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all right you guys it's Leia I'm currently driving right now to work but I decided since over the past few years I always get a lot of questions on what is travel nursing so I'm gonna bring it to you all in a video I'm gonna break it down to you a little background information on me I am 28 years old I'm a graduate of Drexel University where I received my bachelor's degree I am a telemetry nurse currently on a travel assignment as usual and I'm in travel nursing for the past three years so definitely stay tuned I am currently driving right now to work but I am here to give you everything you want to know about travel nursing okay guys so I made it to work I'm in the parking garage so I decided it's probably a little bit easier to record this way and then drive in and almost killing myself now what is travel nursing travel nursing is when your own contract with the hospital or clinic you give them a certain amount of time so it could be eight weeks generally it's a 13 week contract or you can extend up to a year that's at your discretion in the hospital or clinics discretion and while you're on this contract you have a guaranteed set of hours meaning you'll provide 36 hours or 40 hours to the hospital or a clinic and if you get cancelled you still get paid pretty similar to PTO but you don't have to build up PTO as you would on a staff job now the requirements for being a travel nurse all companies want you to have at least a minimum of one year of recent experience in that specialty that you are traveling nurse thing for they need you to have one year at least some contracts want you to have two years or three years but generally you need to have one year minimum to be able to travel underneath that specialty as a travel nurse and the process for it is you find whatever company you want to work for you fill out the application do have to submit all your credentials which means your license your CPR your BLS your ACLs your pals all that stuff whatever you know goes with your specialty and you also do have to take some tests you know let them know that you know what you're doing so you're still gonna have to take a Med math exam you're gonna have to take a telemetry exam you'll have to do everything you need to do as for a staff job and based on what hospital you're going to the hospital might have modules for you to do as well before you start working with them so there is a quite amount of testing that you have to do to be able to work for these hospitals and there is a mountain testing that you have to do for the actual company for them to keep on fire the show that you're active and you know that you know you know what you're doing you're a competent nurse once you finish submitting all of your license your certifications and passing your tests it'll be time for you to look for a job so you have a recruiter that recruiter is the person that's in charge of you getting you these contracts and she does everything involved with your contract basically he or she your recruiter so you know you know you guys will talk what city and state you want to go to you know what hospital you're looking for maybe you have something particular that you're looking for okay let's say you want to go to Columbus Ohio you let your recruiter know that she'll come up with maybe three different hospitals around that area let you know the pay the hours stuff like that day shift night shift all that jazz you want to submit to it meaning submitting means you want to give your profile to the hospital to submit for that job the recruiter will hand over your profile to the hospital and then that means that you are submitted the hospital will review it if you're a good match the recruiter will come back and say okay hospital a wants to make an offer to you will you accept the offer that's either a yes or no question at that time you accept the offer yeah you got a job after you get your offer and once it gets closer to your start date that you agreed upon you'll probably get information on where to report to where to get your badge if there's any type of training that you need to do the computer system that you need to learn you'll get all that information after you submit it to the job you got accepted and now you already accepted your offer now the big thing about travel nursing is location location location in order to be a travel nurse you have to be 50 miles away from your permanent address your permanent address is the place where you live maybe that's where your house is that you're paying your mortgage maybe all your banking is in that state you have to have some ties some type of financial ties to that state in a sense and you have to declare that that is your permanent address and when you fill out when you apply for these contracts and you're ready to accept and you do all the paperwork you have to fill out a declaration statement saying 123 Tree Lane in Columbus Ohio is my permanent address okay you did that now you are able to work fifty miles away from that address in Columbus Ohio and be considered a travel nurse and for some reason that you are below that fifty miles radius from Columbus Ohio then you're considered a local travel nurse meaning you'll still get the same amount of pay but you will be taxed all the same now it might not be a bad thing for some people you probably still make out a little better than a staff nurse working in Columbus Ohio but that is the difference between a travel nurse being 50 miles away from your permanent address and getting you know all your money that you make or being a local travel nurse which is less than 50 miles away from your address still get in text but also grossing a little bit more than the staff nurse so most travel nurses do try to skip around and either go to another state after that one year maximum is reached or they can also take some time off you can take off and I take off for two months if I can there's a lot of great area about the amount of time where you can take off so you can still you know keep your text free benefit but I take off for sixty days just to be safe or you can also go back to your permanent address and work in that state for a little bit just to show that you're still you know going back to your permanent address okay so housing where are you gonna live while you're on your travel assignment so you left your place in Columbus Ohio now you have two options you can either get company housing or you can take the stack the tax-free stipend for your own housing if you choose to take the company housing most of the time the company will provide furniture for you they will definitely you know get everything together for you which means the secure you deposit is taken care of you're literally just going to that apartment complex telling them your name and your company and they are simply handing you over the keys you'll still do your walkthrough to make sure there's no damages upon move in and do your inspection and then that's it it has been literally the easiest thing for me to do when I'm moving across the frickin country now the other option is you can take the tax-free stipend you can take the money and it will be in your paycheck and you won't handle everything on your own your rent your security deposit that's that's all on you so you can do it either way now this is how I do it cuz I will flip-flop if I'm going to a low cost of living State say like somewhere down south I will take all the money for it because the cost of living is so cheap and I'm getting all this money so why wouldn't I do that that makes sense now when I'm living somewhere with high cost of living I might just take the company housing for somewhere like in California where apartment is like $3,500 for example I want to take the company housing because my company is paying all my utilities my company is putting down the security deposit imagine what a security deposit is on her apartment that's three five hundred dollars you're taking care of all of that and I'm just simply walking in to the apartment getting the keys and moving in done now what company housing sometimes you can be housing extended stay some companies only do extended stays some companies do apartments like studios one bedrooms or in my case I have a family I got a two-bedroom if you need anything more than that I don't know but um you have two choices either you're gonna take the company housing everything is taken care for and you still get paid or you can do the tax-free stipend where everything is basically on your own now you do have to weigh out your options which one's gonna give you more pain sometimes with the company housing you might be getting less pay some companies actually do offer completely free housing but that would most likely be an extended stay so you definitely have to weigh out your options when you do get to that point okay so everybody wants to know about the pay of a travel nurse and how it works because it's kind of difficult but I'm gonna try to leave it very easy for you to kind of get you know the basics of it cuz it's pretty black and white what you make is what you take home let's let's get a number say you make seven thousand dollars a month on your contract you're going to take home sixty sixty six hundred dollars of that that's simple that's what travel nursing is the money you make is basically the money that you take home you're not going to be taxed as much as a regular person working but this is only if you are 50 miles away from your permanent tax address and you pay attention and you did not stay in that state for more than one year and became a permanent address I'm sorry I'm a resident once you become a permanent resident of that state that you've been traveling in for more than a year or you're traveling less than 50 miles away from your permanent address you will be taxed the same as any other person in that state now like I said you might be making out even better than the staff nurse because you're still grossing more but I don't know I haven't done local travel so I can't really speak for that but based on them the local travel nurses that I talk to it's still worth it but without a doubt the pay of a travel nurse definitely depends on your specialty some specialties make more than others just as if a staff nurse pay based on their specialty it depends on the city and state just like the city and state matters for a staff nurse still the same factors but the big idea is the money that you make is the money that you're gonna take home because you're getting the major tax benefit of taking home a most of what you grossed how flexible is travel nursing it's pretty flexible so you signed your contract stays for eight weeks you do want to extend for another eight weeks but once that eighth week is completed you can tell your recruiter I'm gonna take off for a week or two that is okay in some cases some companies will still keep your health insurance active for up to thirty days so I like this thing that you can probably take off for 30 days if that's what your company is offering to still keep your health insurance active and then you can start the remainder of your extended evenings flexibility on the floor when it comes to scheduling that is at the discretion of the actual hospital and unit manager I have worked on some assignments where I can do complete so scheduling and they actually do acknowledge my days that I put in I've been to some hospitals where they don't acknowledge at all the days that I put in they don't even ask the hospital staffing office just throws you in on what days they need which can be you know pretty much like staff nursing in a way but you do have some type of flexibility meaning on one of the times that you can take off in between those contracts you don't have to worry about your PTO or anything you can just take off you are responsible you know for handling your bills and stuff on on that time but you can take off in between those contracts or if you do need to take off a week or two you probably will have the ability to just extend your contract for two weeks so you need off two weeks in between that contract not in between the extension in between the actual initial ap contract you can just go to your recruiter and say hey I need to take off for two weeks I just need to extend it for two more weeks so flexible in that sense in regards to scheduling and my experience I have not had to work on holiday yet and the reason being is on holidays most hospitals usually have everything covered everybody's gonna be in the hospital trying to pick up that holiday and if they and if you're not are calling out they've already switched with somebody they're pretty much covered and they really don't want to pay the travel nurse extra money because he or she's already making more money than the regular staff nurse so they really tries to staff their nurses I'm sure if there's like absolutely absolutely nobody to work then yes maybe they'll get the travelers to work but since we make more than the staff nurse you're always the first one out so holidays for the past three years I have not had to work any holidays so you'll have guaranteed hours on your travel contract meaning you will provide the hospital 36 hours a week now you can't get cancelled depending on what the census is like but if you are cancelled you are paid for that full shift you don't need any PTO to build up or anything your contract and make sure when you do these contracts you need to ask about cancellation but it's pretty standard that if you are cancelled you will still be paid for that shift now two different types of the situation's I've been in from my experience with standard standard travel contracts I have never been cancelled but on my non standard travel contracts meaning if you get a float contract position meaning you can float between different like if a hospital has another sister site on another location currently I'm in a contract like that where I float between two different hospitals as a flow nurse and I can go to any different unit that is telemetry so sometimes I am cancelled but as long as I provide the hospital my set amount of hours when I'm cancelled I'm still paid for that so I remember when I first started this contract I was canceled canceled canceled non-stop I was working only like one day a week with them and still getting paid for my whole week and this is a really good contract I want to try to you know keep sticking with this contract cuz it's working out good with the cancellations but definitely the benefit of travel nursing if you're cancelled you're still getting paid for your ship another topic that I wanted to mention was if you are going to consider travel nursing please please please be ready to float some contracts you'll be contracted to work on a specific unit but always remember you will be the first nurse to float they will always quote the traveler to another unit before they float their staff nurses with traveling they do try to cater to their staff nurses so the travel nurse and I always be the first to go up and float also there has been like um like little myths that travel nurses get the worst assignments before the staff nurses I can't really vouch for that because throughout all my assignments I've been treated very fairly when it comes to assignments and if there's something that I don't like I do speak up but for the most part they'll in my experience they'll try to get the travel nurse the more not easier assignment but they won't give you the assignments that um might have a high acuity patient because they don't know what you can actually actually do they know that their nurses their GI nurses might be specialized you know and their acuity type of patients but they're not sure what the travelers can actually do they know that she's competent he or she is competent but they don't know I don't know they they're just unsure so they won't give you too hard of a patient not saying that you won't get a total care patient but they're not going to give you a whole bunch of super hard patients because they're not sure what you can handle so I've been thinking about pros and cons of travel nursing that I can give you guys there's really not too many cons at all I don't know if you just don't like moving around if you don't like new settings new people a new hospital you don't like different charting systems you're not ready to adapt to anything you don't want to learn anything new maybe it's not for you but basically all that leads to the pros it's great for people that want to travel and see new sights explore new cities meet new people learn new things because you're gonna be learning a lot of different things going around different nurses and different you know hospitals you actually learn a lot of new stuff which is amazing it doesn't matter how many years of experience you have you've been stuck at that staff job for how many years and you're just now seeing like something different so you actually do learn things which is great for people that want to learn things but um overall I think Travel Nursing is a pro period you're finally making more money and actually taking home most of that money and you're seeing new things so if that interests is you then travel nursing might be a great fit for you okay this concludes our video I'm tired of sitting in the parking garage I'm getting ready to go into work this morning if there's anything else that you guys want to see any questions that you have on travel nursing or nursing as a whole please leave your comments down below I'm always happy to help thank you so so much for watching and stay tuned


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The IRS does not have a 50 mile rule. There rule is that you have be a non communting distance from home. That traveling that distance daily would not allow for adequate rest between shifts. So if you are working 12 hrs and a 90 minute drive from home, it would be necessary to stay.

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