Transportation in Communities

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today you are going to be learning about the importance of transportation in a community let's start with Annie and Moby and see what they have to say look at a hurry Moby what is transportation transportation is the way you get from one place to another people use different forms of transportation to get from place to place people also depend on transportation their jobs firefighters use fire engines emergency workers he's fabulous and a letter carrier she's mail trucks goods are things that are made or grown trucks carry goods throughout the country and bring goods to our community some vehicles are used to transport and carry out special jobs what kinds of transportation travel over land to ride the school bus to get home but kids take cars or ride bikes I don't think kids walk we can take buses to get around the community or to travel far away trains are a kind of transportation that move along railroad tracks people travel by rail to get to different communities or countries and trains are often used to transport goods over long distances the subway is a chain that transports people around the city some Subway's are underground and others are above-ground motorcycles and scooters are also forms of transportation that travel on land kinds of transportation travel through the air airplanes are a form of transportation that flies there we take airplanes to travel and ship goods to places that are far away you can take a car all the way around the world but you could take a plane helicopter also travels through the air I used to travel short distances there also used to help put out fires in places there are tickets kinds of transportation travel through water food is a form of transportation that travels through water others do not sell boats rely on the wind to do ship is a large boat who can take ships across the oceans or use them to ship goods tankers transport oil and fuel to places all over the world transportation changed hundreds of years ago people traveled and transported goods with the help of animals it could take months to travel across the country after the steam engine was developed in the 1700s people could travel faster and more easily with locomotives very late 1800s gas-powered automobiles were invented and people began using them for transportation today some cars are powered by electricity and many run on both gas and electricity some cars even run on biodiesel which could be made from vegetable oil hundreds of years keeping we're developing ways to five finally in 1903 the Wright brothers made the first controlled and powered flight now there are space shuttles that can travel beyond Earth's atmosphere over time transportation has gotten faster and easier because of changes in technology you can think of another form of transportation now we learned a lot about how transportation has changed over time so I want you to be thinking what do you think is the most important way that we use transportation in our community let's learn a little more before we decide Changez now make sure that you go to your teachers blog and respond to the following which do you think is the most important mode of transportation be ready to share in class tomorrow

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AlexisGodson · May 16, 2019 at 9:17 am

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R142A Q Train makes a cameo..

But R142As run on the 4 (and most went to the 7).

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