like she got back to me we had a Skype conversation and at the end of that very short 15-minute conversation I was back on her site buying the three two weeks I decided on the two weeks in the dr and actually I actually bought my ticket to the Dominican Republic first and then in a few weeks later I paid her for the course and I was on my way to dr and i wish i was like what the heck oh my god they are like i know that chick number four is allowed the place to call you although you could also go for places you really want for most of my life even when I was in Brooklyn New York and I started to get into Afrocentricity is a lot of the mosquitos is in honey and they in the house so if I close the door again please don't mind and I started to get into my Afrocentricity even as a like I was saying as early as high school like I want to go to Africa I want to go to Africa and actually I knew a little bit of garlic cuz my mom would talk about it I want to go to Ghana I want to go to darling like I'm gonna go to Ghana one down here and I said even I would meet Afrocentric men and they were very much into African all right and African artifacts and African culture Afrocentric things I was like but many of them some of the Africa such a man that I've been with including my ex-husband never been to the continents like mmm I'm talking about ancient African healing for the modern sister and I've never been in Africa we're gonna have to do something about this so I just dreamt about it and then I had my friends three years ago moved to Gambia from this terminal from California where I lived from Oakland and I was like yeah it's I got I can go to the Gambia I can go to Gambia but in my heart I still said what I gotta go to garnets with a dream my mother's dream and my mother has passed in 2007 was to also go to Ghana and to see Ghana and I was like you know what one day I'm gonna be able to go to garment well ladies guess what happened I I never got to Ghana but I did get to the Dominican Republic and I did the two weeks the Spanish immersion program you'll know that and I had the best time ever and I met this lovely woman whose house I'm standing right now I called her then me mother Day Marlene but as I said she's not old enough to actually be my mother so I called her my Amiga no you are not going to give me mosquitoes it's it's getting hotter in the dr and this is a very mosquito time but anyway I was like no you know what you know what I'm gonna I just formed such a great relationship with her and I start dancing in my mind I thought how did I manifest this so quickly from six months of leaving and separating from my ex-husband to six months later less than six months later right because I moved in November December January February March April so exactly four to five months later I am in the Dominican Republic taking a Spanish immersion program and living it up with a host family like well how wild is that and I know that I manifested a and I was so happy but y'all I have met festered another upcoming trip and it is me speaking in Ghana it is a beautiful wonderful I want you to come like yeah it's me it's me it's me it's actually it's my it's my retreat I mean it's a sister named sue Diaz retreat it's and I'm the I'm the keynote speaker I'm the only speaker and you're gonna be able to spend seven days with me from October 25th to October 31st six nine seven days in Ghana Cape Coast Ghana you'll be able to go through the slave to the slave castles in Elmina you'll go to the slave castles and you'll be able to do it's a luxury with a spa mine it includes all kinds of everything that goes with a spa treatment all kinds of excursions it's a beautiful all-inclusive all the vegan meals we have somebody doing decolonizing yoga yoga teaching you that and the workshops will all be given by me and it's going to be six nights seven days in the beautiful Ghana West Africa it's gonna be it's gonna tell you it is for the it is for the woman who wants the ultimate luxury experience and that's what I was thinking – I was like that's what's so beautiful about traveling you can do it on a budget sometimes you can do it luxuriously sometimes but I say treat yourself this is gonna be amazing experience for me because not only do I get to go I get to go and present I get to have a retreat that somebody this is designed around me and it's for us – it's beyond just up leveling it's saying to ourselves you know what there is a powerful woman in me and this powerful woman can manifest a trip to Ghana in West Africa and I could be there for for a whole week and I'll tell you it's transportation to and from the airport I guess that all meals are included lodging is included because there's one of the nicest hotels in Ghana like everything about it is so amazing everything about it is on them like I'm so excited I actually left the link and I'll leave the link again in the description box here because I really want y'all to be a part of it and it's about it's about the releasing but it's also about the achieving it's about the receiving it's about saying to yourself you know what I'm not gonna be scared to go and do the go to places I was wanting to go I'm not gonna leave my dreams and some fantasy land I'm not gonna leave my dreams into maybe or one day that right now I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it and I'm gonna do it now of course y'all these things bugs is Kevin a okay so anyway okay so I'm just like no I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna I'm gonna have what I want I'm gonna get what I deserve I am so excited to invite you the reason why I want to also wanted to do it was look at how manifestation works ladies I mean I wasn't trying it was about the money I didn't even really know where it was coming from but once I made the decision to go everything just fell into place everything just fell and the things happen as quickly as possible and the next thing I know I'm on this video right now talking to y'all about going to Donna a trip that's gonna happen in a couple of months and leaving a link for you I'm also gonna be doing one-on-one consultations in Ghana and for those that want it I'm gonna go to my opportunity if you think you want to go to Ghana I can't give you a free a ride to Ghana like you know for out for the whole you know inclusive trip but when you get there I want to offer one of you and tonight when you're gonna win and see this is what I want you to do because there's a part to this one of you are going to win a free consultation with me in Ghana West Africa if you choose to you know buy the package there are payment plans and I want you to start paying you know getting into the payment plans now so that you could actually be in Ghana West Africa how cool would that be like there's no way it's funny like me in this house and the plant behind me in the Blue Chair I feel like I'm in Ghana West Africa right now like that's the thing and I want to do so what I want to do over the next few months couple of months is actually show you how teach you how to and the fest this trip to Donna even if you think right now you don't have a dime in your bank account there is no extra cash you don't know how you're going to do it I want to show you how to manifest something out of nothing something that black people aren't very experts at doing and so I'm not gonna just tell you about this trip I'm not gonna just leave the link in the description box so you can read at the website see the website and see more about the trip because that's all part of the manifestation period let's let's not let's not skip that let's go back to why I need you to click on that link when you're done here and so I'm gonna leave it in the description box and just look at the website and see yourself there that's the power of manifestation I'm gonna want you then to talk about it to everybody tell everybody you going to Ghana in October you're gonna be there for a week you're gonna be working with Lisa Marie Goodson and we're gonna be doing some dope stuff I want that's number two I want you to talk about it as much as you possibly can number three I want you to actually start thinking about ways that you can get there how much money you can save start an account whether it's a cookie jar a glass jar and put in a quarter a day just so that you can let the universe know that you are very very serious very very serious about this trip to Ghana and then I'm gonna keep you posted on more ways that you can manifest this trip don't say you don't have the money I want to tell you what you're not gonna do you're not gonna talk it down you're not gonna say I can never afford it you're not gonna say it's never gonna happen to me you're not gonna say maybe next year you're not gonna say maybe when the time is right you're gonna we're going to and never tell you in the process of the next two months not only are you gonna manifest this Ghana trip but you're gonna manifest anything else you want because the same rules will apply and I'm gonna do it right here on YouTube at least once a week we're gonna talk about how you were gonna manifest this trip to Ghana so I don't want to keep you long I wanted to get you excited again if you saw my community y'all keep you know looking when you go to my youtube channel look there's a couple of things first of all there is in the right in corner above where I think my link to my website is on my youtube channel is a little kind of red orange a dot and it's for patreon if you want to be if you want to donate to me on patreon and I can actually send you some private videos I'm definitely going to be doing that feel free there's other ways to donate PayPal a cash app so anyway I just want to let you know those options and also it's like being a part of us manifesting our trip to Ghana I know for many of you you wanted as much as I do and I figured let's do it I just wanted I really did this video to say I don't care where you are right now what situation what state of mind I can help you manifest this trip to Ghana I believe in my ability to do that do you believe in your ability to manifest this trip that's what I want to know put in the description and put in the comment box just tell me yes Lisa Marie I believe I believe in my ability to manifest seven days in Ghana coz I deserve it and let me tell you about when you get to a place you're gonna meet amazing people you're gonna make you're gonna make friendships they're gonna last a lifetime you're gonna be able to connect to those people again and again and again and it may be a friendship made in heaven and last you a lifetime and connections are made don't you know that that most of the time we have these dreams and they're not manifesting because like I said it's like why am i taking the time to do my healing work here when I could've did it in North Carolina because in the States I feel like all the healing that I needed in the states I achieved so now I have to be in the dr to achieve this other kind of healing and i need you to be part of that and so I'm gonna keep sharing my videos sharing my processes and all I asked you to is to do is to support me of course by donate to the donating to the cause so that you can I realize like I said I want to keep you long again I'll leave the link to anyway if you want to just donate that's fine but I'm also gonna leave the link leave the link to the the Ghana excursion I hope my god yeah when I read the website I was just like sis this idea you hooked this up I want to be there and I want you to be there as well let me get your comments my house mother is actually calling me so let me get back to her so she know all as well hey and my head Callie hey angel hi to you I love it I love to fly I love to play I love the plane greetings clean you looking fabulous thank you some more hey Felicia hey ain't you getting the blouse on you thank you out front the blouse on you is by a designer name not Shana and a sh o and her work is absolutely beautiful beautiful she's out of Goldsboro North Carolina and you will just love her no Shana and a sh oh and a oh and a dot-com greetings days great days Lisa did you get my gift check your I GD n love you sweetie Oh okay okay I will look Thank You views I promise laughs although I felt the same way watching those shows girl Felicia then he was like that's gonna be me hey carving carving much love your transparency is healing thank you folks that I've done it I stayed with someone for years before I started traveling for myself now I'm going what come on now talk about it you are way too awesome for later oh that's right you know what I'm saying thank you our free shape – hey Carla more Africa is coming Queen yes hey precious hola you are called where you're supposed to be yes Felicia isn't it real absolutely wonderful Lisa Marie yes why that sounds great wait Beverley check the link the link is gonna get you on it like yes I say that Ghana and the ancestor yes same here I'm on my way back to Africa for the third time in three years manifestations 300 watts come on and let them know how this works we appreciate that Venus I'm going to dine in December what with a tour group out of Atlanta oh boo money to him Bay Africa for the Africans check out the website all-inclusive Thank You Queen I'm loving I don't know that brother does some great work royal justice day and congratulations I'm down Queen I'm ready to start manifest my trip we're gonna do it we're gonna do it right here everybody you're all gonna be I'm ready Lisa that's all I want to hear Thank You Felicia that's what I want to get everything you're got mood to manifestations yes Carla more exciting first Queens thank you yes I deserve it Nashawn accom thank you that's exactly what it is yes I believe in my ability to manifest and a seven-day trip to Ghana yes Beverly yes easily and effortlessly Venus's are you going to Ghana with the Sonoma or Arlington actually are you asking the others because no I'm not this one is named Cydia is actually bringing me as the presenter and the workshop presenter to Ghana so check out the link yeah I think just just two step one check the link out and see yourself there thank you for asking write it down think about it frequently say it out loud and believe three hundred westerns told you she's going back for the third time so she giving you them the tools so ladies I guess I'll leave the links to everything the Ghana thing is so special I want to thank you so much for being here these legs quite a few you are on and so this is how first person I got to do it this is how this is I know this is part of the manifestation part of the manifestation is part of manifestation is that you're gonna want this free consultation because when you come to Ghana you can book a consultation with me where you can work with me one-on-one while in Ghana and that's gonna cost but you're gonna be on the trip so somebody right now is gonna win that free consultation in Ghana because you're gonna go I gotta help you go so you're gonna go so this is the question the first person to answer this question I lived in a state in in the US and it's on the west coast but it wasn't it wasn't California which state that I live in for a little about a year that's on the west coast but it was not so Ghana I want the city and the state that I lived in on the west coast I'm sorry but not in California yes Nevada and what's okay and give me you got it already I'm gonna give it to you cuz I said it okay so and you are go you going are you going to Ghana so three hundred West City it is of course it was Nevada and the city of course was Las Vegas exactly so you know what Elizabeth grants and Elizabeth grants and three hundred West you just want a free consultation with me will y'all get to down to West Africa – manifestation is going to be free West I don't know if you're gonna be there but still you got it and I gotta give it to and I gotta give it to Elizabeth grant from what she said Las Vegas thank you future looks like you said Nevada yeah got it yeah so 300 West and Elizabeth grant I want you to email me at the th e blackberry beauty at again the th e blackberry beauty and G over Wonder Girl we loved you girl yes tell us about it please okay ladies so thank you to the winners we're gonna be doing more of these 7 p.m. live streams and I will definitely keep you posted check the community tab also I'm gonna do a poll tomorrow on asking you about certain topics that you want me to talk about and you're gonna we're gonna do a poll and everything I'm gonna create a video around it I love you ladies let me call this woman so she'll think I don't left these people up in my house hey Beverly that's right Las Vegas Nevada lovely people in my heart they're not calling me so let me go call her I love you ladies have a beautiful night the BlackBerry beauty at just say I won the free consultation when I manifest my trip to Donna and I would love to have it and I'll see you there hey Lisa joins your paper Oh JC did you just do it could thank you so much I'm gonna have the video from yesterday to yarn I'm not sure how I'm gonna get an update but I know it's away and so that my patreon donators will actually get some and I'll give you a kind of schedule on how often I will upload those part of the videos to you also I love you ladies have a beautiful night let me call this queen back and I love you I'll see you I'll see you know i'ma see y'all tomorrow cuz the mornings gonna bring some new light love you Queens very much you're welcome and I'm so congratulations to the winners and again I will see you probably next week and we'll do this again cuz we got to stay on how are you gonna manifest a trip but the first thing ladies everybody watching on live and a replay go I'll leave the link in the description box it was also on a community page to the Ghana trip that's gonna be man for station and tip number one see you in the next video peace and blessings

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La Shandra villalobos · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm


La Shandra villalobos · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

I love the way you look Queen !!!!.

S Oyih · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

So happy for you Mama Lisa! What is the name of the hotel please?

leopardprint0 · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Wow, this is deep, your EXhusband's daughter was a traveller! It is so crazy how everything came to alignment.

Channell Woods · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Lisa, I believe in my ability to manifest this trip toGhana

Omonike Efunyale · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Wow…I'm making plans to visit my aunt for her 95th in October. Family is the first shrine.

indhira astacio · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Yes yes yes Lisa.. Congratulations 🎉🎊 Let the blessings pour in!!!!

akalatunde · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Jaravacoa really fits your regal nature. Perfect place to discuss your Ghanaian retreat

Edith Rose · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

OH MY, I will be in Ghana in November. I’m going to miss this😲.

Talibah Onyebuchi · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

One day is not a day of the week! Can't make the conference as I am traveling to Ghana in Nov./Dec. I know your conference will be Successful! Tell them Sista how to manifest their trip!!! I'm Excited for you!

BlessedByHim · July 27, 2019 at 3:40 pm

Hi Sweetie LOVE IT! 💙🙏🏾💫

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