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>>Wade: Hi. I'm Wade Wingler with the Indata project at
Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana. I've seen a lot of CCTV's in my day and this
new Optelec product does something pretty cool with how it moves around on
top of documents to give you a high-definition image. So let's go see
what Greg Blackman has to show us. >>Greg: Hi. I'm Greg Blackman with Eye Can See and I'm
here today to talk about a brand new portable video magnifier called the
Traveler HD by Optelec. This is the Traveler HD right here. It is a 13 inch
high definition desktop video magnifier that is portable as well. As you can see
it comes in a really nice carrying case very small, sleek, easy-to-carry carrying
case. You just take your device out you set it down wherever you go no need for cords it has a battery. These two buttons on the side and it
pops right on up and as it pops up this is a again this is a 13 inch high
definition screen and when it pops up it automatically turns on so there is an
orange power button here that you can turn on and off, but the device itself will
automatically turn on when you pop it up and automatically turn off when
you bring it back down. Now, my material is underneath so you just
sit it on top of your material. It's is a nice big roller right here that you can just roll up and
down the material to take a look. Alright. And one other great feature about this is you
can go left to right here very smoothly and seamlessly without actually moving
the devices, as you can see that the base the foundation of the devices is staying
stationary, but I'm actually able to read left to right alright without actually having to move
the device so you can imagine if you had a large newspaper or map or something
that was sitting out on a desk or a table how easy it would be to set this down
and move up and down left and right and really be able to cover a lot of ground
with a you know a smaller device like this. So, that's very nice and the image quality
is phenomenal as I mentioned as high-definition you get it really
high-quality image here alright and I walk you through the controls. This
orange button as I mentioned was your power button. You have a wheel over here which
is really unique for your magnification so I can zoom in and zoom out just with
the wheel. Okay, and I can activate the wheel from the front or the back here. Okay, which is really nice. Down here I have my
freeze-frame so I can hit this button and freeze the image and hit it again and come back
to my life image. This saves up to around a thousand images in it. So you could save
up two thousand pictures images of its a picture something or something you need
to save you can do that. If you come over here there's a large button.
This does your color contrasts. Here we go. I'm going to actually….looks like this one might need
to be reset here real quick. I'm going to bring it back on it looks like the color
contrast sometimes on these you need to turn them on and off. I'll go through these
again here It'lll take a second here just a boot back up So you have a large blue button over here which is your color
contrast button and as you hit that this will take you through your various color
contrasts, okay. You can just keep it is likely that there is you see this is
true color, enhanced positive and negative, then your yellow and black and then back.
You also have menu over here so I can hold down on my menu button and I can go through
my different options. It shows your battery power here, if you had saved images this is where you would look at your saved images you could delete images if you want, you can
adjust your brightness here. This shows again your battery power. You can turn your sound on and off. You can
turn your light on and off. You can add more color contrast if you want if you
like a specific color contrasts or you don't like one you can take it away. Reset your machine, alright, then you hit
this button over here to get back out of your menu. So, it's very simple buttons. Very
easy to use. All your buttons are right up front for you very easy to get to. Again you know the buttons that you're
going to use the most gonna be a magnification and your color
over here. So again you can take this thirteen inch
high-definition screen and really cover a lot of ground with it. That's really
the advantage of this along with being very portable. So if you're a person is
used a smaller five or seven inch high definition portable device are looking
for a little more screen size a little more room she can fits more text in at a
time, this would be a perfect device for you to graduate up from like I said a
five or seven straight to the 13 inch screen would really open it up for.
When you're all done you come down here just like you started you've got these
two buttons on the side you hit them. It folds down. You click it down it automatically turns
off and you're good to go. That's the Traveler HD by Optelec. >>Wade: and
there's something new and innovative in the world of video magnifiers. That's your
tech tips this week. I'm Wade Wingler with the Indata project at Easter Seals
Crossroads in Indiana.

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