Traveler’s Notebook Flipthrough – June-September 2017

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Hey there guys! Tthis video is one that
was requested quite a while ago but I’m finally getting around to. This is
basically a flip through of my Bullet Journal set- up from June 2016 through
September 2016, and I’m going to make sure that I mention and link below all of the
products that are used in here, and where I got them from. So we’ll start with the
notebook itself. This is a Chic Sparrow Deluxe Outlander personal size in the
color Verona. I got this off the Buy/Sell/Trade group. I believe the color Verona
is actually being discontinued, so you may not be able to get it from the Chic
Sparrow site itself, but I’ll link that page as well, just in case it’s still
available when you see this video. I really love this notebook. It’s this
gorgeous, buttery-soft leather. It’s kind of squishy and it does not really
scratch. If you kind of scratch it and you can see that you can kind of just
rub it out, and so I’ve scratched it a couple times
with my nails and keys and things and it really doesn’t stay long-term. It’s kind
of gone already and it just kind of gets sort of dents I guess because it has
that sort of soft supple texture. But it’s just a really gorgeous notebook and
so, um, this is a personal size that I’ve been using. These charms are–the charm
here, and the bookmarks down here–are from an Etsy shop called FirandYew. She
has a lot of really gorgeous travellers notebook bookmarks and charms and things and this one here is like a felt flower. I think the lighting might be a little
off here but it’s a really pretty little felt flower with the beading and everything
on here. She has a lot of really gorgeous things that are similar to this. Some are
fabric and some are just beads but you should really check her out. There’s a
link below as with everything. This little charm here, it just came off a
party favor that I got at my Goddaughter’s baby shower so I don’t know where it
came from, but I thought it would be really cute on here and I just threaded
it onto the loop of the jump band and then I just sort of sits right at the
base there. These planner clips are from a shop
called myrubberstamp on etsy, and they’re just
little–I’ll pull it off– paper clips with this little fabric bow
and these have like unfinished edges but they’re really stretchy so it’s like a
knit fabric and it doesn’t fray really. these have held up really well so
they’re really cute and I like that they’re the neutral colors so they
really go with anything. Inside here, this is the deluxe, it has the pockets. I have
this pad of sticky list notes. These came from mochithings, and I really like the
design but unfortunately they’re not really very sticky, um, I especially have
trouble sticking them to like plastic dashboards and this pocket thing here. It
sticks a little bit better to paper but really not as much as I would like, so I
like to use these for, like, shopping lists and stuff but sometimes they sort
of peel off and fortunately I haven’t lost any, but you know that’s one
thing to keep in mind. This plastic pocket here on the side, it has a long
pocket that I used to keep checks in this side has two pockets so this is
where I was keeping my driver’s license and a couple other cards until I moved
my wallet stuff out of here for my October setup. On this side it’s got the
pockets. On this side it has a zipper pouch where I keep stamps, a nail file so
I always have one, and there’s a stencil here. I usually keep a ruler in here but
I’ve misplaced it so it’s just got a little zipper here. I got this pocket
from an Etsy shop called CatBoxShop. it’s advertised as being like a six
slash personal size so I can’t really speak to how it would fit in an a6 and
the personal it kind of tends to sit so that this side is a little bit short and
this side is a little bit long the zipper pull itself
kind of like farther out than the rest of the
inserts so I really like to have the dashboards in here to protect the edges
so that they don’t get caught on this zipper but it’s really nice having the
pocket in there the cardstock that’s my covers for all of my inserts because I
made most of these inserts myself it comes from either Michaels or Joanne’s
this one came from Michaels it’s a gold foil cardstock this little boat clip
came in a set of four from Daiso I’m not sure if they’re still for sale but I’ve
seen a few different planner people with these clips it’s really just handy it’s
like a little paper clip this insert here is the one I use for our Bible
study homework and notes I am using the Southworth business paper and I tried to
order the legal size because that way I would be able to get twice as many pages
out of it but Amazon sent me the letter size twice instead of the legal size and
so I just decided to keep it whatever I have more paper than I know what to do
with this paper it has a really nice kind of here that’s got a texture to it
which I kind of like but unfortunately it doesn’t work that great with the
erasable pen because the ink and the pen sort of sits inside the of the texture
of the paper so it kind of stays put even when you try to erase it but maybe
smears a little bit but it’s still really nice then I enjoy that this
dashboard here came from a shop called planned the day and she was really great
she worked with me I wanted it a little bit shorter because I was using the six
and a half height for this insert and she was you know worked with me gave me
exactly what I wanted she would have given me a different design but I
decided to go with this one and I’ve linked the exact item below she also has
some Hogwarts house dashboards that at least there’s listings for those in you
know I think there might be covers for Erin Condren but she has a couple
different different things for sale in a shop that
are really cute this insert is my long-term collections insert and this I
don’t know where I got this piece of scrapbook paper from it’s been just in a
box of mine for forever but the paper inside is all just plain old copier
paper because this was like one of the first inserts I made it probably be
fresh insert I made I got this doc grid off that’s the guy who makes all of the royalty-free music that I use
in my videos as well he is amazing I can actually show this it’s kind of faint so
I’m not really sure if it’s gonna show up in the video here but um I made it
four millimeter dot grid instead of five which is what you usually find and
things like mole skins and moisture and all of that because I wanted to be able
to fit more dots per page and I write pretty small anyway so it worked really
well this paper is fine for the erasable pen but not great for other kinds of ink
that sort of bleed through a little bit so I mean it’s just printer paper so
what do you expect these little clips here are called book darts
I’ll link the Amazon page below where I got these I heard about these at first
from Kerry Hurley who just uses them to like mark where she is on like a monthly
spread but I like to use them to clip multiple pages together because they’re
so flat and you can clip you know three or four pages pretty well and so when I
don’t need pages it just helps me to flip through quicker if they’re stuck
together see you showed that um this dashboard
this dashboard and this dashboard which is double-sided
there’s the inside all were like freebies that were given to me by the
person who I bought this notebook from off the buy sell trade group and it just
works out that the colors match what I was going for anyway which is sort of a
vaguely teal and kind of neutrals palette and so it’s really cute and I’ve
been using those cuz like I said I like to be able to protect notebook from the
zipper because otherwise the cover kind of gets caught on there and it starts to
rip it up I know that this scrapbook paper came specifically from jo-ann I
got like a packet of various different ones and these are eight-and-a-half by
eleven size papers which doesn’t matter it’s plenty big enough but it’s this one
is one of them and it’s a couple different patterns that you’ll see as
some of my monthly covers if you go back and look to my other videos and they’re
all this teal colors so if it’s again my color scheme this monthly insert which
has all of my dailies and to-do lists and things for the month this is
September which you’ve seen quite a lot of people following me in my or if you
did follow me in my one month in my bullet journal minimal boudreaux
challenge series I just checked my channel there’s a whole playlist of all
of those videos but this paper here is the Rodya dot pad it comes in a big pad
and I’ll again link where I got it off Amazon and it was not that expensive I
want to say maybe 15 20 bucks and you get a decent number of papers I family
halfway through and I’ve been using it for a few months this stuff is really
smooth and so it’s I mean well known for being a really great fountain pen paper
which is why I originally got it because I was using a fountain pen for a while
but it also does work really well with the erasable ink which I went back to
because smooth and erases really cleanly so that’s nice
this insert is the Tomoya river paper insert from taroko shop I got this off
their Etsy store but I know I’ve seen her go shop products I think on Amazon
and a couple other places as well I wanted to try the Tomoya River paper
partly because I had gotten that fountain pen and was trying to get some
more fountain pen friendly papers partly because it is so thin that I can fit 90
96 pages in here and the insert I had in here from this is my long-term
collection sensor they said I hadn’t here before which I think had the
Southworth business paper in it was like half as many pages and the same width so
I wanted to be able to have a long-term collections
sorry short-term collections insert that fits more pages and therefore lasts
longer but it realises it’s lasting so long that there’s so many pages in here
that I don’t use anymore that kind of feel like clutter but that’s just me so
I just comes with this plain blue kind of cardstock cover and it’s also a 5
millimeter grid as is the Rodya by the way was it with the same all of these
little sticky notes also came from mochi things where I got the list shopping
with sticky notes they come in this cute little guy here so just like this and
there’s plenty of them in there I just keep like up to five of each one in here
I should actually need to restock some of these because I like having the flags
when I’m migrating things especially I’ll mark the pages that I want to
migrate into a new set up so I’ve been doing that for my October setup these
ones here are just post-its that I had in here before I bought these but that’s
what it looks like and it fits in here nicely and then
finally this last insert which I think I’ve shown you all of the products to
use this is just the Southworth paper as well and it is just like because I enjoy
journaling on blank paper and this is just my long-form journal and then in
order to keep more in here than I have strings for more inserts I use just a
plain old rubber band from the supply drawer and that works really great I’ve
believe that that is everything except for the pen which I don’t think I’m
going to link below but this barrel is like from the multicolor collection that
you can buy I think I got this at Office Depot
it came with a red one a black one and a blue one and it’s the O 7 which I don’t
really care for with the insert in here is for the O 5 and you have to get that
online or I bought I had a silver barrel one and I’ve temporarily misplaced that
so I’ve put the refill inside here because I like the O 5 the narrower line
I got the oh five like barrel from a Japanese store I think it’s called Tokyo
lifestyle it’s a chain so if you’re in Southern California you can probably
find one possibly some other regions I don’t know where else you can find
happenes stores but they’re pretty common around here we have a lot of
Asians in this area but yeah I just the blue is fine but I like the smaller
refill and I’ve gotten the refills from jetpens because they have those in stock
so I think that that’s everything this has been a really good setup for me I’ve
been using it for four months like I said from June through September it was
pretty much the same setup as I used before that as far as like what inserts
I have in here but I moved into this cover in June but you can go back I can
link as well the video from the beginning of June I think I did a setup
video when I first moved into this so you can see a little bit more maybe
my planning style and if things have changed since then but I think this is
basically everything I’ll link that video at the end screen so take a look
at that and then I will be posting continuously throughout October so um I
post videos every Monday Thursday and Saturday so don’t forget to subscribe if
you want to see those and I will see you soon


Sylvia From Wright Your Life · October 12, 2017 at 11:37 pm

Feel like I’m obsessed lol I just want to be friends! I think I mention you in all my videos now lol Is your notebook heavy? I’m thinking of getting a B6 in the Outlander. Nice video!

Shuri · October 17, 2017 at 5:10 pm

I'm curious to know how your master to do lost works (with the colourcoding of the Howard houses). Pardon me if you have mentioned it already in an other video

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