Travelers Meets Fashion

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hi I’m sure Canada Chico style expert and I’m here to tell you how fashion meets travelers with our new collection ladies it’s fashion it’s Flair and it’s fabulous okay can you tell them excited so let’s get going with my short cut to chic we’re gonna start off with our travelers base kit a tank a pant and a jacket then we’re gonna build on it style it and work it I absolutely love this look on an I’ve taken the base kit the tank in the pant and layered on a fabulous striped cardigan add silver earrings necklace and bangles and you’re ready to go everywhere in style and ladies here are two slim secrets to this great look first the no tummy pant it’s a slim secret in itself and makes that tummy disappear next push up the cardigan sleeves it immediately takes weight off by differentiating where the hips tops and the arms start with this look we’re really building on our travelers kit we took the basic black pieces and infused a bright splash of red a huge color for fall this fabulous front ruffle jacket and slightly wide leg pant really dresses up the look to give it an even richer style switch it up and make it all about gold earrings necklaces and bracelets then wear it out to a girlfriends lunch or a dazzle the date night out on the town fashionistas you know black and white is always right I start with a great graphic print fashion top and add our stylish wide leg pants for an everyday chic look now let’s build on it add a little sparkle with sleek silver hoop earrings multi strand necklace dueling cuffs and that must-have ring on the fore-finger and here’s my great slim secret belt it up ladies the correct way to do it start from the small the back then bring the belt to the front and latch it over the tummy okay ladies this is where fashion totally meets travelers if you want to be current this is the look to buy our long fluid maxi skirt which is a new body for us it’s just fabulous and the floor-length makes it ultra chic we paired it with this season’s fluid Dolman sleeve top amazing wear it with shimmering gold accessories and you’re the shining star of any nighttime soiree here’s our ultimate build on travelers meets fashion this outfit starts with a slim secret column dressing our simple slimming travelers pant and tank give you sleep head-to-toe color then we style it with the long knit travellers collection autumn cardigan don’t forget to accessorize it our stunning gold and gems jewelry completes this perfect look and takes you from day to dinner now here’s how to extend your wardrobe even more travelers collection pieces mix-and-match for endless fashion looks to build on the prior look team this ultra long cardigan and high neck tank with the Python print skirt skins are so in in fact this outfit features one of my favorite combos Python and pearls then match it up of course with gold earrings and bracelets it’s the ultimate fashion meets travelers outfit now you know what I mean when I say fashion meets travellers build it with our base kit and fabulous fashion and collection pieces style it with ultra chic accessories that complete the look and work it wear it anywhere and everywhere and remember confidence it’s the single most beautiful thing a woman can wear every day see you at Chico’s [Music]

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